A Running Milestone – and the PERFECT Running Headband!

I’ve been on the quest for the perfect running headband for quite some time. Those who follow me on social media know – I’m often asking for recommendations from my Twitter and Facebook connections. The answers are typically the same. Lululemon (tried one, it slipped off my head if I did anything more than the elliptical).Nike (didn’t stay). Even Target! (they most of the time stayed but ripped my hair at one point … whoops!) The closest I found to perfect were Bic Bands (stayed for a while but then stretched out and thus started slipping off my head), but even those didn’t meet the needs of my extremely smooth, thin, straight hair.

So I thought I was doomed to wearing a hat, using too many clips, or just continuing to wipe my hair out of my face as I ran. I was wrong. I discovered Owl Be Sweatin’ headbands on Etsy. The headbands seemed to be similar to Bic Bands, but with an adjustable strap – which would hopefully solve my issues. Plus, the shop is run by two local women from Cincinnati who describe themselves: “We are a sister-in-law team who have been athletes and runners our entire lives and really love our product: we also make everything by hand and it is such a quality product!”

owl be sweatin

I tried it out on a short run as soon as it arrived – 3 miles – in mild weather. Windy but in the 40s, I wasn’t sweating much – and the headband held up! AND it was cute! I loved the thin pink chevron that I had chosen.

I then tried it on a longer run when it was warm this weekend – 7ish miles in 60 degree weather. The headband didn’t slip at all!

whyilovemyowl be sweatin headband

So I’m excited to share, I found the PERFECT running headband. 

It's cute, too!!!

It’s cute, too!!!

And it was wearing that headband, that I hit a milestone marker with running this year:  I’ve run 500 of my 1000 mile goal! AND I ran the most miles last month out of any other month this year – 139 miles for the month of April (full update coming soon).

ALSO Owl Be Sweatin’ was nice enough to offer a discount to their headbands for you! Simply enter the code “Melissa” on Facebook or Etsy (in the “notes to seller for etsy) and you’ll get  15% off your order! This code expires June 15. 

Take a look at all the cute patterns they have on their Etsy page  and how affordable (plus the 15% discount!) they are. I’ve got my eye on the pink or black glitter ones next (Because really, we all need a little more bling while we run!).


Disclosure: I was offered the Owl Be Sweatin’ headband to to try out for free. I don’t get reiumbursed or anything if you buy from their shop. All views are my own. I really do love these headbands and can’t wait to buy another!