Another weekend of summertime fun in the Cleve

Who says there’s nothing to do in Cleveland? Certainly not me! My two friends from out of town came into Cleveland this weekend for their first visit to Ohio ever – and we made sure it was a fun filled weekend.

There’s so much going on during the summers in Northeast Ohio. From the Vintage Ohio Wine Festival (last weekend), to the fun festivities going on downtown all the time, there’s never even a remote opportunity to be bored.

So what did I do to show the lovely ladies from Boston and DC around Northeast Ohio? Here’s my weekend recap – and possible ideas of what you can do when showing people around town.

Friday night part one:

Girls get in around 8:30 Friday night. After getting ready and showing them my digs, we were ready to go out! First spot: East Fourth.  We were hoping to get to Greenhouse Tavern, but since we got off to a later than planned start and there was a slight wait there, we ended up crossing the street for quick drinks and appetizers at Zocalo. Bummed we didn’t make it to the Greenhouse Tavern – I’ve heard so many great things about it!

Friday night part two:

A quick driving tour of part of the eastside – including Case and Little Italy. Head to Coventry to meet up with friends and show the fun area. Slightly disappointing crowds at Panini’s and later in the night at McNulty’s.


Checked out Luckys in Tremont for brunch. Great choice! Food was awesome – I got the Shipwreck (egg, bacon, cheese, potato and veggies), while my friends dined on their lemon pancakes and the breakfast burrito. Their como toast was AWESOME. AND by the way, Guy Fieri just visited and they’re going to be featured on an upcoming episode of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. How cool!

Headed over to one of my favorite spots in Tremont, the Banyon Tree. The girls were impressed and tried on some cute outfits. Had planned to walk around the area and show them some other cute shops and galleries (Paul Duda is one of my faves) but the awfully rainy weather made it impossible to do anything outside.

Plans for the Vintage Wine Festival were cancelled –nobody wanted to be outside in the rain, even if there was wine involved!

Passed Westside Market on our drive back and decided that instead of the wine festival, we’d find fresh groceries and make dinner. Bought some fresh flank steak, corn, tomato, red onions, cilantro, avocado and parmesan pepper bread for dinner. Also got some dried fruit because I love it.

Stopped by Great Lakes Brewing Company for a FREE brew tour! Offered pretty much every hour, on the hour, they’re a great way to showcase a local claim to fame – our yummy beer.

westsidemarketdinnerAfter the Brew Tour, the sun had started to clear up so we decided to go on a driving tour of downtown. Passed through Ohio City and drove around to show off my office, Voinovich Park and CSU. Then drove to Edgewater Park to show them the best view of downtown Cleveland (and a great sunset at the time).

Once we got back home, we prepared a feast from our freshly bought meat and produce from the market. Yum!


gyromeltHeaded to Melt for brunch to feast on grilled cheese sandwiches. The boy and I got the monthly special (the Gyro .. seen at right) while the girls chose the Kindergarten (plain grilled cheese) from the menu (disappointing, I know) with some add-ons.

Weather much nicer (90s, sunny and windy), we headed to Edgewater to soak up the sun. Originally intended to head to Huntington Beach, but no time before the flights back east.

So, how did I do? What did I miss? What else would you recommend doing to showcase the Cleve?