WIAW: Typical Eats

Well, after last week’s WIAW featuring some meals in Mexico, I feel like this week is a little weak. And I should apologize to you in advance. But you know what? This week’s entry is pretty typical. It’s a typical day of eats for me. So here you go – a pretty typical day:

Breakfast – egg whites, veggies. Always love this. And typically have some salsa or hot peppers with or in my eggs 🙂 And lately been loving some citrus with my breakfast – so I had a cutie.


For lunch I had a pretty awesome homemade salad. It was spinach, chicken, sweet potatoes, artichoke hearts, avocado, feta cheese and olives. SO good!


And a pear. This pear was pretty awesome.20160201_153240

For a snack later in the day I had some carrots and mixed nuts. Love the combo of the salty/nutty and carrots.


And some tea in the afternoon. I bought this tea in Mexico City and the mandarin lichi tea was great!


For dinner we had spaghetti squash marinara with cheese and meatballs. B made meatballs and they were so so so good. I may have had some mozzarella cheese on the side (not pictured).


And I like to end the day with something sweet – a few spoonfuls of this ice cream was SO good and hit the spot! And that was the full day.20160201_190325

Some questions for you:

  • Do you typically end the day with something sweet?
  • What’s something you like to put on salads that may not be typical? I’ve been told sweet potatoes are not typical but I love them!

Training Tuesday: End of January

Happy Groundhog Day! I’m really hoping we get spring sooner, because I’ve been really missing my outdoor warm weather and non icy runs. As you know, as an ambassador for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, I’m sharing my training with you and even a race giveaway in a few weeks! (If you haven’t registered yet–>you can do so here).


Again, I haven’t created my training program yet, but I’m still trying to keep up the base miles and again these weeks I’ve had to run inside quite a bit. This week was a decent week running wise – compared to last week when I got basically no miles (but had a great time in Mexico City!) as you can see:

mileage chart

Weekly miles:

Week of 1/17: 3.35 miles total

Yes, a wayyyyy less than stellar week, mileage wise. However – B and I were in Mexico City and walking around a TON. The first day we got 30,000+ steps! We did make it out for one run on my birthday (woohoo) and despite the altitude, it was fun 🙂 AND wearing shorts and short sleeves in January is always nice!


Week of 1/24: 27.03 miles (includes running and walking)

S: no run – spent the day traveling

M: 6.5 (did the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5k on the treadmill and added on a few extra miles running and walking)

T: 4 (wasn’t feeling it today. walk/jogged on the treadmill)

W: 2.5 (55 min elliptical workout and then ended with a short run)

Th: 5 (5 slow treadmill miles – I stopped 3 times to do weights and then kept running. followed by 12 min on the elliptical)

F: 4.25 (4-ish miles and then 17 min on the elliptical)

S: 4.78 (Warm enough to run outside again!)



Weekly highlights:

The Runs for Cookies Virtual 5k kept me motivated with an actual planned run that day. Maybe I should put together a training plan so I have something to follow?


I got new shoes! I love the bright color and hope that I can get many good miles in them.


I ran outside! B and I ran to brunch on Saturday and the weather was in the 40s when we finished our run – it was SO nice!


Despite being in the 50s-60s over the weekend(yay!) it was SO  cold some mornings. And that got me thinking – what’s too cold? I’ve run in the teens and below – maybe I just need to get used to it again?

weather on my walk to work in the morning - thus it was much colder when i woke up!

weather on my walk to work in the morning – thus it was much colder when i woke up!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s “cold weather” running to you and what’s too cold? 40s? 30s? teens?
  • For the locals – any races I should sign up for soon?
  • How do you stay motivated on the treadmill?

Weekend Update: So Long, January

Well, January is gone. And it was a great month. B and I spent a week in Mexico City. I celebrated my birthday. I did some runs. And now, February is here!

We had a great weekend to close out the month. I spent half the time in Columbus, celebrating a cousin-in-law and her upcoming baby, got in a few runs, enjoyed some seasonably warm weather and even relaxed. Not a bad first weekend back in the country!

Saturday morning started with a 4.78 mile run in Columbus. Actually ended up running TO a restaurant for brunch, which was awesome.

Farm in the background – skyline in the waaay background

Screenshot 2016-01-31 09.20.22

pretty straightforward run

sat 4.7

Post-run brunch! Eggs, toast and bacon. 20160130_111712

Then it was baby shower time. We showered Stephanie and her little peanut with lots of love and gifts! Can’t wait to meet the baby in March 🙂20160130_141942 20160130_124343

Saturday night we got back pretty late, so the evening included some fruit and TV watching. 20160130_203748

And by TV watching, I mean watching the Sebastian episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Which was awesome. I’m a big fan of Sebastian Maniscalco and his comedy (B got me hooked on the Pete and Sebastian podcast and we’ve now seen him a few times live).

Sunday morning included ANOTHER outdoor run. That’s right – two in one weekend (if you’re counting). This time it was mid 50s and I wore capris. On Jan. 31. See my new shoes?? I love them!

20160131_112812 sunday 4.4

Followed by brunch at Phuel. Oh yogurt parfait bowl – it has been too long! 20160131_123026

And then a free Starbucks. OF course I had to get a venti because it was a FREE reward! And yes, I’ll be drinking it for a few days because it is HUGE.20160131_142228

And then a little meal prep while catching up on some work.

salads for this week!

salads for this week!

Without our usual Sunday dinner plans, we opted for Italian. So Sunday afternoon included some sauce making. And meatball making. I can’t take credit – B actually made the meatballs. But I helped roll them!


And some Mitchells, Arctic Zero and homemade cookies for dessert. Just as any Sunday should end!


And that was it – my last weekend of January. How was yours?

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite baby shower activity?
  • Was the weather warm where you live this weekend?
  • What’s something good you ate this weekend?

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