Some Miles and Getting Lucky in ChiTown

It feels like only yesterday I had made my 2013 running resolution, which was to run 1,000 miles in the year. Little did I know that I’d more than surpass that goal and get to 1,500 miles for the year and a new-found faith in my ability to run.

So, this year my goal is to run at least 3 half marathons and run at least 2,014 km. I don’t think I can get to 2,014 miles in 2014, but 2014 km? It’s worth a try! I’m tracking my mileage again, and sharing on a monthly basis (or as often as I remember) – so for those of you who only read this blog for the recipes you may as well stop reading right now. No lentil kale recipes or stuffed cupcakes in this post (which as I type that I realize how much of a contradiction I am … super sugary desserts and oh so healthy veggies? Yup… that’s my life!) – just miles.

January mileage update:

The good: I ran with friends twice this month! May not sound like a feat, but I don’t run with people (besides B or his sister) too often. But I did find two lovely ladies to run outside with me two mornings when it was not negative digits and it was SO nice to have company and some people to keep me moving and my pace up.

The not-so-good: January was not-so-good in terms of weather for running – a lot of super cold days (like negative digits) followed by super snowy days meaning icy roads and a not-so-excited Melissa to run outside in the morning. So, most of my runs were done on the treadmill, including my longest treadmill run ever – 9 miles.

january miles

Total=145.7 – which is MORE than January 2013 so I’m on the right track!

Half Marathon Update.

Anyway, I’m not only on my way to 2,014 km — but also to 3 half marathons. That’s right – I signed up for my first half marathon of 2014, a race in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day! Should be fun, right?


The long training runs in the cold and ice are going to be the death of me, I know it … but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

And I leave you with the song that really just makes my runs that much better. I don’t know why – but I find this song super motivational for my runs.

Some questions for you:

  • Hey runners – how do you keep yourselves entertained while doing long runs on a treadmill? How do you make it so boredom doesn’t kill you? Any TV shows/music/podcasts you can recommend to make a 1+ hour long run that much better? Please? 🙂
  • What songs are you jamming to right now?
  • Any new races scheduled?
  • How are you doing on your 2014 resolutions or goals?