WIAW #40: White Pizza

It’s the BEST DAY of the week! Do you know why? Not only is it What I Ate Wednesday (and as you know, I really really love seeing everyone’s meals. I’m a food stalker like that), but it’s also my Friday because tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Here’s to a productive, short day in the office and then a great few restful and thankful (and stuffed) days off.

For breakfast, I started the day with some yogurt and fruit. I mixed plain Greek nonfat yogurt with some random fruit I had on hand (not your typical yogurt fruits, if you know what I mean – look) and some granola. Yum. Still not feeling the breakfast eggs and veggies.


Lunch was a salad. And not just any salad. I had done some meal prep over the weekend and made myself an AMAZING salad. It had feta cheese, chicken that B had roast, some avocado, tomatoes, sweet potato, artichoke hearts and more. Look at it.


In the container it doesn’t do it justice. Look at it on the plate! Such a ginormous glorious meal.


I was pretty full after that but still managed to have some pear and nuts for a snack.



For dinner, I had a board meeting and it was held at a restaurant. So I ordered their pizza happy hour special. It was a white pizza which was super cheesy and garlicky – but it was a white pizza. Do you like white pizzas? I love marinara sauce so much that I really can’t understand the purpose of a white pizza. Basically it was like thin cheesy garlic bread which was good – but still not pizza. Oh don’t worry, I ate it, along with some bread before the pizza came out for a carbalicious dinner.


When I got home, B was eating some of the cookies I had baked over the weekend, so of course I had to partake. Yum.



And that was about it! A day with some more veggies – but still not as much as I typically eat. Nut definitely a carbalicious day!


  • Do you like white pizza? Or do you prefer pizza with tomato sauce? Tomato sauce is the best part of the pizza. I prefer that. That’s also why I’m not a fan of buffalo or barbecue chicken pizzas. No sauce!
  • What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? I’m a stuffing girl 🙂