Yo Mama’s So Social… She Uses Social Media

Surprise surprise! Yet another study found that motherhood and social media go hand in hand. Last week, BabyCenter LLC, which runs several social media parenting sites and communities, released results from its latest research on moms and social media. The findings can be summed up as follows:

  • 63% of moms are using some form of social media (compared to 11% in 2006)
  • 44% of moms use social media for recommendations on brands and products
  • 91% of moms reported that they never leave their house without a cell phone and many of them are likely to use that phone to surf the Web
  • 77% of moms use the Web as their primary source of finding recipes

I know firsthand that more and more moms are using social media. In fact, I actually just signed my own mom up for Facebook a few months ago (so she can catch up with her old high school friends).

As a PR professional, I know that moms are one of the largest growing populations using social media.  I love it when studies like these come out, because it’s nice to have some statistics to back up this fact when telling clients that they need to be using social media to reach their market.

Any information about moms using social media also helps to disprove the popular (though unfavorable) myth that social media users are just young men who live  in their parents’ basements and blog in their pajamas.  Social media users are a lot older than most people realize, and I’m in favor of any statistics and demographics data that supports this fact. (Also see another related study: Facebook Users Are Getting Older)

Is your mom using social media? Are you a mother using social media? Why do you think moms are such a growing social media audience?