Celebrity Look Alike: Legos?

Okay more fun Friday stuff!

In honor of their anniversary, Lego has come out with new celebrity lookalike Lego People!

I don’t know abuot you, but I LOVED Legos and played with them as much as I could as a kid. To this day, when I’m babysitting, I pray the kid has Legos to play with.

Of the celebrity Lego people, my favorites were Amy Winehouse (it’s a lookalike!), Brangelina and newborn twins, and Posh and Becks. Which is your favorite?

Seriously, it looks JUST like her!

Seriously, it looks JUST like her!

Cleveland Ranked Again

Cleveland has been ranked yet again by Forbes. And AGAIN for something unfavorable. Geesh.

Cleveland is now listed as #7 in the top 10 most stressful places to live. And here I was thinking my move from NY/Boston to the “Midwest” would make my life easier? Not according to Forbes!

According to Forbes:

Clevelanders have to cope with the fourth worst air quality among cities we ranked and the tenth highest population density. Some might also have to worry about Seasonal Affective Disorder: Cleveland boasts the fourth fewest sunny days a year of the cities measured. If these environmental factors aren’t bad enough, this Rustbelt city also has a 7.2% rate of unemployment. The good news: The flight from this city has resulted in the third most affordable housing in the country.

Check out the full story here and a listing/slideshow of the cities here

America’s Most Stressful Cities:

10. Philadelphia, PA

9. Providence, R.I.

8. Salt Lake City, Utah

7. Cleveland, Ohio

6. San Diego, Calif.

5. San Francisco, Calif.

4. Los Angeles, Calif.

3. Detroit, Mich.

2. New York, N.Y.

1. Chicago, Ill.

Fun Friday Links

For some reason today I have about a thousand different things I want to write about! Some fun links that I’ve found today:

  1. What is your Palin name? What would your name be if Sarah Palin were your mother? I would be Pie Gallon Palin which does have a nice ring to it!
  2. New cell phone study: 35% Of BlackBerry And PDA Users Would Choose Their Device Over Their Spouse…ouch! I know that my treo is glued to me at all times, but this does NOT apply to me!
  3. The Padres choose a new uniform: Or should I say the “Madres”?
  4. The new Microsoft I Am a PC Campaign: I love it. I love the new ad, I love the actual PR component and the viral idea to get people to film their own I am a PC videos. Love love love! (And I am a PC so I can relate. Not everyone with a PC is an old boring man with glasses and an ugly suit!)