The Week Where I Do More Than I Do On a Typical Weekend

Happy Friday! How was your four-day week?  Hopefully nearly as good as mine. Somehow I found myself doing some pretty fun stuff this week – (and we all know that typically fun stuff is reserved for the weekend) and hope you did too! Here’s a snapshot at some of the awesomeness that hopefully continues to the weekend.

DCA City Advocates Meeting and Happy Hour

I love my City Advocates class. They’re so excited about improving the city we live in and spreading the word about the great stuff happening in our neighborhoods. This week, the Director of Economic Development, Tracey Nichols (a fellow east coaster!), spoke to our class about all the super exciting things happening in Cleveland and all we can look forward to in the coming months and years. I’ve said this before, but it’s an exciting time to live in Cleveland! Post-meeting, our group met for drinks. I typically have to travel for work after our meetings and miss out, but this week my travel didn’t coincide with my City Advocates meeting! Score!

team awesome

Part of my City Advocate cohort (named .. Team Awesome). Disclosure – this photo is not from this week…it’s from when we were in the Diamond Lounge of the Horseshoe Casino so it’s still pretty awesome.

U.S. vs. Belgium Soccer Game and Tailgate

That’s right, Team U.S.A. played in downtown Cleveland this week! So naturally, B, Dave, and a large group of Dave’s friends (seriously, how does he know so many people?) got tickets to the friendly match against Belgium. The occasion started with tailgate on Dave’s roof followed by some pretty awesome seats at the game – and glorious, beautiful, summerlike weather through it all. Although we didn’t win, it was still a really fun night.

Despite the awesome attire, we didn't win.

Despite the awesome patriotic attire, we didn’t win.

20130529_201022 (0)

fun fact – in college I tutored a guy that used to play on the U.S. men’s team! 

CAUSEMOB to Support Breakthrough Charter Schools and Happy Hour

This week also included a happy hour slash CAUSEMOB to help assist the awesome local Breakthrough Charter Schools. If you don’t know about them, here’s a super recent segment from CBS News about this Cleveland organization that is changing the way we look at education. It’s really interesting to see what they’re doing and some of their amazing results.

Sidenote – CAUSEMOBS are run by a few of my fellow Bridge Builders classmates. They’re monthly … more to come because you should definitely consider attending the next one if you’re in town:

What is a CAUSEMOB? Think cash mob for a nonprofit. The idea is to expose lots of people to lots of different nonprofits, raise funds for a specific need of the nonprofit and provide a vehicle for networking and socializing with other intelligent, caring, compassionate people. Like a cash mob, each participant commits to donating at least $20 – of which 100% goes directly to the nonprofit.


Captain America Filming (don’t worry, there’s no “and Happy Hour” to follow this one)

This whole week (and beyond) the streets of Cleveland have been shut down as they’re turned to scenes from DC for the filming of Captain America. It’s been fun, loud, distracting, etc. And probably a nuisance for those that drive into work. Thank goodness I walk!

scene from my window at  work. The car chase scene is getting ready!

scene from my window at work. The car chase scene is getting ready!

Wait ... where am I? (DC Metro sign outside my office)

Wait … where am I? (DC Metro sign outside my office)

AND two films of them filming. Sorry for the horrible quality, shaky hands, dirty windows, etc. That’s why I’m not a videographer.

And this one has some gunshots, I swear.

How has your week been? Hopefully just as awesome. Cheers to an even better weekend!

A few questions for your Friday:

  • What’s your ideal week? Do you prefer coming home after work or having plans? I hate being bored … but I’m looking forward to coming right home after work ONE day next week!
  • Have you ever heard of a CAUSEMOB? Been to one?
  • Did you go to a public or private school growing up?
  • Are you involved with any fun civic engagement activities?
  • Any exciting weekend plans? Yes! An Indians game (Dollar Dogs and fireworks!) plus I have an event Saturday for a nonprofit I’m working with, a project for work that will need to get done on Sunday, AND B and I are babysitting his niece and nephew!