Man’s Wife Featured In Facebook Dating Ad

hotsinglesA man was surfing Facebook and noticed an ad on his screen (you know, where the annoying “Lose 10 lb in one week on the Angelina Jolie diet” ads are?) that said “Hot singles are waiting for you!!” This would have been normal, except for the fact that the woman pictured in the ad was of this guy’s wife!

How did this happen? Was the woman working for the dating service? Had she, herself, signed up for the dating service? Nope – it all had to do with Facebook Applications’ Privacy Settings, which are set (by default) to allow YOU to be featured in THEIR ads! That’s right — Facebook has the right to use your photo in ads unless you opt out.

Yet more proof that by default, Facebook owns everything you have ever posted….and more reason to always update your Privacy settings!

If you don’t want to appear in one of Facebook’s ads (I know that I don’t want my belly featured in one of those BEFORE weight loss ads!!), here’s what you have to do:

  1. On the top of your Facebook page, scroll over Settings. Click on Privacy Settings.
  2. Click on News Feed and Wall.
  3. Then click on the tab reading Facebook Ads.
  4. In the Appearance in Facebook Ads box, select No One.

fb ads

I just checked and sure enough, my settings were set up so that I had to opt out. I wonder if I’ve already appeared in ads for some of my friends? I guess I’ll never know!