Sarah Palin looks familiar

I’m not a very political person, so I’m not going to go into detail about how I feel about the upcoming election, or McCain’s VP pick. I will however, say, that although many have mentioned how much Sarah Palin looks like Tina Fey, I think her true doppelganger is Lorraine Bracco. Not sure who she is? You may remember her as the wife from Goodfellas (one of my favorite movies) or as the psychiatrist in the Sopranos (another fave of mine).

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

They even dress the same!

They even dress the same!

Men In Suits

Why is it that I find almost any young man in a suit attractive? Yesterday when I was taking the rapid into work (woowoo public transportation….i’m all about it) 3 men in suits got on together at one stop. My heart fluttered, skipped a beat, yatta yatta yatta and  all that girly goodness, and I realized that these men were not even really attractive! If they had sat down on the train in a LeBron jersey or a wifebeater and shorts, there is no way that I would have had the same rush of emotion. And I know for certain I’m not the only one. Why is this?

My theories:

  • I work in a PR firm that is mainly women. We have NO (i repeat, ZERO) young men in my office that wear suits to work. Therefore, I’m not exposed to this on a daily basis, which makes it more exciting.
  • It’s an evolutionary adaptation to help women survive in the 21st century.

I’ll go with hypothesis #2. Think about it – how many articles have you read today that say more and more young men are living at home with their parents for as long as possible, playing video games, drinking beer, etc. In fact, according to the Census Bureau, fully one-third of young men ages 22 to 34 are still living at home with their parents — about an 100 percent increase in the past 20 years. No such change has occurred with regard to young women. In order to survive, women need to make it in the workforce AND (or) get married to a rich, successful man. Now, I’m not saying I’m going around looking for guys with money (my boyfriend was a History major), but what if there is something inside us, that “lights up” when we see such a guy? Perhaps it is a form of “survival of the fittest” we are more attracted to young men in suits. Could it be that the same theory we learned in high school (well if you went to a public high school at least), and the same reason that female peacocks mate with male peacocks with brighter, bigger feathers, is the very thing that makes me attracted to young men in suits?

Just a thought.

Next time: why am I also attracted to young construction workers/men in uniform/handymen?

Wentworth Miller

Case In Point: Wentworth Miller

Doesn’t Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) in a suit give you butterflies?