WIAW: TGIFriday Eats (Yes, there was ice cream)

I love Fridays. I often have quite a few meetings on Fridays which makes the day go by fast. Plus, it’s a day I know that even if I’m tired, I can almost always sleep in the next day, which helps me get through the day. No, it’s not Friday yet – sorry! BUT I am sharing with you my Friday eats for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday. And yes, it ended with ice cream 🙂 But it started with a run!

Friday morning started with a run with B. The weather was in the 60s when I woke up, and B had said he’d run with me the night before. So we started with 5 miles. Don’t worry – at 8 months pregnant, I stopped many many times.


I was starving for breakfast. I enjoyed a modified version of my overnight oats (no yogurt or nut butter on this version), with cinnamon and a banana. And then some fruit on the side – an orange and  a mango.


For lunch, I had some leftover roasted veggies – cauliflower, zucchini and sweet potato, plus a few bites of avocado and a veggie burger.20160422_125453

Also had a bunch of cashews and a few almonds.20160422_131249

Snack time that afternoon meant some strawberry tea (from our Mexico City trip) and some granola/cashew clusters. Disclaimer – i had more than just these 5 bites.20160422_144430 20160422_165629

B and I had a date night planned and we opted to go to a bar and watch the Cavs game. So we had the ultimate bar food – pizza and wings!20160422_193046 20160422_194443

After dinner, we hit up a local ice cream joint.

i had vanilla peanut butter ice cream. And in full disclosure, I was SO stuffed I couldn’t really finish the whole cup. 20160422_205616

And that was my Friday day/night eats.

Some questions for you:

  • Are you more relaxed with your eating on Fridays than during the rest of the week?
  • What’s your favorite pizza topping(s)?

Training Tuesday: Suddenly 8 Months Pregnant

I kind of feel like I suddenly became super pregnant. Like overnight. I know – it didn’t happen overnight …. I’ve been pregnant for several months. But it feels like I am suddenly super pregnant and not only looking it, but feeling it. Especially when running.

I’m going to be straight with you – my runs this week weren’t easy. Sunday’s felt good, but after that, I was sore for a few days. I can no longer do an “easy” 5 mile run – my body hurts for a few days, including my legs and feet.  And half of my runs are very slow. BUT I’m trying to keep it up – less than one month until Cleveland Marathon race weekend!! On a positive note – I got in three outdoor runs this week! Running outside makes me SO much happier, even when I’m not feeling good.

Week of 4/17/16: 23.05 Miles

Sunday: 5.6 miles outside!

I had not run outside in FOREVER, and B was able to run with me, so we made our way to the local metroparks. I wasn’t planning on running more than 4ish miles but was feeling great. This was really the only run I felt great the entire week.

Screenshot_20160417-121528 20160417_114700

Monday: 5 miles running

Another run outside! I’m not going to say that it was easy- these days if I run 4 or 5 miles, my legs are sore for a few days after and I was still sore from Sunday’s run. But I woke up thinking about those running the Boston Marathon, and saw the weather was pretty much perfect for a run, so I got outside and did it anyway.

see that bump!

see that bump!

not a great run, but look at that sunset!

not a great run, but look at that sunrise!

Tuesday: 1.25 miles and elliptical

Oneish miles on the treadmill and some time on the elliptical to loosen my legs from Sunday and Monday running.

Wednesday: 4.25 miles

Run & walk on the treadmill. Lots of walking but still managed to get in the 12 minute mile pace overall. Also had time for 25 minutes on the elliptical to continue to loosen up my legs. Yup, legs and feet are still sore!

Thursday: 1.25 mi walk jog

A little jog and 53 minutes on the elliptical.

Friday: 5.2 miles outside

I check the weather a head of time, and it was due to be 60 degrees when I woke up. I decided that no matter what, I would get outside and run. Luckily, B said that he would run with me the night before , so that helped motivate me. This run was not easy. My lower legs and feet hurt. I felt my bladder the entire time and had to mentally remind myself that I didn’t have to pee. We did a few hills and I stopped in the middle of one. We stopped to take a photo at another point. B did not want to be up early and runnng and made it clear. But- we finished. And I was definitely looking forward to an off day on Saturday!


Saturday: 0 miles

Saturday B and I had our birthing class which was ALL day, and we had no time to get out and run. I had already planned on taking the day off after Friday’s early and somewhat painful run, so it worked out perfectly. Plus, I had 23+ miles, which was more than I’d had in quite a while.

SO B and I decided to take a walk during our class lunch break and then again after the class. It started out chilly but ended up bright and sunny in the afternoon!

post-class walk

post-class walk

Some questions for you:

  • Does the warmer weather make you more prone to running outside, too?
  • Do you stop and snap photos during your runs too? Or use photos as an excuse to stop?

PSA for the Marathon – They are in need of volunteers! No plans to run this year but want to be part of the experience? We need you! Sign up here!


Old Brooklyn, Banh Mi, Birth Class

This weekend was brought to you by the letter B.

Because so much we did had to do with the letter B. We went out in Old Brooklyn on Friday night, spent most of Saturday in birth class, went out for a walk in the beautiful weather, enjoyed some pho and banh mi with another pregnant couple … well you get the idea. Here are some of the highlights:

Friday night we had a date night out in Old Brooklyn. This meant pizza and wings at Dina’s. That’s my deluxe pizza 🙂


Followed by Honey Hut ice cream for dessert. I enjoyed some vanilla peanut butter. YUM.20160422_202902

And an early night – I fell asleep watching the latest season of Kimmy Schmidt. I love the show!


Saturday morning B and I had birthing class. It was ALL day – 9-5, and I wasn’t really looking forward to spending the whole day inside. Luckily, they gave us an hour lunch break so B and I got in a short walk during the break.20160423_170223

Walk during our lunch break.20160423_120737

The class was actually pretty interesting and not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Definitely informative and I realized how much stuff B and I do not know about birth and the after!

After the class we went for another walk – it had warmed up significantly and some random guy snapped this photo of us!20160423_173421(0)

Then it was almost time for dinner. We had plans to meet another couple (the wife is also due in June!) for Vietnamese food. We had some time to kill before dinner so we stopped off at the Asian market and I picked up some ginger candy. 20160423_184115

And then it was time for Superior Pho! Chicken cabbage salad, spring roll and split a banh mi with B. 

20160423_191631 20160423_192156

Sunday morning I slept it and finally got 8 hours of sleep. I’ve been having trouble sleeping soundly the past few weeks, and I hope that Saturday night’s sleep is a sign that I’m back to my normal sleeping. Well-rested, B and I got in a run on another beautiful morning. 4 miles, under 10 min/mile pace and I was pretty happy.

Obligatory post-run bump photo:


After a notsoproductive afternoon, B and I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and get in a walk around some lakes and a brook. The trees were all in bloom and it was perfect weather!

20160424_163131 20160424_164501

Followed by dinner at B’s parents house. And that was it! That was my weekend. I’m off to a super busy week – I have plans every single night, have a board event I have to present at and am traveling for work and then this weekend. And then it’s May!

And because it’s Monday, I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have a busy week ahead of you?
  • If you could describe your weekend with one letter what would it be?

WIAW: Every Day Should End With Ice Cream

It’s Wednesday, it’s Wednesday … woopwoop! Which means it is a day for sharing eats and seeing what other people eat. Yup, I love What I Ate Wednesday and all the foodporn that it results in!

Here are y eats from earlier in the week – a pretty boring weekday. But on a non-boring note, spoiler alert – the day DID end with some ice cream!

The day started with some of my favorite overnight oats. Same as last week but no yogurt this time – just oats, almond milk, banana, honey and some peanut butter. So delicious.


I had an apple and some nuts as well for a mid-morning snack.



Lunch was a mishmash of random things. I had plans to eat lunch out with coworkers at a new BBQ place (which would have made for a WAY more interesting WIAW post), but I ended up getting pulled into a few meetings and having to work through lunch. Luckily I had a random assortment of food at my desk – leftover tabbouleh and baba from Friday night, carrots, plus a sweet potato (half with honey and cinnamon) and half an avocado. YUM! It hit the spot.


I had some assorted hard candy for snacks that afternoon. Per usual.


And a pear. Because pregnant Melissa LOVES FRUIT.


B and I had our hospital tour after work that night. We got a quick tour of where I’ll be giving birth – wow. Somewhat made things a little more real to us! Anyway, that meant a late but quick dinner was needed – so we stopped off and had dinner at The Soupermarket.  I had their jambalaya soup, some amazing bread and B and I split the Market Greens salad.


And I pulled the whole “I’m pregnant and want ice cream” and we stopped off at Sweet Moses on the way home. B got a root beer float and I got some salted caramel ice cream with toffee topping. SO GOOD. But I was stuffed!

20160418_200510 20160418_201330

I tend to get VERY full during pregnancy – I’m well into the third trimester now and after some meals I just can’t get comfortable. That was the case after the ice cream. But so worth it! A perfect way to end my What I Ate Wednesday day.


Some questions for you:

  • Do you need dessert every night? What do you have?
  • How much fruit do you eat on a daily basis? I eat fruit at least 2x a day. 

Training Tuesday: 8 months pregnant

It has been two weeks since I last updated you on my Cleveland Marathon Event (I’m doing the 5k/10k challenge series) training and I have two thoughts and reasons for that:

Running is getting much harder. As I just reach 8 months of being pregnant (disclosure- there are 10 months of pregnancy), I’m feeling the struggles that I heard other runners share with me, especially, er, bladder issues (it always feels like have to pee!), breathing issues (it’s so much harder for me to catch my breath) and overall I’m just heavier and it’s harder on my body.

I’m still doing it! I didn’t have a good few weeks in terms of miles. I’m running fewer amd fewer days each week ane since the weather took a turn for the worse the first week with snow and ice, I was stuck on the treadmill, which is harder on me mentally to get in the miles. But did i ger some in? Yes. Did I walk more? Yes. But I’m still happy I’m keeping up with it.

SO, needless to say, I wasn’t motivated to share the week of April 3’s training at first. I got in fewer miles than I typically do AND I wasn’t feeling good. BUT we’re less than ONE MONTH AWAY from the Cleveland Marathon and I’m keeping it up and ready to share!

Week of April 3: 17.4 miles

Sunday: 5.75 miles.

I woke up to a slight dusting of snow on the ground and decided to play it safe and not head outside. I probably should’ve gone outside- later in the afternoon I noticed it really wasn’t as slippery as I thought it was, but I’m just overcautious about slipping while pregnant.

Anyway, instead I hit the treadmill. I got in 3.25 miles running, and then decided to walk/run the rest while watching Bosch. Have you seen that Amazon show?

Monday: 1 mile and 45 min elliptical

I somehow managed to sleep through my alarm! Still ended up getting to the gym with a little bit of time. Tried running, legs weren’t feeling it so I hit up the elliptical.

Tuesday: 3.1 miles and 33 mi elliptical

Today’s run brought to you by one word, ouch! My feet were definitely hurting during the rotten. Not sure what’s making them so, but it meant I walked and ran the 5K.

Wednesday: 5.55 m

Finally feeling better somewhat, which is ironic since last night gave me little to no sleep. I think I finally experienced that pregnancy heartburn and it kept me up most of the night. Managed to get out of bed and hit the treadmill for 55 min, which today gave me 5.55 miles, jogging 5.27 of them – the whole time. Finished with 23 min on the elliptical.

Thursday: 1 mile

Not feeling it – lack of sleep may be catching up on me. Managed to do 1 mile and then mostly the elliptical. Finished with some kettlebells.

Friday: 1.25 miles

I just couldn’t run. I got on the treadmill and my feet hurt. My legs hurt. My whole body was not having it. Thanks to insomnia? Maybe … so I got on the elliptical instead.

Saturday: true rest day! No elliptical or anything.

Weekly total- around 17-18. My lowest week yet!


I had so few pictures for this post and I was curious how I looked running now, so I took a selfie with the timer while I was on the treadmill. Not too bad – but pretty funny to see!

Week of April 10: 20.15 miles (yay for back in the 20s!!)

Sunday: 5.25 miles run and walk on the treadmill.
Unfortunately I really wasn’t feeling it today. Woke up to temperatures in the low 20’s and below, so I just decided to try the treadmill again. Lots of walking, but got it done. And there was snow on the ground and I was scared of slipping, etc. Pretty to look at, but not so fun to run in in APRIL.



Monday: 3.56 miles

Run/walk and then elliptical. Ran 2ish miles then walk/ran the rest.

Tuesday: 3.6 miles then elliptical

Another run/walk on the treadmill and then the elliptical. A little slower than yesterday and feet still a little sore. Added in some kettlebells too.

Wednesday: 0 miles- 1 hr on the elliptical instead

Thursday: 5 miles jog (very little walking) and 1.35 miles walk
5 miles running with a few short stops and walking. After another insomnia night, so grateful to be able to still hop on the treadmill and see where it takes me. I ran 3.25 miles, stopped and got some water, and then ran the rest without stopping again.


Friday: 1.26 miles, mostly walking

55 min elliptical and a short walk/jog.
Saturday: 0 miles running but a LOT of walking – 20k+ steps

My mom was in town, so we did a LOT of walking. The weather started out chilly and we walked about 4-5 miles around Ohio City and did some shopping. It warmed up and we got in a few more walks amidst what we were doing for the day, and I ended up with about 21,000 steps! My feet were a little sore even after not running.

momma and I before our walk!

momma and I before our walk!

Weekly total: Just over 20 miles!

Questions for you:

  • How did your workouts go this week?
  • How many steps do you get in a day on average?


Weekend with Mom

My mom came and visited this weekend! Both of my parents were supposed to visit, but my dad came down with a sinus infection and my mom decided to still drive out by herself. I’m so glad she did! Even though she was only here for a little over a day (Friday night through Sunday morning), we had such a great time and did a lot. Seriously- I had SUCH A GREAT time. It’s going to be hard to wait another month to see her!

We started out with dinner at one of my favorites Friday night, Taza.

look at all this Middle Eastern goodness!

look at all this Middle Eastern goodness!

mom and i at dinner

mom and i at dinner

Saturday morning started with breakfast at Phuel.


Plus my last free coffee for a while at Starbucks. Now that they’ve changed their rewards program I don’t think I’ll be benefitting anytime soon 😦


Followed by a walk to the Cleveland Tea Revival for some tea.

Iced berry hibiscus = perfect for the warm weather we were having!

Iced berry hibiscus = perfect for the warm weather we were having!

And then to the West Side Market and the walk home.

Practically 8 months pregnant!!

Practically 8 months pregnant!!

That afternoon we got pedicures – the same color (OPI’s “She’s a Bad Muffuletta”).


And to the bakery for a few treats.


Then it was time for the Indians game! B got us suite seats through his work and we joined his family for a WINNING Indians game! (They were playing the Mets so my even though my mom was sporting an Indians t-shirt, I’m sure she was just a little disappointed – we’re from NY and the Mets are the team she rooted for growing up)

20160416_165131 20160416_190607

After the game, I convinced B and my mom to go out for ice cream. Like seriously, my mom was tired, B didn’t feel like getting off the couch and I pulled the whole “I’m pregnant and want ice cream” and it worked. Maybe I should’ve been doing this the whole time?


Sunday morning we had a quick breakfast with my mom (courtesy of some of the treats we grabbed at Bloom) before she headed out. It’s always so sad when my parents leave, and this time no exception. It took me a little while to recover.

picture of the muffin from Bloom

picture of the muffin from Bloom

But when I did, B and I headed outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. It may have been 50 downtown, but it was 70 in Rocky River and we went for a run in the Metroparks. I had a hard time at first, but once I stopped comparing myself to my non-pregnant runner self and started to enjoy the weather, the scenery, etc. I had a really good run.20160417_114700

I will be sore on Monday (because that’s what happens when 7.5 month pregnant me runs now), but it was so worth it to get outside and feel good about myself.

That night we celebrated Mary’s dinner with B’s family and it was the perfect night to be outside before dinner.

shrimp and grits!

shrimp and grits!


Amazing what a difference one week makes – it was 20 degrees last Sunday and 70 this week! I’ll take 70 any day 🙂

Some questions for you:

  1. Did you have amazing weather this weekend as well?
  2. Favorite ice cream flavor – go! I love anything with vanilla and chunks. Especially cookie dough or peanut butter or heath bar!
  3. What’s your idea of a perfect girls weekend? the above – good food, pedicures, walking and some outdoor time. 

I’m linking up today with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

WIAW: An unintentional veggie day

Happy Wednesday. Thank goodness, we’ve made it halfway through the week AND it is What I Ate Wednesday!  These were my eats from yesterday- it ended up being a vegetarian day, by accident.

Breakfast was a leftover decaf latte from Saturday (I had a free Starbucks reward expiring that I had to use)  .. and as usual, I didn’t finish it. I’m awful with drinking coffee!) and overnight oats. I’ve been back on the anti-eggs phase lately but loving my overnight oats.

20160412_084143 20160412_085745

Lunch was this delicious veggie medley – veggie burger, sweet potato, zucchini, avocado and some leftover starry cabbage and asparagus.


And a few handfuls of this white chocolate chex mix 🙂


For snacks, in the afternoon I had some dried fruit/nuts and fresh fruit salad. And some caramels – I just bought a package of Nips and they are so good!20160412_132420 20160412_140218 20160412_154127

Dinner was a thai-inspired broccoli, pepper, edamame, avocado, peanut salad. I also had a few slices of cheese (not pictured).20160412_195745

Dessert was some NEW (to me) Arctic Zero flavors.20160412_181055

I also made a batch of granola up for snacks. And of course aid a bunch of that along with the ice cream. So double the oats today!




And that sums up my day of eats from yesterday. Now, some questions for you:

  • Do you ever accidentally (or on purpose) go meatless?
  • How do you like your oats – cold, warm, crunchy, etc.?

Last FREE Weekend

I looked at our calendars last week and realized that this is B and my last weekend in town with pretty much nothing going on. Eep! I tried not to panic – but the next time we have nothing planned is June. JUNE! So, I was determined to have a productive, but still fun an relaxing weekend. Sure we had stuff planned – a dinner here, movie tickets there – but there was plenty of time to get some other stuff done.

Friday night I was poooooped. I had a rough week sleep-wise and it caught up to me.  So, what did the evening entail? A little baking, some Netflix watching and I picked up sushi. I passed out on the couch watching Netflix and am not ashamed.


Saturday we woke up to SNOW. Yes, snow, in April. I was not pleased. I decided to play it safe lame lazy and not go for a run outside as planned (being 7 months pregnant and not wanting to slip is totally a valid excuse right?) and take the day off. Instead, B and I took a little walk, checked out a house we’re interested in, and went to the West Side Market for groceries.



I also got my nails done AND did my first maternity shopping! Yup, I’ve managed to last nearly 8 months without setting foot into a maternity store thanks to friends, hand-me-downs and two online purchases.

guess which color i got?

guess which color i got?


this great turquoise!

this great turquoise!


And of course, a little coffee shop action to catch up on work.  Decaf latte, please!


Saturday night we had plans with Dave and Anson. We stopped over to hang out with their adorable 5 month old and they made us dinner. Not a bad way to spend a snowy, cold evening.


the PERFECT snowy evening dinner - grilled cheese and soup!

the PERFECT snowy evening dinner – grilled cheese and soup!

I started my Sunday with an easy indoor workout. It was 20 with 15-20mph winds, so I didn’t feel like going outside. After that, B and I headed to the Cleveland International Film Festival for the last movie for us – The Fencer! It was a really enjoyable Finnish/Estonian/Russian movie.


And then a little meal prep while snacking. I had gotten some great fruit at the West Side Market and enjoyed this yogurt bowl with the mango, kiwi and other fruit I got. SO GOOD.


We finished the afternoon making some meatballs, along with hanging out with our friend Stephanie and their cute new little baby girl. I didn’t get to snap any pictures sadly, I was too busy holding her! And for dinner, we made it over to B’s parents house and celebrated his grandma’s birthday.

And that about sums up the weekend! Not bad for our LAST free weekend. EEP!

And now time for questions-
1. We had red velvet cake to celebrate his grandma’s birthday- what’s your favorite birthday cake?

2. Do you have a busy spring coming up?

I’m linking up today with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

Opening Day Potluck AND (mostly) Meatless Monday

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! If you’re in the U.S. and in a city that loves sports, you’re probably in the midst of celebrating – or have recently celebrated – Opening Day for baseball! I love baseball season (summer! and a sport I understand) and this week was Opening Day for the Cleveland Indians.

So for today’s What I Ate Wednesday, I bring you my Opening Day eats. I didn’t go to the game (which we lost, BTW); however, our office celebrated with some good food. It was a potluck for a cause – you had to donate $5 if you brought something or $10 if you didn’t bring anything and all the money goes to our local food bank.


The day started out pretty normal … egg whites, veggies, and some fruit for a mid-morning snack.



Lunch was potluck time! Here’s the spread:

20160404_120906 20160404_120929


And what did I have? I admit I’m not a huge hot dog fan (and you’re not reallllly supposed to have them when pregnant – darn nitrates!) so I brought my own veggie burger and lettuce (gotta get in some veggies) and also had some nachos and a cinnamon sugar pretzel bite with the dipping sauce. Those were my contribution and I loved them.


And for a snack shortly after? Gotta have some peanuts and Cracker Jack!


Dinner was late-ish so I had a pear to tide me over.


And for dinner? Spaghetti squash with homemade tomato sauce and some parmesan cheese. Hit the spot! (and yes, that’s an olive stuffed with goat cheese I also had)


Those were my Opening Day and (mostly) Meatless Monday eats. Now, some questions for you:

  • Do you like hot dogs? If yes, what are your toppings?
  • Have you ever had a corn dog? Nope! My office didn’t believe me, either!
  • Favorite sport to watch?

Training Tuesday: Third Trimester Training

The name of this blog post is definitely a tongue twister! Try saying that ten times fast – Training Tuesday Third Trimester Training. Ha! It’s probably easier for me to say that than actually running at this point 🙂 It’s getting harder and harder! But here we go – here was what last week looked like:

Week of 3/27: 22.23 miles running/walking

Sunday: 5.25 miles. OUTSIDE!

Before Easter Mass, B and I got outside for a slow and hilly run. My legs were not feeling it and I did stop midway through one hill for a second, but we still managed to finish (at least according to my GPS) at just under 10 min/miles pace (B’s Garmin said something different – but I’m going with mine :)) I overdressed, but wasn’t too hot.


Monday: 2.65 miles

These treadmill miles were not as good and slow. Ended up only having about a half hour or so before an early doctor’s appointment / glucose test. But happy to get them in. AND even happier to have passed my test!

Tuesday: 1.5 mile walk and 55 min elliptical

Body and legs were tired today, so I opted to take the day off from running. Still got in some steps- my fitbit definitely motivates me!

Wednesday: 6.5 miles run and walk.

Wasn’t feeling too bad but still much walking. Indoors on the treadmill – mixed it up with walking and jogging while watching Bosch on Amazon.

Thursday: 2.5

2.5 slow miles on the treadmill and 45 min elliptical. Rainy morning, but probably should’ve just sucked it up and went outside- the gym was steamy!

Not feeling it again.

Friday: 5.36 miles OUTSIDE.


I had looked at the ten day forecast and saw that Friday a.m. was going to be in the 50s before work – unlike any other day in the forecast. So, I pulled myself out of bed and went for a run in the dark. I don’t know why, but during my pregnancy I’ve had such a hard time doing this, so this was a victory for me. AND my pace was much faster than I was expecting! I stopped a few times but overall it was a good run and BEAUTIFUL morning!


stopped to catch my breath before a hill take this picture .

Saturday: No running miles, but about a 4 mile walk with B.

I wanted to rest my legs somewhat, but still get moving – so B and I walked to the West Side Market to get our shopping done and around the neighborhood and back. It was chilly and windy but gorgeous blue skies!



I’m happy to share that it was another 20+ mile week for me. Not quite as many miles as I’m used to getting at this time of the year (I’m usually at the peak of my training!), and definitely not easy, but STILL getting them in – and that’s a victory for me!

Questions for you:

  • Any pregnant runners/mamas out there – how far along into your pregnancy did you run?
  • Did you run outside this week?