Nut butters and more: What I Ate on Sunday

Alright we’re halfway through the workweek! Well, somewhat. I’m actually working this Saturday and presenting at a conference so I guess it’s not my halfway point quite yet – but almost there!

Here is a look at what I ate on Sunday. It wasn’t really a typical Sunday (B and I usually have family dinner with his family), but still so delicious!

The day started with a short run with B. It was warmer than I expected and when we got home I wasn’t that hungry but seriously craving some fruit. So I made myself a mini fruit salad. Fruit= one of my pregnancy cravings.


As well as nut butter. We had plans for most of the day, so I had a spoonful of peanut butter to keep me satisfied before our day.20160221_130417

B and I hit up a local tea shop and I grabbed some tea and honey. No pic of the tea, sadly.

Then, B and I went for a walk (again – enjoying some great seasonably warm weather!) and hit up Whole Foods for some supplies for dinner. At whole foods I noshed on some of their cheese samples (no pic again, I know…) BUT by the time we got home it was 3:30 and I was starving. Which meant it was time for an apple and some more nut butter.



For dinner, B and I made homemade whole grain pasta. B made the sauce-  it was a spicy olive, onion, buttery garlicky lemony sauce. SO good. While we were waiting for the pasta, we snacked on some cheese and bread.



And here was dinner! I hadn’t had any veggies yet, so I made us small salads to go with the pasta dish.


For dessert, we had some chocolate. I’ve been enjoying these chocolates from Valentine’s Day and am in love with the hazelnut ones.



That was my Sunday! I went to bed with a full and happy belly 🙂


Some questions for you:

  • What candy (if any) did you get for Valentine’s Day?
  • How many nut butters do you have at home? I need to know if I’m the only one with an assortment. I currently have 4 varieties of peanut butter, plus almond butter and sunflower seed butter 🙂