More Than Halfway Through January … On My Way to 1,000 miles

It’s January 21! You know what that means? That my birthday is in two days? Well … yes … but not what I was going for – it means that  we’re more than halfway through the first month of the year. And for those of you wondering, I’m still pounding the pavement and keeping up with my goal for this year: 1,000 miles. Well, it’s been closer to pounding the treadmill due to the cold/wintry weather we’ve been having … which makes it even more difficult for me to motivate myself.

That’s right, I’m still tracking my miles and getting in just above my goal of 21 miles/week. The past few weeks I’ve gotten even more than 21, mostly because I’m prepping for what’s ahead – cold days and some work trips that interfere with my routine and will likely keep me inside or not running at all (like this week – I’m only in the office 1.5 days!).

Since I forgot to provide a recap last week, here are the past two weeks:

(image via my dailymile account)

(image via my dailymile account)

January – Week #2:

  • January 7: 6.3 mi
  • January 8: 5.1 mi
  • January 9: 5.5 mi
  • January 10: 4.5 mi
  • January 12: 5.1 mi
  • January 13: 5.5 mi

Weekly total : 32 miles!

january week 3 from dailymile

January – Week #3:

  • January 14: 5.7 mi
  • January 15: 5.6 mi
  • January 16: 6.4 mi
  • January 17: 4.3 mi
  • January 19: 6.0 mi
  • January 20: 6.0 mi

Weekly total: 34 miles!

I don’t plan on keeping up this mileage pace the next few months – or even this week when I’m traveling sans gym two days this week (and the HIGH temp is in the teens … low in single digits!), but we’ll see what I can do!), which is why I aimed so high the past few weeks. With 11 days left in the month, I’d just like to get 20 more in. I hope that’s doable!

How are your 2013 goals coming along?