Weekend Fun: The Lakewood Project / Hard Day’s Night

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post (and the theme of social media for New Year’s Resolutions) for a quick entry on some fun stuff going on in my life. As you probably now, I often blog about fun things to do in the CLE but in the winter I have a hard time getting off my couch and out into the cold. This summer I vowed not to sit inside and hibernate all winter long, and instead promised to find fun things to do.

This weekend B took me to a performance by the Lakewood Project – a local high school orchestra that uses electric string instruments, drums, and other instruments to play everything BUT traditional classical music. The show started with a warning from the director, “This is not your normal concert – we have no rules. We encourage dancing, clapping and anything else that lets you enjoy the music,” which pretty much summed up the entire performance. The group rocked through the first part of the show and was paired with the Beatles cover band, Hard Day’s Night, which started off the second act and then joined the high schoolers for the remainder of the show.

It was an awesome performance. I found myself smiling at the high schoolers, at the fun they (and their friends in the audience) were clearly having, and at their performances. I played violin back in the day and would have LOVED to be part of an ensemble like this in high school! An avid Beatles fan (Across the Universe is one of my favorite movies), I also loved the show Hard Day’s Night put on, including the acts they performed with Lakewood Project. I’ll definitely be checking out the schedule for both the Lakewood Project and Hard Day’s Night and putting their upcoming shows on my calendar!

Some videos of the performance follow – includes some short clips of The Lakewood Project by themselves, and the group with Hard Day’s Night.

Baba O’Reilly Clip: (check out the high schoolers dancing in the front of the stage — I don’t remember the last time I was at a high school orchestra concert and the fellow high schoolers were so excited to be there!)

All You Need is Love:

I Am The Walrus: