Training Tuesday: Suddenly 8 Months Pregnant

I kind of feel like I suddenly became super pregnant. Like overnight. I know – it didn’t happen overnight …. I’ve been pregnant for several months. But it feels like I am suddenly super pregnant and not only looking it, but feeling it. Especially when running.

I’m going to be straight with you – my runs this week weren’t easy. Sunday’s felt good, but after that, I was sore for a few days. I can no longer do an “easy” 5 mile run – my body hurts for a few days, including my legs and feet.  And half of my runs are very slow. BUT I’m trying to keep it up – less than one month until Cleveland Marathon race weekend!! On a positive note – I got in three outdoor runs this week! Running outside makes me SO much happier, even when I’m not feeling good.

Week of 4/17/16: 23.05 Miles

Sunday: 5.6 miles outside!

I had not run outside in FOREVER, and B was able to run with me, so we made our way to the local metroparks. I wasn’t planning on running more than 4ish miles but was feeling great. This was really the only run I felt great the entire week.

Screenshot_20160417-121528 20160417_114700

Monday: 5 miles running

Another run outside! I’m not going to say that it was easy- these days if I run 4 or 5 miles, my legs are sore for a few days after and I was still sore from Sunday’s run. But I woke up thinking about those running the Boston Marathon, and saw the weather was pretty much perfect for a run, so I got outside and did it anyway.

see that bump!

see that bump!

not a great run, but look at that sunset!

not a great run, but look at that sunrise!

Tuesday: 1.25 miles and elliptical

Oneish miles on the treadmill and some time on the elliptical to loosen my legs from Sunday and Monday running.

Wednesday: 4.25 miles

Run & walk on the treadmill. Lots of walking but still managed to get in the 12 minute mile pace overall. Also had time for 25 minutes on the elliptical to continue to loosen up my legs. Yup, legs and feet are still sore!

Thursday: 1.25 mi walk jog

A little jog and 53 minutes on the elliptical.

Friday: 5.2 miles outside

I check the weather a head of time, and it was due to be 60 degrees when I woke up. I decided that no matter what, I would get outside and run. Luckily, B said that he would run with me the night before , so that helped motivate me. This run was not easy. My lower legs and feet hurt. I felt my bladder the entire time and had to mentally remind myself that I didn’t have to pee. We did a few hills and I stopped in the middle of one. We stopped to take a photo at another point. B did not want to be up early and runnng and made it clear. But- we finished. And I was definitely looking forward to an off day on Saturday!


Saturday: 0 miles

Saturday B and I had our birthing class which was ALL day, and we had no time to get out and run. I had already planned on taking the day off after Friday’s early and somewhat painful run, so it worked out perfectly. Plus, I had 23+ miles, which was more than I’d had in quite a while.

SO B and I decided to take a walk during our class lunch break and then again after the class. It started out chilly but ended up bright and sunny in the afternoon!

post-class walk

post-class walk

Some questions for you:

  • Does the warmer weather make you more prone to running outside, too?
  • Do you stop and snap photos during your runs too? Or use photos as an excuse to stop?

PSA for the Marathon – They are in need of volunteers! No plans to run this year but want to be part of the experience? We need you! Sign up here!