Training Tuesday: Third Trimester Training

The name of this blog post is definitely a tongue twister! Try saying that ten times fast – Training Tuesday Third Trimester Training. Ha! It’s probably easier for me to say that than actually running at this point 🙂 It’s getting harder and harder! But here we go – here was what last week looked like:

Week of 3/27: 22.23 miles running/walking

Sunday: 5.25 miles. OUTSIDE!

Before Easter Mass, B and I got outside for a slow and hilly run. My legs were not feeling it and I did stop midway through one hill for a second, but we still managed to finish (at least according to my GPS) at just under 10 min/miles pace (B’s Garmin said something different – but I’m going with mine :)) I overdressed, but wasn’t too hot.


Monday: 2.65 miles

These treadmill miles were not as good and slow. Ended up only having about a half hour or so before an early doctor’s appointment / glucose test. But happy to get them in. AND even happier to have passed my test!

Tuesday: 1.5 mile walk and 55 min elliptical

Body and legs were tired today, so I opted to take the day off from running. Still got in some steps- my fitbit definitely motivates me!

Wednesday: 6.5 miles run and walk.

Wasn’t feeling too bad but still much walking. Indoors on the treadmill – mixed it up with walking and jogging while watching Bosch on Amazon.

Thursday: 2.5

2.5 slow miles on the treadmill and 45 min elliptical. Rainy morning, but probably should’ve just sucked it up and went outside- the gym was steamy!

Not feeling it again.

Friday: 5.36 miles OUTSIDE.


I had looked at the ten day forecast and saw that Friday a.m. was going to be in the 50s before work – unlike any other day in the forecast. So, I pulled myself out of bed and went for a run in the dark. I don’t know why, but during my pregnancy I’ve had such a hard time doing this, so this was a victory for me. AND my pace was much faster than I was expecting! I stopped a few times but overall it was a good run and BEAUTIFUL morning!


stopped to catch my breath before a hill take this picture .

Saturday: No running miles, but about a 4 mile walk with B.

I wanted to rest my legs somewhat, but still get moving – so B and I walked to the West Side Market to get our shopping done and around the neighborhood and back. It was chilly and windy but gorgeous blue skies!



I’m happy to share that it was another 20+ mile week for me. Not quite as many miles as I’m used to getting at this time of the year (I’m usually at the peak of my training!), and definitely not easy, but STILL getting them in – and that’s a victory for me!

Questions for you:

  • Any pregnant runners/mamas out there – how far along into your pregnancy did you run?
  • Did you run outside this week?