What’s next…fewer Girl Scout badges?

Just read this article – which states that due to the economy, the Girl Scouts will be producing fewer cookies this year! The boxes will still cost $3.50 (they were $3 back in the day when I was a Girl Scout and my Mom was “cookie manager) but there will be FEWER cookies in the boxes. That’s right, smaller boxes of cookies!

No, this change will not be put in place for all cookies. Trefoil fan? Still the same number of those shortbread cookies. Samoas? Still plenty of coconut chocolate goodness. BUT this change will take place for:

  • Thin Mints
  • Do-si-dos
  • Tagalongs

So sad! According to the article in the Dallas Morning news, this travesty is due to “rising costs” in today’s tough economy (and NOT the peanutĀ  butter scare)

Ouch. Guess I’ll be buying the trefoils this year. They taste good with peanut butter anyways. What? You’ve never put two trefoils together with peanut butter in between? Delish!