Training Tuesday: Week 5 Done (Less than 50 days to go!)

Do you ever have those weeks of running that are just so-so? Just okay? That was my past week of running, week 5 of Cleveland half marathon training. I didn’t have any really good runs this week — everything was just so-so. I’m really hoping that means week 6 is great!

This is what I’m telling myself this week ..


My runs for this week:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.07.45 PM

Monday: On the schedule – 4 miles.

Actual run: 4.65 miles outdoors. It was cold out, but after enjoying running outside all weekend I was happy to keep up the streak. It was pretty cold for end of March (20 degrees!) but I dressed warmly and it was fine.

This is the snapchat I sent my mom on Monday morning

This is the snapchat I sent my mom on Monday morning


Tuesday: On the schedule – 7×400.

Actual run: 7×400 on the treadmill. Does interval training ever get easier? I did 7×400 intervals at 7.6 mph with up to 400 meter jogs in between. It was rough.

Wednesday: On the schedule –  3 miles.

Actual run: 3.1 miles at a hotel gym. I started at a .5 % incline but quickly turned it off – I was barely able to keep a reasonable pace. The hotel gym was pretty warm – I wonder if that was affecting me?

Thursday: Rest.

Actual run: none! I did about 55 minutes on the elliptical, some abs and kettle bells.

Friday: 3 miles, pace.

Actual run: 4.5 miles. I started with .5 mile warmup at 6.3 mph and 1 % incline. Then got into the workout – 3 miles at 9 min/mile pace getting progressively faster (.1 mph) each mile. Finished with a 1 mile cool down at 6.3-6.5 mph.


Saturday: 8 miles.

Actual run: 8 miles with B. B and I haven’t run together in a few weeks, and it felt good to get out with him. The only issue? I didn’t feel good at all during the run. Sometimes it takes me 2-3 miles to warm up during a long run, but I never really felt “warmed up” during this run. Could be the pretty cold temps (it was “feels like 7” when we started), could be just an off day. Oh well! Finished at about a 9:25 pace which is definitely not bad (for me) – so I guess I can’t complain.



Too cold for end of March!

Too cold for end of March!

B took a picture of me while running - just finishing our 8 miler!

B took a picture of me while running – just finishing our 8 miler!

Sunday: Off day.

Actual run: None! I don’t know why, but I really wanted to workout on Sunday. But I told myself that it was an off day and all I could do was walk. I went for a 4-ish mile walk and then had to work most of the day before hitting up a last film festival movie at CIFF.

Some questions for you:

  • Do you ever have off days or off weeks for running? How do you motivate yourself
  • What weather’s “too cold” for you to run in? All winter I tried to run in only teens and up … but now, I’m over it. Ready to get out there! As long as it’s not icy – I’m outside, especially for longer runs.