Training Tuesday: Still Running (6 months pregnant!)

It has been two weeks since I last updated you on my training and I have two thoughts to share:

Running is getting much harder. At 6 months pregnant, I’m feeling the pain that I heard other runners share with me, especially, er, bladder issues (it always feels like have to pee!) and breathing issues (it’s so much harder for me to catch my breath).

I’m still doing it! I had another good few weeks in terms of miles. Were they easy runs? No. Were they a lot slower than my usual runs? Yes. Did I walk some? Yes. But I’m still happy I’m keeping up with it.

Onto my weeks.

Week of 2/14: 24.55 miles running/walking

Sunday: 3.6 miles.

My parents were in town and I had about 30ish minutes to kill before seeing them, so B convinced me to hop on the treadmill for a quick run. This was my best feeling and fastest treadmill run in weeks!

Monday: 4 miles.

These treadmill miles were not as good and slow. But happy to get them in.

Tuesday: 6.2 miles run plus 1 mile walk

Another pretty good run day! I ran a little faster than I have been and after the first 2 rough miles, I felt relatively good and kept it up. I had no plan on how far to run and that helped – I kept telling myself to go a little further, a little further, etc. and then before I knew it I told myself I could do a 10k. And I did!

Wednesday: 2.25 miles walk/run

Wasn’t feeling it. Ended up doing the elliptical after giving up around 2.25 miles.

Thursday: 3.25 miles

Not feeling it again.

Friday: 0 miles.

I just couldn’t run. I got on the treadmill and my feet hurt. My legs hurt. My whole body was not able to run more than a few tenths of a mile – so I got on the elliptical instead.

Saturday: 4.25 miles OUTSIDE!




Week of 2/21: 28.6 miles

Sunday: 3.25 miles OUTSIDE! Plus a 2-3ish mile walk outside with B.

Screenshot_2016-02-21-12-12-58 20160221_115318

Monday: 2.1 miles

Run then elliptical.

Tuesday: 6.2 miles

10k on the treadmill! First 2 were the worst and then I kept it up and finished. No breaks except at 5.75 to tie my shoe quickly. Which is progress for today- 23 weeks.

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 0 miles

Had about 4 hours of sleep after driving to Philadelphia for work conference and not getting in until after 3 a.m. I had plans to run, but spent the whole day in a haze. Being pregnant makes me tired. Being pregnant and not getting any sleep makes me even more tired.

Friday: 5.5 miles run/walk

Testing out the hotel gym before my conference. Managed to get in 5.5 miles somehow.

Saturday: 4.5 miles run/walk

Another tired run and little sleep the night before. Up late at the conference, but managed to get the tired legs to move.


All in all, not a bad two weeks. If I can keep this up another 4 months, I’ll be happy!

Questions for you:

  • How did your workouts go this week?
  • Do you have any races coming up? I signed up for the St. Malachi Church Run. It’s a 5 miler, and I’m hoping I can do it!
    AND as an ambassador for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, I’d be remiss not to remind you to sign up for the race! Haven’t signed up yet? My co-ambassador Debi is giving away an entry this week- enter here!