Training Tuesday: Two More Weeks. Eep!

I reallllly can’t believe that I only have two full weeks left of training for the Cleveland Half Marathon and sharing my training with you as a Cleveland marathon ambassador!

Week ten of Cleveland half marathon training is DONE. And it was a good week, pretty uneventful. I admit that I didn’t follow training 100% – a few days I accidentally got in a little more mileage, but overall it felt pretty good to get in a 30+ mile week again.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 8.34.54 PM

Monday: On the schedule – 5 miles.

Actual run – 7.12 miles. Yup – 2 more miles than necessary. I ran with Nicole and somehow we miscalculated our route and ended up with a few extra miles. It was also pretty chilly out (for end of April – 40 feels like 37!) and I was not prepared. But it was so sunny out!


Tuesday: On the schedule – 45 minute tempo run.

Actual run – A lame tempo run. I didn’t push myself as much as I should and definitely should have gone faster during my speed part. But my legs were a little sore, likely from the 10 mile race and the previous days 7 miles.

Wednesday: On the schedule – 3 miles.

Actual run – 5ish miles, thanks to running with Nicole again. We did a little extra. Surprise!

Thursday: On the schedule – stretch and strengthen.  

Actual workout – I did about 55 minutes on the elliptical at basically no resistance. Just to get the legs moving.

Friday: On the schedule – 5 miles, pace.

Actual run – 6.8 miles, not quite pace. Again, I decided to run outside with Nicole and the weather was gorgeous! I was struggling this morning, though – I had gotten very little sleep Wed. night and woken up Thurs. to work out at 5 and then Thurs. night B and I were out until midnight for our anniversary dinner. Needless to say, getting up on Friday was rough. Running early on little sleep after a four course wine/beer pairing meal (Yes, both) is not fun.

Saturday: On the schedule – 11 miles.

Actual run – 11 miles at a somewhat easy pace with B and Mary. The weather was SOO gorgeous and I felt pretty good the entire time. Finally – a confidence boosting run!


AND after the run I got to hydrate with Nooma. They’re a local hydration drink company that uses no acid or preservatives AND  they sent me and some of the other ambassadors some beverages to try out. I love the mangosteen!


Sunday: On the schedule – crosstrain or off.

Actual workout – 60 minutes on the elliptical and a nice walk with B. It was another gorgeous day and I couldnt NOT be outside!


Love this view of the city.

Love this view of the city.

Overall thoughts about the week: 

The good: I finally had a good, confidence boosting long run. With only 2 weeks left of training, it’s about time!

The bad: Speedwork still kicks my butt and I’m slacking off with getting it all in. I need to hold myself accountable and actually do “pace” runs!

Questions for you:

  • Was your last run a confidence boosting one? Or the opposite?
  • Do you do speed work? What do you do? How do you get yourself to do it?

That weekend I won $2

You know the first weekend that it truly feels like spring? The air is warm, the city is buzzing and the flowers are blooming? Well – it may be May but we finally had that weekend here in Cleveland! The weather was simply perfect and we took every chance we could to enjoy it.

Friday night B and I had plans to go to a movie but 3 hours at the Verizon store got in the way … but yay for a new phone! We did at least get to go out to dinner together and enjoy some hummus, lamb shawarma and fattoush salad. Yay Aladdin’s! Seriously – perfect pre-long run food.  I also could eat hummus all day long every single day.

20150501_204336 20150501_205803

Saturday started off with an 11 mile run with B and Mary. We took it somewhat easy (unlike last week’s 10 mile race) and the weather was pretty perfect … sunny, 50-60s, light breeze – goooorgeous!

finishing up strong-11 miles done!

finishing up strong-11 miles done!

We didn’t end up doing much after the run – a quick trip to the grocery store, some cooking (making Buffalo Chicken Dip) and then it was time to head to B’s brother’s house for the annual Kentucky Derby Party!

My annual derby hat!

My annual derby hat!

Like my hat? I made it like 5 years ago for the first derby party and have worn it annual since. Anyway, this year I bet $1 on 5 horses (so $5) total and one of my horses won, so I won $7 (based on the party odds) – meaning I came home $2 richer. Woohoo!

Ready for the Derby - Mint Juleps!

Ready for the Derby – Mint Juleps!

So. Much. Food. And so much not pictured.

So. Much. Food. And so much not pictured. Including our buffalo chicken dip.

It was such a gorgeous night that outside of watching the race, we spent most of it outside – such a treat!


Sunday morning started somewhat early – I wanted to get in an easy elliptical workout to loosen up my legs from the 11-miler, but had to get it in before my board meeting and event. It was the annual big event for the Cleveland Association of Phi Beta Kappa – our scholarship banquet where we recognize high school seniors from schools in the area and celebrate them with a luncheon. It’s a great event and so wonderful to see so many young, bright minds!

Oh – and during the event, one of the parents asked what school I was going to next year. It threw me for a loop – school? I then realized he thought I was one of the high school seniors! So there’s that.


After the event, I had planned on going shopping but it was sunny and 70s and I was dying to spend the rest of the day outside. So I got home and nearly immediately B and I headed to the beach for a walk  – we weren’t the only ones! The beach and park were crowded and tons of people were there. Even a few swimmers! (70 is too cold for me to swim)

just going for a this view!

just going for a walk…love this view of downtown!

After our walk it was dinnertime. We didn’t end up going to B’s parents house for dinner but instead got Vietnamese food – it was delicious! The second we walked into Superior Pho, the smell brought me back to Vietnam. I decided to try something new – a papaya salad with pork jerky (and of course spring rolls!). It was … interesting to say the least? I enjoyed it and ate very last bite; however I think I’ll go back to my usual cabbage salads next time 🙂

20150503_183530 20150503_183256

All in all, a pretty good weekend. And winning $2 helped! Now, what to spend it on?

Some questions for you:

  • If you like Vietnamese food – what’s your go-to order? What’s your favorite?
  • Hummus – yay or nay? Favorite flavor? I love traditional hummus but also love cilantro hummus!
  • Did you go to a derby party? Wear a hat? Make any money?
  • Was the weather amazing where you were this weekend too?