Another Reason to Love The Cleve

Are you scared of severe storms? Horrified of hurricanes? Terrified of tornadoes and typhoons? (You get the idea!) Then Cleveland may be just the place for you! According to SustainLane’s 2008 US City Rankings Cleveland is one of the cities in the US least likely to be hit by a natural disaster. According to SustainLane:

Coming in tied at #1 for lowest natural disaster risk as defined by the above criteria are Milwaukee and Mesa, Arizona. These cities are least likely to face hurricanes, earthquakes, catastrophic hail and tornado super-outbreaks, as they lack geographic, geologic and atmospheric conditions needed to create these disasters. Catastrophic flooding is also unlikely. Other major US cities ranking higher for safety from natural disasters are Cleveland, El Paso, Phoenix and Tucson (all tied at #3).

Go Cleveland!