Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you are all enjoying eating lots of candy, trick-or-treating, and dressing up in fun costumes.

I came across this blog post for yesterday that i thougth would be perfect to help you celebrate the holiday Four Real Life Things That Are Creepier Than Halloween. Did you know that General Motors used real live dead bodies in some of their crash tests? Read that and more.

Anyone have great costume ideas? B and I, being a couple, are going to 2 Halloween parties and searched high and low for couples costumes. I really wanted to go as Marie Antionette and wear a huge wig and a poofy dress but that didn’t happen. Sooo you can see us dressed up as those Spartans from SNL. Don’t remember them? See below:

Krazy Mac’s!

Onto the pre-existing dinner plans that made me leave Cleveland SMC early. The boy and I were celebrating 4 years of dating (read: wow I’m getting old) and decided to go somewhere new and low-key. We keep hearing all this great stuff about the Detroit Shoreway area, and living on the west side, we decided it was due time to check out one of the places. 

I was given a few choices:

I’d heard great things about all these places, especially Stone Mad a newer Irish pub (with an indoor bocce court!) from various friends or B’s family. I decided that with all the cold weather, I could use some comfort food, and chose Krazy Mac’s. 

The name “Krazy Mac’s” is relatively new and the place has a cool history that I won’t go all the way into. For those of you familiar with the restaurants Cheddar’s or Snickers, that’s what Krazy Mac’s is. According to their website: 

As you know, Snickers opened at our current location at Detroit Avenue and West 58th Street in October 2005. Then in February 2007, we opened Cheddar’s Cafe in the building next door. By October of that year the immediate success of Cheddar’s prompted us to combine the two restaurants, offering the popular menu of 21 kinds of macaroni and cheese served at Cheddar’s as well as some of the well-loved favorites from Snickers.

Apparently the name Cheddar’s was already taken by some restaurant chain down in Texas, so after combining the two restaurants (and changing the name of Snickers to Cheddar’s) they had to change their name once again, to Krazy Mac’s. 

Anyways, back to the best part about the restaurant – our meals! They were out of their seasonal beers (no pumpkin ales or Great Lakes Oktoberfest) so I decided to have a Hoogarden to keep the spirit of summer going strong. B, of course, had Budweiser.

For starters, we shared a Krazy Mac’s Pizza, which is a small pepperoni pizza with mac and cheese on it. AMAZING! For the main dish, B ordered the Fiesta Mac (the menu on their website is not up-to-date as this is not listed), which was mac and cheese with taco meat, guacamole and sour cream. It also came with some really salty tortilla chips. I got the Southwestern Mac, described as “Cheddar & pepper jack with chorizo sausage, green peppers, onions, black beans, in a roasted red pepper sauce.” The portions were huge and I have some leftovers for lunch today! Our entrees each came with some yummy cheesy bread and salad with great italian/balsamic dressing. I took a picture with my phone, but of course I had no flash and the crummy lighting made my food look like a pile of old oatmeal. Rather than disgust you with the horrible picture that doesn’t do my food justice, I’ll let you just imagine the best looking mac and cheese of your life.

I can’t wait to go back again. Our waiter was super friendly. The whole place had an intimate atmosphere (B and I sat in a large booth with plush seating and comfy pillows) and was pretty affordable and casual. 

What are you still doing there reading this? Go to Krazy Mac’s Now! (5800 Detroit Ave, north side of Detroit, just past W 55th, Cleveland)

Meeting 2 of Cleveland Social Media Club

Last night was the second meeting of the Cleveland Social Media Club…. I don’t know what anyone else thought about it, but I thought it was great! We pretty much kept the same format as the first meeting, going around and introducing ourselves, saying how we use social media and what our vision for the club is.

There were some pretty cool people there – Cleveland’s ‘former’ Tech Czar, some kids form Case who were developing a great new web application, The Franchise King, Brewed Fresh Daily‘s George Nemeth, Chris Seper from the PD, and a whole bunch of other cool people to talk to. It was great to finally meet some people that I’d only talked to through twitter. I only wish I hadn’t had to leave early for pre-arranged dinner plans! 

We have some pretty exciting ideas on what we will be doing in social media club. There is a national club that we are modeling ourselves after, a lot of cool local chapters (Louisville chapter is a pretty sweet Midwest club), and now us! 

Go Cleveland! Let’s show the country that we’re waaaay cooler (and smarter) than they think we are.

I almost have it..it’s on the tip of my tongue..

How many times have you struggled to fill in the correct word, knowing that the answer is just on the tip of your tongue? If you’re like me, this happens plenty of times. Most of the time I even know what the word starts with and means, but you can’t seem to get it.

Well thanks to Chirag Mehta, Tip of My Tongue does the hard work for you! Simply type in what the word starts with, or contains, or ends with, or synonyms of the word and a listing of possible words appears! Seriously, this thing is cool. I can’t wait until I need to use it next!

Restaurant Week!

It’s Baaa-aack! Cleveland Restaurant Week! After a successful first year, Restaurant Week will be returning to Cleveland with fix priced menus in restaurants all throughout the city. I am SUPER pumped and hoping to go this year! It will take place November 2-7 and 9-14.

For a complete list of participating restaurants (unfortunately the menus aren’t up yet) click here.

Book your reservations early! Last year, Lola booked up right away (I don’t see it on this year’s list though) as did a lot of other popular restaurants. Some of the restaurants with deals include Crop, Nighttown, One Walnut, Moxie and the Metropolitan Cafe. All of the participating places offer a dinner deal, but some are also featuring a fixed-price lunch menu.

A word to the wise- Last year I also heard that some restaurants that weren’t booked preferred to let other idners in before the “restaurant-week”-goers, for obvious reasons. Solution? When you make your reservation, you don’t need to tell them you want the restaurant week menu, unless you have specific questions. I would just wait until that day to see what they have to offer.