Weekend Update: It’s Been 5 Weeks …

It’s been FIVE whole weeks since I’ve spent a weekend in Cleveland. Oh boy! No wonder I was feeling super excited and almost giddy for a weekend of staying home and enjoying what looked like an amazing weather forecast:

costa rica weather

Okay, okay – you got me. That’s not Cleveland. But it was darn close – this weekend we saw sunny, 70 degree temps BOTH DAYS. For my friends in Southern California I know that’s not a big deal – but holy cow, it felt great here!

Some highlights from the weekend:

Friday night started with dinner at Flaming Ice Cube with a few other friends. Oh kalebouli hummus wrap – how I have missed thee!

Kalebouli humus wrap from the Flaming Ice Cube

Kalebouli humus wrap from the Flaming Ice Cube

And then a comedy show – Marc Maron was in town! B got me hooked on his stuff – his podcast and show are both pretty funny – and then of course I loved his act. I was crying of laughter at his last bit, where he talked about his Time Warner Cable customer service experience.

(not from the show i saw but from his TV show)

Saturday morning started with an 8 mile run – in a SHORT sleeved shirt and capris. Yes – it was finally warm enough to run without leggings, a jacket, gloves, etc. Hooray!

post-run sweaty pic

post-run unflattering sweaty pic

And then B and I hit the first Cleveland Flea of the year. It was super crowded – I guess word has caught on and combined with the good weather, it seems like everyone was there.

perfect day for the first Cleveland Flea.

perfect day for the first Cleveland Flea.

After the Flea we headed to the West Side Market to pick up groceries of the week. I still can’t believe it’s been five weeks since I’ve been there! Oh, and of course we had to stop for some lunch at the Souper Market.

awesome veggie lentil soup and amazing hunk of bread.

awesome veggie lentil soup and amazing hunk of bread.

No trip to Ohio City is complete without a stop at Rising Star

No trip to Ohio City is complete without a stop at Rising Star

Friday night we ended up hanging in, enjoying homemade pizza and wine and catching up on some episodes of Game of Thrones. No spoilers – we’re only on season 2!

one of too many slices :) homemade mushroom zaa!

one of too many slices :) homemade mushroom zaa!

Sunday was another gorgeous day, so after Palm Sunday Mass, B and I decided to take a walk to the lake. I love living so close to water – there’s just something so relaxing about big bodies of water, isn’t there? (Lake Erie is huge – it feels like an ocean, it’s not like I can see Canada)

They've really revamped the Cleveland Theater District this year - coming soon ... a chandelier!

They’ve really revamped the Cleveland Theater District this year – coming soon … a chandelier!

view from the water

view from the water

We also enjoyed some of our favorite Lebanese food for lunch. Yes, I had hummus twice this weekend and I’m not ashamed. This time it was my favorite hummus, at my favorite Lebanese place (look at those pita pillows!), Taza.

my favorite hummus.

my favorite hummus.

And some baking. I don’t think a weekend would be complete without at least some baking – don’t you agree?

Here's what I ended up making - cookie dough easter eggs!

Here’s what I ended up making – cookie dough easter eggs! I’ll share the recipe tomorrow

Some questions for you:

Did you enjoy some good weather this weekend? Were you able to get outside? A run and outdoor market on Saturday, a long walk with B on Sunday. Simply marvelous!

What sort of things do you buy at flea markets? I’ve never bought anything for myself at the Flea (well besides fruits/veggies from local farm stands) – just gifts. What do you buy at flea markets?

Is it ever too warm for soup? I don’t think so! I love soup year round – even in the summer.

Do you like comedy shows?Are you a Marc Maron fan?

Another year, another amazing Cleveland International Film Festival

As I share each year, I LOVE the Cleveland International Film Festival. I love the crowds at Tower City, the people-watching, the food, and of course the films.

This year, for various reasons (aka extremely busy schedules) B and I only had time to fit in 2 films at the festival. We opted for two pick-me-ups, or at least humorous/happy films (so often we see somewhat upsetting or more educational movies when we go to film festivalst) which proved to be a good choice. The films were both different from one another yet both absolutely incredible, however, so I wanted to share some info about them with you in case you have an opportunity to see them! AND since the festival is not over (it ends the 30th) so you have some time to catch some films yourself!

Hopeless Hopeful (La Espera Desespera)

The film opens when Jorge, a pretty ordinary guy, learns that his wife Lisa is in need of a life-saving heart surgery – and a surgery he can by no means afford. Yes, I said we saw humorous/happy films – and I promise you this movie is just that. Because Jorge decides to go about getting the money in a somewhat funny way – robbing a bank. Check out the trailer:


This movie is playing TONIGHT so you should definitely go see it if you haven’t been to the festival already.

The Ballad of Shovels and Rope

This movie follows the story of Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst, husband and wife duo that formed the band Shovels and Rope. I had never heard of the band – but I guess they’re pretty well known in the Americana music circle – so it was fun watch where they came from, how they started playing with one another and watch them put together an album.  Oh yeah, and the music was good too!


Some questions for you:

  • Do you watch independent or foreign films? Any favorites? One of my favorites still from a past festival was Primos. Such a fun, humorous Spanish-language film!
  • Subtitles or dubbing for foreign films? Subtitles all the way! I much prefer to listen to the natural language. But it makes it hard to multitask during a movie.
  • What was the last movie you saw?
  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?
  • Clevelanders- have you been to CIFF yet? Which movies have you seen?


Tiny Beers, Big Game and Year of the Horse

Wow – January flew by, didn’t it? My birthday month came and went and I’m another year older and another year closer to having to change my bio because I’ll no longer being a “20-something blogger.”

How was your weekend? Mine was definitely fun and proof that there’s always something to do in Cleveland in the winter.

It started out Friday night at the Cleveland Winter Beerfest. B and I went with several of his coworkers and the night included quite a few beer tastings, dancing and other shenanigans. Definitely a fun event and it was awesome to see the new convention center so full! The night ended at what’s becoming one of our favorite local spots, Parnell’s.

tiny beers!

tiny beers!


Saturday started out somewhat slowly. We had done the weekend’s “long” run on Friday so we took the day off (yes, be proud of me) but eventually made it out of the apartment for a trip to the West Side Market to pick up this week’s groceries, a visit to Rising Star for some much needed caffeine, some baking (Ground Hog Day Cookies!) and then a succulent Chinese dinner with B’s friend from high school. B’s friend Joe moved abroad after graduating college, teaching English in Asia. It was in Taiwan that he met his wife, Ariel, and the couple now lives in Cleveland! We hit up one of our favorite Chinese food restaurants to enjoy some dinner in honor of the Chinese New Year!  Ariel ordered a great selection for us, and we had waaay too much good food.

Love my Rising Star almond milk lattes

Love my Rising Star almond milk lattes

groundhog day cookies

groundhog day cookies

The "After" picture from our Chinese feast

The “After” picture from our Chinese feast. There was tofu, fish, beef, veggies, soup, chicken and noodles.

Sunday included an easy workout (3.5 slow miles and then 25 minutes on the elliptical while watching Bones!), some cleaning, and then enjoying the Super Bowl with some friends while staying downtown. Not a terribly exciting game … or too many exciting ads, but I enjoyed the halftime show AND the online action. This year was definitely a year when most brands took time to tweet (still TBD how successful it was) during the game and even respond to one another and other ads.

A few of my favorite ads that I didn’t watch ahead of time (Cheerios and Budweiser ads were definitely awe-worthy, but I watched them in advance):

They even had a great online pay off- if you tweeted at @Radioshack during the evening you could win one of a few 80s-themed prizes that were announced during the evening on the microsite. It’s nice when an ad doesn’t just stand alone :)

I’m a sucker for anything with the Muppets.

I’ve been hearing Squarespace ads for a while now on podcasts and it was nice to see them playing with the big boys. And it was definitely a memorable ad for me.

Favorite tweets:

And Tide was allllllll over the Twitterverse (and Vineverse?) last night. They commented on almost every ad. It was fun to see them being so nimble, but they went overboard in my opinion. I think 3-5 tweets would’ve been enough. Here’s one of my favorites

Some questions for you:

  • What were your favorite Super Bowl ads? Who were you cheering for?
  • Are you ready for spring? The groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter … but I’m ready for the warm weather, thawed ground and running outside! No brainer.
  • What year (in the Chinese New Year) are you? I don’t know. I thought I was an ox. Then I thought I was a rat. Now I think I’m an ox again. Clearly I have multiple-personality disorder. 
  • What’s your favorite type of beer? I like sweet, light beers. And non-hoppy IPAs. So Bell’s Two Hearted – or any sweet wintry OR summer beer. 
  • Favorite tweets? Least favorite? I wasn’t a fan of the JC Penney stunt. I thought the Tweeting with Mittens concept was a little bit of a stretch and poorly executed. It did get everybody talking (and quite a few brands responding to their “drunken” tweets) but it just made me groan.

Refusing to succumb to Blue Monday.

Last Monday was the infamous “Blue Monday.” You know, that day in January deemed the most depressing day of the year? And why not? It’s cold, dark, everyone is sad, feeling the aftereffects of the happiness of the holidays and of course feeling the aftereffects on their credit card and waistline.

I’ll be the first to admit it – I get in a funk from about January through the end of March. Rough for someone having a January birthday. But this year, I decided that I wasn’t going to be “blue” on Blue Monday. I can’t do much about the weather, the icy roads (which make it SO hard to run outside), or the dark days, but I CAN get excited and embrace all there is to do and enjoy in Cleveland this time of year. Yes, even in the winter. How can I be blue when I’ve done all this fun stuff since the holidays have ended?

Trying out Dave and Anson’s deep fryer, eating homemade fried chicken wings and watching football:

fried chicken

Baking mitten cookies. Because when it’s cold, who doesn’t love mittens?

chocolate dipped mitten cookies

Attempting to sew mittens. I don’t have an “after” picture because the one mitten I tried to make didn’t come out. I’ll stick to baked cookie mittens (see above):


Shopping at the West Side Market. Because it’s somewhat warm in there and if it’s not you can always get a hot beverage and your groceries:

my favorite stand at west side market

my favorite stand at west side market

And then cooking some fantastic vegetarian dishes with Ali. I love this girl (my former work-spouse) and don’t see her nearly enough – and it was SO good to spend a day cooking with her!

Ali making samosas

Ali making samosas

the recipe for these awesomeness is coming soon.

the recipe for these awesomeness is coming soon.

A few outdoor runs when the weather “warmed up.” And a few hot beverages from Rising Star.

almond milk latte from rising star

And seeing Chicago – with the oh so talented Peterman John O’Hurley! Thanks to B’s parents for the awesome tickets as our Christmas gift.


And then wrapping up a fabulous weekend with sushi from Sushi 86, the Golden Globes and tea and Downton Abbey.


OMG can you believe about Anna?

OMG can you believe about Anna?

And that’s just for the first few weeks of this month. What are you doing to keep yourself entertained this month?

Friday Five: Five Things To Do In Cleveland for the Holidays

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. Yes caps lock is intended.

great holiday sweaters and sweater vests

Okay, I know I’ve said it enough. And the picture above probably says it all anyway. But seriously – it may have been 60 degrees yesterday (and it was amazing – I went for a run in shorts) – but don’t let the weather fool you – the holidays are here. So you missed the Holiday Flea, Winterfest and the Public Square tree lighting ceremony? Don’t worry, there’s still so much more to do in Cleveland to get you in the holiday spirit!  I know quite a few people have shared their favorite holiday activities – here are 5 things that I’m looking forward to:

1. Checking out the holiday decor and lights downtown

I LOVE living downtown – it seems like suddenly overnight the festive lights, trees, and even store windows popped up, all to get us in the holiday spirit. Want to feel the holiday spirit? Start in Playhouse Square (and see a show while you’re there! Spoiler alert – check out #3) at Euclid and 14thish and take the E line trolley until you arrive at Public Square. All along Euclid you’ll see various stores with lights, flower pots overflowing with wintry decor, and more. And when you get to Public Square, get ready to be in awe of all the lights – it’s gorgeous! And don’t forget to check out the big tree, as well as the Holidays at Higbee displays. Not had enough? Head into Tower City to check out Bruce the Talking Spruce, as well as the holiday shows in the food court featuring the Toy Soldier and Fairy Godmother (and more – the whole Tower City list of events is here).

Lights around the Theatre District

Lights around the Theatre District


storefront window in the Higbee building

2. Enjoying a holiday performance from the Cleveland Orchestra

Did you know that the world famous Cleveland Orchestra and their chorus perform a series of holiday concerts each year? The concerts feature a variety of holiday music in the beautifully decorated Severance Hall. I’m lucky to be married into an Ignatius High School family – the Orchestra performs a private show for Ignatius alums and their family and I look forward to the event each year!

Here’s a sneak peak – disclaimer, I found this video on YouTube, it’s not mine:

3. Seeing a show in the Theatre district

Seeing  A Christmas Carol at the Ohio Theater at Playhouse Square has become a tradition for B and me. This Great Lakes Theater production runs through December 22, and no matter how many times I watch it (or even A Muppet Christmas Carol), it never gets old. Interested in seeing the show? If you call 216-241-6000 or go to http://www.greatlakestheater.org/tickets/shows/a-christmas-carol to order tickets, enter GLT as your promo code for a discount!

Wine @ Gallucci's!

Wine @ Gallucci’s!

4. Feasting on local treats (going to Gallucci’s and the West Side Market)

OK, OK I know you can do this any time of year – but there’s just something SO magical about the West Side Market and Gallucci’s during the holidays. Stands are decorated in the Market, holiday food comes out, and the smell of the Italian food at Gallucci’s just seems more memorable (maybe it’s the fact that I grew up with an Italian mother and those cooking smells likely got stronger during the holidays?). Anyway, one of my favorite traditions that B and I have is going to the Market and Gallucci’s, buying supplies to make pepperoni bread and sauce, and then making the meal, decorating our apartment, and watching Love Actually. Try it. I dare you not to feel in the holiday spirit after doing that!

5. Local shopping

Let’s face it – the holidays wouldn’t be the same without shopping. This year, I’m buying a lot of stuff locally – if possible. The Holiday Flea was awesome, and there are so many other upcoming opportunities to get your holiday (or personal) shopping done:

Ohio City Festival (Dec. 7): Ohio City Festival is THIS weekend! So get your gift list ready and visit local shops like the Cleveland Bazaar and Made in the 216. If that doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, there’s also photos with Santa, Christmas tree sales, horse-drawn carriage rides, holiday crafts for children, a photobooth, carolers, and mulled Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Holiday CircleFest (Dec. 8): Keep the festivities going all weekend long and stop by University Circle on Sunday the 8th for the Holiday CircleFest! In addition to shopping, the event in University Circle will feature horse-drawn carriage rides, ice sculpting, live music, a gingerbread house competition – and more!

Pop Up Shaker (Thurs/Sat/Sun through Dec. 15): Pop Up Shaker started last week along Chagrin Boulevard and I can’t wait to check it out! (Yes I do LEAVE downtown sometimes. See numbers 2 and 4 above) This festive winter pop up combines crafting, food, and shopping and will take place Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays through the 15th.

Tremont Holiday BrewHaHa (Dec. 13-15): In addition to stopping by the BrewHaHa weekend in Tremont for the famous Santa Shuffle (where the picture of  B and me at the beginning of this post is from), I can’t wait to check out the Pop Up Shop and Party on Dec. 13. AND there’s even a Tremont Holiday ArtWalk!

And now, some questions for you:

  • What holiday traditions do you have? Love Actually and holiday decorating. And pepperoni bread. And seeing A Christmas Carol. Use the discount code I shared and see it yourself!
  • Quick! What are five things you are looking forward to about the holidays?
  • What’s your favorite local shop?
  • Do you run in any holiday races?

Something about Siblings – A Weekend in CLE with My Brother

This past weekend my brother visited me in Cleveland. The last time he came to see me on his own was more than 3 years ago – I was living in Lakewood, had somewhat just moved to Cleveland and well, it was WAY too long ago. I try to go visit him and stay with him on campus (he goes to Columbia) pretty much once a year – but I’m getting too old for his college lifestyle. The last time I visited him we didn’t go out until nearly midnight – I’m almost 30, which is waaay too old to be going out that late. I had to seriously rally and drink a Diet Dr. Pepper just to pull myself off the blowup mattress in his dorm room.

Greg and me the last time he came to see me on his own

Greg and me the last time he came to see me on his own

Anyway, this weekend turned out to be a pretty a relaxing weekend with my brother. We both had work to do (he more so than I – a thesis plus hundreds of pages of reading … oh college!) so there wasn’t much going out. But it was great to just hang out with him and do everyday things with him. I hope he had a good time and it’s not another 3 years before he comes back to Cleveland!

Friday included some working at a coffee shop, some vegan food at The Flaming Ice Cube and some dinner at Noodlecat.

At Flaming Ice Cube

At Flaming Ice Cube

Some of our awesome food from Friday is below (not pictured – appetizers or main course at Noodlecat, pumpkin cookies, my PUMPKING beer, Buckeyes or zucchini bread):

From top left, corn chowder from Flaming Ice Cube, Soba Noodle Salad from FI, Braised Beef Bun from Noodlecat, Pesto Burger from FI

From top left, corn chowder from Flaming Ice Cube, Soba Noodle Salad from FI, Braised Beef Bun from Noodlecat, Pesto Burger from FI

Saturday, B and I started our day by going for a leisurely run outside. I was having a hard time breathing for some reason, but it felt SO good to just be having a relaxing run – no racing. Then we decided to head to Tremont for some coffee and pastries, and holed up in Loop to do some work.

A little work in a coffee shop

A little work in a coffee shop

We of course enjoyed the fall colors that are still here and took a few pictures in the park while we were hanging out in Tremont.

Greg in me in Tremont

Greg in me in Tremont

Then we hit the West Side Market to pick up groceries for dinner. We bought some butternut squash, chicken sausage, peppers and onions. And made an awesome dinner together of some goat cheese, quinoa and chicken sausage stuffed squash – recipe coming soon :)

Chicken sausage and goat cheese stuffed butternut squash - i crashed the web

The finished product.

Greg is cooking!

Greg is cooking!

Saturday night included some more studying (I’m an awesome study helper. Just ask Greg. He’ll probably remember 3 more Russian vocab words thanks to my mad studying skills) and some deep chatting / thoughts about the future and me passing out from a corn bread coma pretty early.

Sunday meant dropping my brother back off at the airport :( I was sad to see him go, but am so excited to see him in just over a month for the holidays! After the airport, B knew I was sad to see my brother go, so he took me to Starbucks and then to the park for a fiveish mile walk. It was another great fall day in Cleveland and it was great to walk among the colorful leaves.

Yes, I took a selfie.

Yes, I took a selfie.

weekend walk with b

Hope you had a fabulous fall weekend as well!

Friday Five: How Is It November Already?

Friday !! Friday !! YAY !! Can you sense my excitement? It seems like it’s been forever since I updated you on my life – and instead of spending a long time doing that I’m going to just show you FIVE things. And then go off and enjoy my Friday. Sound good?

Okay. Here’s what’s happening. Sorry in advance for the complete randomness.

1. I’m still LOVING the fall colors in Cleveland. Seriously – it’s NOVEMBER already and even though it was 65 degrees earlier this week, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Anyway, just look at these trees. Oh, and my cute nephew too:

fall colors

oliver and the tree

2. B, Mary and me did a 5k last weekend and I got a PR! My goal was to finish in under 25 minutes – and sadly I didn’t make it :( My finish time was 25:23 and I finished first in my age group! Yes, it was a small race – but I got my first 1st Place medal!

PR and first place

3. My new favorite dinner slash food combo? Sushi and champagne / prosecco. Yum. WHY have I never had this combo before? Thanks to my fave Cleveland sushi place Sushi 86 for fulfilling my addiction.

Rainbow roll and Danny's BLT from Sushi 86. And prosecco

Rainbow roll and Danny’s BLT from Sushi 86. And prosecco

4. Do you know A Great Big World? Do you watch The Voice? They are two of my current favorite things – and they CAME TOGETHER this week. One of my favorite A Great Big World songs is Say Something. And Xtina performed it on The Voice earlier this week. If you don’t know A Great Big World, you must check them out. My brother introduced me to them / Ian Axel a few years ago (I found the email – January 2010) and they have been my jam for a while now. Enjoy!

5. Speaking of my brother – he is in town visiting me from NY! I’m SO excited to have him spending the weekend with me. What should we do? What should I show him in Cleveland? It’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen him.

Siblings :)

Siblings :)

Questions for you:

  • Clevelanders – what should I show / do with my brother while he’s in town visiting?
  • Anyone have any races this weekend? Recent PRs?
  • How often do you see your siblings?
  • Do you like it when your favorite bands from a few years ago hit the mainstream spotlight?

Another Wonderful Weekend in CLE

Another weekend has come and gone – and it was another fabulous fall one in the Midwest. Cooler weather, fall temps, gorgeous colors and of course some baking and running – what more could I ask for?

Here are some highlights from the weekend:

Running the Midtown 10K Race with B, Mary and Dave – it was my first official 10K race! Pretty eventful – B beat both Mary and me, and I ran my best 10K time (52:01 – don’t get too excited). Oh and during the race B lost his wedding ring at around mile 4 … and found it after finishing. What a morning!

10k hermes

Feasting on Coq Au Vin (B cooked for me Sat. night)

B's Coq Au Vin, made with our CSA chicken. It was amazing. Tastes better than it looks I promise!

B’s Coq Au Vin, made with our CSA chicken. It was amazing. Tastes better than it looks I promise!

Baking up a storm – posts to come, but I baked some apple bars, candy corn bars and candy corn rice krispie treats!

candy corn bar prep

mixture for bars

candy corn magic bars - i crashed the web

candy corn bars!

Checking out Hingetown and their Sunday morning market

hingetwon urban orchid

urban orchid blooms

hingetown - pourover at rising star

waiting for my pourover at rising star

Going on a peaceful Sunday morning run by myself to clear my thoughts. No running buddy, no race, no music. Just me and the road = amazing.

sunda morning run

Enjoying the season’s finest – clam bake! For those of you that aren’t from Cleveland, a clam bake is an October/fall dinner tradition here. You eat a tons of clams, corn, chicken, potatoes, etc. For my east coast friends, it’s like a crab bake or lobster bake .. just with clams!

Clambake! Not pictured - chicken. And dessert!

Clambake! Not pictured – chicken. And dessert!

It's always a good thing when the kids approve of your desserts ..

It’s always a good thing when the kids approve of your desserts ..

How was your weekend?

Some questions for you:

Did you run this weekend? Any races? I did my first 10K but I loved following along everyone who ran Columbus or participated in the Runners World races this weekend!

Did you do something new?  I ran my first 10K and checked out the Hingetown Market.

Did the fall like temps inspire you to bake? Three bars in one day. Apple, candy corn and rice krispie! My sister in law also baked up a storm in her finnish kitchen. Must have been the time of year!

Weekend Update: Getting My Fill of Fall

I will start by saying I’m not one of those girls who says that her favorite season is fall. I’ve mentioned this before – but I do not look forward to wearing scarves, sweaters or the leaves falling. That being said – I do love spending a weekend outdoors in the CLE and fall just happens to be a pretty fabulous season to do so. Here are some highlights from our awesome weekend:

We started Friday with an Art Walk through Tremont. After a delicious dinner at Bac we scoped out some artwork (of course stopping at our favorite gallery, Paul Duda) before wine at Press with Dave and Anson.

Bac meal

Bac meal

We went all the way out to Burton, Ohio to ride on a trailer and enjoy the fall colors.


B on the trailer

While we were there we checked out the Apple Butter Festival!


Oh yeah, that apple butter was great!

And I tried to keep my cool as we walked around and saw SO many Amish people.


Look! Amish family!

apple butter festival

Making some apple butter

Checking out the fall foliage and checking out the farmland out east.

Butler Ohio

Farms! Fall Colors!

We also stumbled upon Oxtoberfest! Meaning we shared a roasted ox sandwich. (sorry, not pictured)


And it was Oxtoberfest!

Log cabin!

We stopped by Patterson’s Fruit Farm to check out the pumpkins and fall baked goods.

We also found pumpkins.

And go for a nice fall hike.

Perfect weather for a hike!

And pick some apples!

didn’t realize B was taking a picture here

pattersons apple

There were still some apples left!

We made it back to Cleveland in time to enjoy a few Guiness and Pumpkings at our favorite bar, Parnell’s Pub, and watch the BC game (they lost against Clemson). Then it was time for patio drinks and a nice dinner.

It's mid October and everyone's out on the patio. SO amazing!

It’s mid October and everyone’s out on the patio. SO amazing!

patio drinks


The only picture of my meal. Halibut at Lola!

Oh yeah, and my legs are feeling great after last weekend’s half marathon (recap, here) so I enjoyed three runs this weekend – 2 outside and 1 inside while watching the Pilot of Gossip Girl! Three runs in three days makes me a happy girl :)



Hopefully you had an awesome fall weekend as well!

Some questions for you: (answer in the comments!)

  • Where you like, when does patio season typically end? Or is it year-round?
  • Have you ever tried ox?
  • Have you ever seen Amish people?
  • Do you have a favorite local bar near you?
  • If you like pumpkin beer, what’s your favorite? Pumpking by far!
  • If you run, do you prefer outdoor or indoor running?

Running and Feasting – Another Fun Weekend in the CLE

Any weekend recap post that includes “running” and “feasting” in the title has to be a good weekend, right? I mean, what else is there?

Here are some highlights from the weekend.

Okay, the weekend may have started with a little bit of working late. But check out the view from our office as the sun sets – how gorgeous is that?

working late sky

AND I still got out in time to enjoy some patio beverages. I know summer is coming to an end so I am savoring all the remaining patio days!


B and I went for an 8 miler on Sunday. And it was a beautiful day! I love days like this:views on running

And I got to try out some of my new running gear! Like the hot orange shorts? (please ignore the orange lighting in my hallway)
new running clothes

After our run we headed to the West Side Market to pick up some fresh veggies, chicken and a snack (or two). We made sure to stop at Ohio City Farm to get some SUPER local produce, including a huge yellow squash (which prompted B to say, Do you even know what to do with that?).

west side market ohio city veggies

Check it out – it’s Ohio City Farm! Their stand is open next to the West Side Market on Sundays.  They also have a CSA which I want to try – the program goes to support the refugees who live in Cleveland work there. I highly recommend you stop by their location on your next visit to the market.


Sunday included a short recovery run and some more weightlifting at the gym followed by Nike Training Club activities. And some baking. Because Sundays and baking seem to go hand-in-hand don’t they?

homemade biscotti! (recipe posted soon)

And while I was baking I caught the movie, Something Borrowed, on TV. Which was pretty awesome because I read the book years ago and forgot that they had made it into a movie. Who doesn’t like baking AND a chick flick? (PS – I think Kate Hudson plays the same character in nearly every movie)

B and I were also invited to my City Advocate friend Laura’s house in Little Italy to celebrate the Feast! So Sunday afternoon we hopped on the bus and found ourselves in the crowded streets of Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood. One of my favorite festivals in Cleveland is the Feast of the Assumption. I <3 everything Italian and it’s probably the one festival where I could (and try to) eat everything in sight. Give me a cannoli, gelato and some Italian sausage and I’m a happy girl :)

The Feast!

Laura even had green, white and red-themed food at her house!  (not pictured – her delicious green white and red flatbread and pasta salad)


Laura is awesome. The veggies came from her CSA and the basil was from her patio herb garden!

We still of course had to stop for a meatball sub on the way back.


B bought this. But he graciously let me have a bite.

And that was it! How was your weekend?  Some questions for you: (and my responses in italic because I know you’re dying to know even more about me) i’d love to hear about you!

  • What’s your favorite type of ethnic food? My favorite – Italian! And then sushi, Mediterranean, and Vietnamese tied for second. 
  • Least favorite type of ethnic food? English. Or German. Or Irish. Not a fan of any of those foods! 
  • Do you go to cultural celebrations in your city? Which ones? We most frequently attend the Feast, Oktoberfest and then the Irish festival. See above for my thoughts on the food at the other festivals :)
  • Do you have any Sunday or weekend routines? Lately my Sundays have involved waking up somewhat early and then lifting weights and baking/watching a girly movie while B is at softball. I could get used to that!
  • Do you have any idea what type of squash that is?