Great weekend

I’m sure my last blog post left you on the edge of your seat wondering, what will she do? How will she survive B’s birthday? Since you’ve been eagerly awaiting (I’m sure) I’ll update.

Birthday went fine! Better than fine – Great!! I stopped stressing over a gift and ended up with a great gift:

  • New boxers: Don’t get the wrong idea, these were just plain Hanes boxers. He was always complaining he needed new ones, so not to be his mother or anything, I just went to Target and bought the softest ones I found. I mean, come on, when your boyfriend says his “lucky boxers” are threadbare, you would be a bad girlfriend just to sit back and watch his luck run out!
  • Ambitious Brew: see the below twitter recommendation. Written by Maureen Ogle, it’s a book about the history of American beer, so for a boy that likes history AND beer, I figured this was a given. I ended up buying it from because both Borders AND Barnes and Noble were out!
  • Beer of the month club!: Rozi’s Wine House in Lakewood and Rocky River offers both a Beer and Wine Club. I opted for the Beer Club and purchased a 3 month membership to begin with.
  • Dinner at Morton’s: A GREAT restaurant if you like steak, located in Tower City. We went Saturday night and enjoyed a FABULOUS multi course meal that was well worth the rather pricey bill. We shared an appetizer of scallops wrapped in bacon, and then I ordered a chopped salad (it came with BACON and avocado and hearts of palm!!) with a seared tuna. Yum! B got NY Strip Steak (I think? I’m not good at deciphering the different cuts) and mashed potatos. I’ll be eating leftover tuna for lunch tomorrow!

So all in all, no need to worry. Dinner and gifts were good. And I recommend the beer of the month club for any girl or guy you’re looking to surprise with a fun gift that keeps coming month after month! (*hint birthday is in January)