Marathon Training: Week Six Recap

Six weeks of Cleveland marathon training down … only 82 days left until the big day!

The highlights from this week:

  • Travel for work on Wednesday meant I didn’t really follow the schedule and do the 5 miles as planned that day. Woops! (more below)
  • My toe nail fell off on Monday! It was hanging on, barely, all Sunday, so I decided to just let it go on Monday night. And you know what? It hasn’t hurt yet! (fingers crossed it stays that way throughout training)
  • Saturday was our last “short” (aka under 10 miles) run until the week before the marathon. Yipes!

Anyway, this week called for Tuesday: 3. Wednesday: 5. Thursday: 3. Saturday: 7, for a total of 18 miles. What did I actually do?

Monday: 6ish. Tuesday: 4ish. Wednesday: 3. Thursday: 3.25 and Saturday: 7 for a total of 24. Woohoo!

Monday: Woke up early and got my butt out the door. Started running and realized that if I kept it up for 5-6 miles, then Wednesday I could just relax and not worry about getting up super early before my trip or running after getting home late. Success! Kept it up and finished at 6.21 mi BEFORE work.

Tuesday: Second pre-work run in a while and got in 3.88 mi, nearly one mile more than the 3 scheduled. Legs and body felt good and it was seasonably warm!

Wednesday: Work up early before my day of meetings and did 3 on the hotel treadmill. And by 3 I mean exactly 3 and no more and no less. And I was counting down the whole time. Icky icky dreadmill!

Thursday: First post-work run of the week and ran with B at our gym and did 3.25 mi and actually felt pretty good. What was the difference? Probably the awesome music I was jamming to – I’m in love with fun. and I had a few songs from their new album on my playlist.

Friday: Slept in and enjoyed a relaxing morning before work. Post-work, B and our friend Dave and I went to my first fish fry! I meant to take a photo of the fried goodness that we enjoyed (fish, shrimp, mac and cheese, pieroggis and even dessert) but I was too busy chowing down. I’m hoping we’ll make the rounds and try a bunch of different locations this Lent.

Saturday: Started the day early and went to the taping of Academic Challenge at WEWS, to watch B’s youngest brother compete. Then we went for our 7 mile run in the Metroparks and Dave joined us for a birthday run (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!). Dave then suggested we head to the West Side Market to enjoy some of the famous Steve’s Gyros which none of us have ever enjoyed. We waited in line forever but enjoyed some of the best gyros I’ve ever had! I was STUFFED after and B and I could barely move. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Water For Elephants and napping. That night, we went to Map Room to celebrate  Dave’s birthday. The place was empty as most people were at Jump Back Ball (I swear I’ll get to that event one day!!).

Sunday: Another off day and I was still digesting that gyro! We enjoyed a relaxing morning, bagels (and lox for me!) for breakfast mass at our new parish a little window shopping (not intentional .. I just couldn’t pull the trigger! Would someone just buy me a whole new wardrobe? thanks) some work and then dinner at B’s parents house. Followed by, of course, the Oscars! And no – I didn’t catch J-Lo’s nip slip. BUT I did cheer on one of the few movies I had managed to catch this year-  The Artist!

Hope everyone had as productive and enjoyable week as I did. Fingers crossed that this week’s training, and 12 miler this Saturday, go as planned!