It’s All About Balance … Beer Drinking, Running and Baby Showers

This past weekend was really all about balance. In fact, I shared everything I did in the title of the post, so unless you really care and want to see some pictures, feel free to just skip to the end and the questions. Sound good?

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the weekend. It’s already TUESDAY so I’m late getting this up, so it will be pretty photo heavy.

Friday morning started with a longish run with Mary. She’s training for a full and wanted to get in 10 miles before the day began. I wanted to get in 8. Got in 9 instead and felt GREAT! Was definitely one of those runs where I felt like I could keep going and nothing hurt. (and then Sunday everything hurt. ugh!)


Friday night started with happy hour (a.k.a. part of the beer drinking) before the Indians game. I was heading to watch the Red Sox play the Indians with a few other Boston College alumni that are local.


Followed by said Indians game. Where they won AND we had club seats AND there were fireworks after the game. Win win win!

20151002_221135 20151002_222323

After the game, we decided to meet B’s parents who were at the Hofbrauhaus. Enter some more beer drinking, singing and dancing because that’s what you do at the Hofbrauhaus.


Saturday was a cold, rainy day. Meaning B and I slept in, stayed on the couch, went to the Market, did some crafting and baking and made it out to get soup and dinner. Pretty lazy.



Soupermarket soup! Mexican beef and corn.

A pumpkin I made out of wine corks - sneak peek at the activity we'll be making at our next Ladies Craft Beer Society

A pumpkin I made out of wine corks – sneak peek at the activity we’ll be making at our next Ladies Craft Beer Society


Lamb salad at Aladdins for dinner.

Lamb salad at Aladdins for dinner.

Sunday morning started off early with a run with B, his brother and Mary. Mary and his brother, Kevin, are training for a full in November and had to do 20 and 16 miles respectively. So, we decided to meet them for a few miles along the way. A few turned into 7.3 miles and my ankle (the one I rolled a few weeks ago) hurting somewhat.  But I obviously couldn’t complain because I was running 7 … compared to 20!

Screenshot 2015-10-05 10.47.50

The afternoon included some Browns game watching, a baby shower and dinner at B’s parents house. Which meant both cassata cake AND apple pie in one day. Jealous?

I made this onesie.

I made this onesie.

with Anson, the gorgeous momma-to-be!

with Anson, the gorgeous momma-to-be!

cassata cake 20151004_191543


That’s about it. Some questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite type of cake? I’m a vanilla girl, so I’d have to go white cake, cassata cake AND almond cake. Yum yum yum.
  • Apple pie – do you prefer pie crust topping or crumb topping? Crumb topping all the way!

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