Facebook Vanity URL Saga: Part Three

After all the chatter about the Facebook vanity URLs, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I did not, as I suggested I would, stay up until midnight with the rest of the nerds world on Friday night, waiting to get my very own FB username. I went to bed early because I was running a 5k Saturday morning, and my rest seemed more important at the time.

I also did not race to facebook.com Saturday morning to get my URL. I forgot about it until (*Gasp*) Sunday night – and went then. Luckily, my name isn’t the most popular one out there, or at least not super popular among tech geeks Facebook users, I was still able to get it.

If you’re like me, and you forgot to get your own URL, don’t worry-  it may still be there. You can use this form to check the availability of your vanity URL or sign into your Facebook account. They’ve conveniently reminded you to choose your URL once you log in.

Did anyone experience any problems obtaining their username? Were there network overloads to those who stayed up until midnight? Did any of the mass chaos as predicted here occur?