WIAW #14 : Salty OR Sweet?

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! I completely forgot to log my eats this week until YESTERDAY. I don’t know what got into me – I’m tapering for my half marathon this Sunday and busy with a work event on Saturday so the weeks have been flying by and before I know it, I’ve gone a whole day without food pictures. Sadness, I know.  Thankfully I somehow remembered to take SOME pictures yesterday (sorry half-eaten breakfast).  


I did a 30 minute tempo run on the treadmill before work and was hungry by the time I got in around 8. I scarfed down the breakfast that B had made for me – egg whites, spinach and frozen veggies. Yup, the usual. Except this time I realized I forgot to take a picture until mid-way through. Apparently I ate those veggies fast! Oh and this time there were hot peppers in the eggs – yum!

Mostly eaten breakfast ..

Mostly eaten breakfast ..

At around 9 a.m., I was still hungry so I ate this clementine. Again, I had a few slices before remembering to photograph it. #whereismybrain


For lunch, I had leftovers- 3 leftover meals actually. 1/4 a veggie burger from Flip/Side, a few bites of Chipotle and mostly leftover sweet potato zucchini hash. All together, looks like this:


(Monday night’s dinner- for reference- it looked a lot better – here was it last night with an egg:)

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 6.12.56 PM

And a side of radishes finely sliced that B sliced for me. Yup, he even cuts my radishes.


For snacks during the day I had some carrots and a sweet and salty bar and an apple.

20150512_144922 20150512_132910

Do you like sweet or salty things? I’m such a both lover – I love kettle corn, chocolate covered pretzels, salted caramel, etc. So those sweet and salty bars are SO good sometimes!

B made me dinner, too! I didn’t realize that he basically made all my meals yesterday until writing this post … whoops! At least I made us dinner last night? We had an amazing tuna with broccoli and asparagus. SO SO SO good.


I decided to make myself a sweet concoction for dessert – introducing Arctic Zero, PB2 and peanut butter, white and dark chocolate chips and candied ginger. I reallllly enjoyed it.


Two questions for you:

  • Sweet? Salty? Or both?
  • Do you make most of your meals or does someone else (or a restaurant) prepare them?