It’s Been One Week … (Yes, we had that baby)

One week ago, our lives changed completely. We went from being just B and me to being a family of three. FW was born last Thursday afternoon. He and the whole family are healthy and doing well (despite lacking some serious sleep).

I’ll spare you all the super detailed details, and in true fashion of how we shared we were expecting, here are some of the FAQs:

Okay, we want to know – boy or girl?!

It’s a boy!


When was he born?

FW waited until after the Cavs win and parade celebration and came into the world June 23, 2016. Just like his mom when she was born, he was 2 days late (I was due on Jan 21 and born Jan 23).


About 24 hours before he was born, his mom and dad were at the Cavs parade celebrating the city’s win!

What were the basic details – height, weight, etc. 

He’s just a little guy! 6 lb. 12.5 oz and 19.5 inches. OR 19 inches. It depends on who you ask.

This was taken in the hospital when we were about to take him home!

This was taken in the hospital when we were about to take him home!

Why haven’t you posted any photos of him or any blog posts yet? Is everyone okay? Was he born with 3 heads?

Ha, he was not born with three heads. He has one head, with hair (I LOVE BABIES WITH HAIR!), and is perfect and cute in every way (yes, I’m biased). I’ve been sharing plenty on Snapchat (follow me at @koskim) and will start to share more on other channels as well. And honestly, every time I go to write a blog post, he is awake and I can’t stand not looking at him so I put the computer down and go chill with him. He is sleeping now (it’s daytime – he loves sleeping during the day), and I thought it was time to officially introduce him to the world. So here you go – gratuitous baby photos await!

He even poses in his sleep

He even poses in his sleep

How are you feeling? How is he sleeping?

Judging from what I’ve been told and what I’ve heard from friends, I had a reallllly easy labor. So I’m feeling pretty good for just having a baby. BUT I’m tired. Let’s just say that FW likes sleeping a lot – during the day. At night, well, we’re still teaching him about that.

When was the last time you ran? Are you going to start running again?

I ran/hobbled a mile (before taking a walk) the day before FW was born. IT was a slow and not-so-comfortable mile! And now I need to wait until after 6 weeks to start exercise. It’s rough. Luckily, I’ve felt good enough to take some walks with B and FW, but I can tell that 6 weeks are going to last a while!

on our first walk outside with him

on our first walk outside with him

Have you had any visitors?

Yes! My parents came in town the minute they heard I was in labor and were here last weekend. B’s family has been by a few times AND he’s gotten a chance to meet a few coworkers. His social calendar is pretty full these days 🙂

hanging out with the grandparents

hanging out with the grandparents

meeting the cousins!

meeting the cousins!

Are you still going to live downtown?

Yup, still getting this question – and yes, we’re still in our apartment. We converted the guest room into a nursery and B made this amazing space-saving changing table that is built up to the wall so it doesn’t take up floorspace and FW is loving living downtown. We’ve given him a few tours of our neighborhood and took him out to his first downtown meal this week – we enjoyed some tacos outdoors in the Flats!

showing FW the Flats

showing FW the Flats

FW along the water

FW along the water

Seeing the food trucks at Walnut Wednesday

Seeing the food trucks at Walnut Wednesday

Are you going to be a mom blogger now?

Umm, sorta, but not really? I know that’s not a real answer – but I’m going to still blog the way I always blog, about things I know. Baking. Cooking. Running. And now that being a mom (it’s so weird to say that) is part of who I am, here we go – mom blogging awaits! I imagine that I’ll have some more mom-focused blog posts or a mom-spin on my posts moving forward, but when I get back to running in a few months there will be posts about that. When I get some more sleep and can bake and cook again, there will be posts about that. And as I adjust to live as a mom, I imagine there will be fewer posts at times as I enjoy every minute of life with baby!

out to lunch with mom and dad

out to lunch with mom and dad

Joining up today with the Thinking Out Loud linkup. Because I’ve had writer’s block and it seems appropriate that this post be a flood of thoughts!

Warning – there may be typos in this post. My brain is a little tired from the lack of REM sleep … (as if there weren’t typos in the other posts on here)

WIAW: Day Off and Date Night

What do you eat when you’re not following a routine? Are your eats messed up? Are they healthier? Less healthy?

I find that I eat relatively healthy Monday through Friday when I’m at work. I like to meal plan or at least sometimes prepare my lunches ahead of time. And most of the time, these lunches include plenty of veggies. Other days, however, I’m less inclined to eat my veggies. Why? For me, it’s convenience – they just take time to prepare and when I’m not at work, I’m not usually preparing food. As you can see – today I’m sharing with you  What I Ate Wednesday meals from a day I was out of the office. And yes, I’m still eating a ton of fruit – it’s still a major pregnancy craving.

Breakfast was a smoothie from Restore! I was never into smoothies until pregnancy. Maybe it’s for hydrating or maybe it’s my love of fruit – but I love them now.

Restore smoothie!

Restore smoothie!

And some fruit.


I took a three-isa mile walk in the afternoon so fueled up right afterwards with some more fruit. This time, a giant bowl and a dollop of whipped cream I had made as well.  See those delicious cherries at the bottom?


Lunch was a mismatch of food that was in my fridge. Part of B’s leftover sandwich, a tortilla with peanut butter and honey (YUM!) and an assortment of cheese. Because, why not?


B and I went out for dinner in Little Italy and had a delicious meal. We started with some buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto and then I had the special – a lobster on top of pasta with tomato sauce. SO AMAZINGLY GOOD.

20160617_195637 20160617_202342

And for dessert? I passed by the cannoli and instead opted for some ice cream made with liquid nitrogen at Piccadilly. There were so many choices it was hard to decide, but I ultimately went with goat cheese with fig and honey – was so creamy!

20160617_212646 20160617_212702

And that was it! A delicious day off and date night 🙂

Some questions for you:

  • When you’re not following a routine do you eat differently?
  • What’s the most interesting flavor of ice cream you have had? AND/OR what flavor would you have had from the list above?

Another Weekend of Us (40 Weeks Pregnant)

This is what weekends look like when you’re just about 40 weeks pregnant:

A dinner date in Little Italy.


Lobster pasta is a must.20160617_202342

As is dessert. Ice cream and macarons.20160617_213419

And Saturday morning long walks. Just cos I’m about to pop doesn’t mean I can still for too long…20160618_124106

Checking out new places in the Flats.20160618_123316

And relaxing in reading gardens.20160618_140125

When it’s 80 degrees, popsicles go really well with flea market shopping.20160618_152242

And you can’t forget to get excited with seeing your Cleveland pride everywhere.20160618_154600

And impromptu Saturday night dinner dates where all you want is pizza.20160618_192837

And succumbing to pizza cravings. Yes, Italian two nights in a row. Citizen Pie deserves the hype. This thin crust was amazing.


Sundays start with Father’s Day brunch for B – French toast with a berry compote and some homemade whipped cream. I don’t make brunch often – but wow, this was good.


And cleaning and then making some granola for the week (or who knows when).


And another walk – this time with Nicole – the birthday girl! I didn’t snap a pic of us, but I did snap a pic of my shoes. Because – proof – I can still see my feet (but barely!).


And enjoying a summery dinner with B’s family.


And then watching the Cavs game … CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WON?

20160619_230245-COLLAGE 20160619_230123(0)

We of course had to go out and celebrate with about a bazillion other people in CLE.  I may have been the only 10 month pregnant chick out there (and got plenty of high fives and funny comments) but it was worth it!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you get restless if you sit for too long?
  • Did you watch the NBA finals? Who did you root for?
  • What’s on your end-of-June bucket list?

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WIAW: Can’t Get Enough Fruit

I’ve said it before – but I can NOT get enough fruit during this pregnancy. I don’t know why – but it’s what I constantly crave. Yes, there are other cravings, but a big, heaping bowl of juicy fruit salad? OMG I could eat it every day. And you’ll see that in today’s What I Ate Wednesday. I started AND ended my day with fresh fruit. And today featured some amazingly delicious, super sweet Skylar Rae cherries. Which yes, I also started and ended my day with.
Breakfast was one of my favorite yogurts- Siggis! And of course a ginormous bowl of fruit. These cherries are seriously amazing. I’ve never been one to go out of my way to intentionally buy cherries (they’re not my favorite fruit) but I would definitely buy therm again.
See how pretty they are! Stemilt sent me a package in the mail and I can’t get enough. Here’s what they told me about them: known as Skylar Rae, this is a brand new type of cherry cultivar and one of only three commercial varieties in the world. It is the sweetest cherry on the market, but has such a sad story! After suffering the loss of their infant daughter, the Toftness family – long time Washington State cherry farmers – discovered the never-before-seen cherry on a single tree growing in their orchard. They felt it was a gift from nature meant to honor their beautiful daughter, whom they chose to name the cherry after.
And some dried cranberries. So special story behind these cranberries.
Lunch was leftovers. Leftover baked eggplant stacks- they are one of my favorite meatless dishes. And I added a side salad I got from the salad bar.
And of course some more fruit. A nectarine this time!
Snacks included some candy (yay! Another pregnancy craving) and mixed nuts.

I made dinner for B and me – some deconstructed veggie spring rolls and salmon.

These are the deconstructed spring rolls. It was great to break out my spiralizer!

And all together.
For dessert I made some of these black bean chocolate brownie bars. They’re actually breakfast bars but they’re delicious for dessert!
And surprise, surprise- more fruit. Again- these cherries are SO so good. 20160611_112615

And see- this is how pregnant I am. I don’t often share selfies – especially on WIAW posts – but since I’m talking about preggo cravings ….

I’d say it was a good, satisfying What I Ate Wednesday. Not bad for a 39 week pregnant chick, huh?

Some questions for you:

  • Do you like cherries? Have you ever had these Skylar Rae cherries?
  • What’s your favorite type of fruit?

Disclaimer: Stemilt sent me some complimentary Skylar Rae cherries, and I loved them. All views are my own. 

Training Tuesday: 39 weeks pregnant workouts and a 5k

It’s been a few weeks since my last Training Tuesday post and the reason is a good one – I’m not training for anything at the moment! I’m 39 weeks pregnant (eep!) and slowing down. I’m more tired, my body hurts after a simple run and well, it hurts DURING running. So what have I been up to?

At 39 weeks, I’m:

  • Trying to run 1-2 days a week. And by run I mean run/walk. I’ve tried to get in one outdoor “run” with B and then another day or two of a treadmill workout.
after a run with B

after a run with B

a treadmill selfie. See-I can still see my feet! Yay!

a treadmill selfie. See-I can still see my feet! Yay!

  • Using the elliptical 2-3 days a week. Taking it pretty easy on there, but still nice to be moving.
  • Walking 2-3 days a week. B has been great about getting up and walking with me before work some days and it’s been nice to spend time with him outside and not running.
Sometimes we stop and take photos on the walk

Sometimes we stop and take photos on the walk

scenes from a walk with B

scenes from a walk with B

and selfies

and selfies

BUT this past weekend I did my first race since the Cleveland Marathon Weekend 5k and 10k! B and I signed up for the Lifebanc Gift of Life Walk and Run, which was held this year as part of the Transplant Games of America.


so sunny I have to squint before the race

so sunny I have to squint before the race

It was a HOT race – 80 degrees when we started and barely any shade on the course. And with pregnancy heat, that’s probably equivalent to 90+ degrees – my body is a furnace when I work out these days! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel during it, and I wasn’t planning on racing it- really just trying to enjoy it and support the good cause – and I’m proud to say I only stopped twice and that was for water. So my plans to walk/run were achieved and I mostly “ran”! The race itself wasn’t bad – the course was kind of boring, but I was grateful for the flat terrain and the fact that there were plenty of people running. And knowing that I was running with thousands of organ, eye and tissue transplant survivors, their families and donor families, made it all more worthwhile. One of my clients is Donate Life Ohio and donation and transplantation is a cause that I care about.

a sweaty post-race pic

a sweaty post-race pic

I’m sure this is the last race I’ll be running until Baby C arrives. With a week (or who knows really) to go until his/her official arrival, I think I’ll be taking these last few days easy and trying to stay comfortable (with a watermelon in my belly it’s a little harder these days), keep my feet and back from hurting and just enjoy the last days of being pregnant!

Questions for you:

  • How hot is too hot for you to run?
  • What was the last race you ran?
  • If you are/were pregnant – when did you stop working out or running?

Just the Two of Us – Walkabout, Wedding, 5k and More

Wow – what a FULL weekend!

I love summer in Cleveland and this weekend felt like summer with patio nights, super warm days, ice cream and long walks. It was a truly great weekend.

I can’t help but want to DO IT ALL with B and savor every single moment we have together as we cherish these last few days and nights we have as just the two of us, before Baby C arrives.

Friday night B and I headed to the Tremont Walkabout and enjoyed a beautiful night out filled with outdoor vendors, patio dining and art galleries.

20160610_193227 20160610_194253 20160610_202649

We ended the night watching the Cavs game. I won’t go into detail but it was NOT a good game to watch if you’re a Cleveland fan. At least I got ice cream to watch the game with?

Saturday morning started early with the Gift of Life Walk & Run. The race is Lifebanc of Ohio’s annual 5k and this year the race was part of the Transplant Games of America. The Games are in honor of organ, eye and tissue donors, recipients and their families and happen to be in Cleveland this year!  One of my clients is Donate Life Ohio and donation and transplantation is a cause that I care about.


I admit I was a little nervous about the race – at nearly 39 weeks pregnant, my running has slowed down. A lot. Yes, I’m still working out most days, but it’s become more of a walk/run a few times a week, or the elliptical or a walk. But B convinced me to register us on Friday and he even brought along a big water bottle to help keep me hydrated.

starting line \

It was 80 degrees at the start. I was not looking forward to it – but I was so motivated by all the people running and walking who have been touched by donation! So I told myself I could take it easy, walk when I wanted and take photos and enjoy the experience.pre race

We did it! I was SLOW yes, and only stopped to walk twice when I grabbed water. Was it my slowest 5k time? Yes. BUT I’m assuming it was the last 5k race I run while pregnant and it was the perfect one to finish on.


Later that afternoon, it was wedding time! Thank goodness I had a dress that was spandex-y material and still “fit” while pregnant.

20160611_133847 wedding

We hadn’t RSVP’d in time to go to the reception because we weren’t sure if we’d be able to go, so we only made it to the reception. So – we had no dinner plans. We decided to hit up Mabels BBQ downtown for a meatfest. It didn’t disappoint.



Sunday morning B and I got up early to be somewhat productive – some work, some nursery work, etc. We then hit up a new coffee shop, Duck Rabbit, in the area. B really enjoyed his pour over.


We also took a little walk around the area and got some supplies from the West Side Market for a picnic we had plans to have a picnic in the park with Dave, Anson, Joey and Lulu!


This adorable little girl joined our picnic. Gotta love her style 🙂20160612_125823

During the afternoon, I attempted more productivity and hit up a coffee shop for some iced tea and some more work. Yes, that lady has her shoes off in the background!20160612_134830

And Sunday night ended as most do – dinner with B’s family. We had pulled pork, so I ended up with BBQ three days in a row! It was good, but I think I’m set for a while 🙂 Oh and yes – for those of you counting, that meant ice cream for me three days in a row too!

20160612_185841 20160612_195430


Some questions for you:

  • Do you like BBQ? What kind of BBQ sauce do you like?  It’s not my favorite, but I like it on occasion. I prefer rubs to sauces – and if it’s a sauce I prefer hot ones, not sweet. 
  • Any big plans this week?

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WIAW: Wine and Gold for the Cavs

Phew. Why is it that the week after a short week always seems the longest? In any case, this What I Ate Wednesday is in celebration of the Cleveland Cavaliers. We’re in the finals (a rematch against the Golden State Warriors – ugh) and this day of eats included a celebration in honor of the Cavs – including a wine and gold-themed happy hour!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with the morning. For breakfast I was seriously craving some fruit. Like big, juicy, melon. Thank goodness we had some watermelon in the office and I had just cut open a cantaloup the night before – I made myself a large fruit salad (watermelon is hiding below) and some overnight oats.

20160602_085834 20160602_090949

For lunch,  I had plans to meet up with B and we had a lunch date at my favorite bakery/sandwich/salad place downtown – Stone Oven. Janea’s salad will forever be my favorite.


Then, the happy hour I was talking about! Our office had a Wine & Gold-themed Happy Hour to celebrate the Cavs getting into the finals and that meant some wine/gold food, drinks, etc. I baked red velvet cupcakes with gold frosting to contribute.


We also had a dunk contest – I came in 2nd somehow! No doubt it was for creativity – and lucky (I somehow got it in).


Dinner plans had to get changed – B and I were going to go out with friends on E 4th while the Cavs were on but we were starving and places were too crowded – so instead we just heated up some leftover quinoa enchilada casserole and ate it with avocado, sour cream (leftover from the red velvet cupcake recipe) and plenty of tortilla chips.

E 4th street getting crowded

E 4th street getting crowded

blurry dinner pic (many more tortilla chips consumed but not pictured)

blurry dinner pic (many more tortilla chips consumed but not pictured)

And that sums up my day of eats! Now, some questions for you:

  • Are you rooting for anyone in the NBA finals? Who?
  • What’s your favorite fruit? Least favorite?

JUNE is here.

You guys. June is here. JUNE IS HERE. I know you know that – but this is a BIG DEAL in our household this year because it means that the BABY MONTH arrives is here. Baby C is due in June! Guess we’d better get our act together, huh?

Anyway, this weekend flew by. Guess when you are used to three-day weekends they’ll do that, huh? I really enjoyed it though – it was a great mix of hanging out with B (it’s only a few more days/weeks/who knows that it’s just the two of us!), seeing friends and getting baby ready.

Friday night we started with a date night – dinner at the Flying Fig. Started with their special toast and it was GREAT – cheese, mushrooms, onions and pea shoots.


And I got the soft-shelled crab for dinner. We(surprisingly) didn’t get dessert – both of us were too full! We took a walk after dinner and enjoyed the warm evening.20160603_191947

And we stumbled across the new Forest City Brewery! We of course had to stop in for a beer (not for me..soon!!). It was a cool place – they had a huge outdoor patio/beer garden area and it wasn’t that crowded (at last yet).


Saturday morning B and I took a walk around downtown again because it was another nice morning and not too hot. We always seem to end up in the Flats – its so nice to be able to walk around downtown and enjoy the sunny weather!20160604_113125

And then we got breakfast at Restore. It had been too long since I’d been there and I got an amazing dragonfruit bowl!


Then we headed to the east side. I had plans to take a walk with Nicole (my former downtown running buddy) and I can’t believe I didn’t snap a photo of us on our walk. Oh well. Instead, here is part of Nicole’s garden.


Then it was time for our Ladies Craft Beer Society! As usual, a great spread:20160604_154315

And here are some of the ladies crafting.


We made monograms with succulents. My C came out pretty good, huh?


That night, B and I had plans to go on another date night but ended up unexpectedly having to babysit our niece and nephew last minutes. So plans then included takeout pizza ..20160604_195844

Drawing and some  board games. I ended up winning this one – beginners’ luck I guess? The game was called the African Star (my sister-in-law is Finnish, thus the Finnish game board).20160604_203337

Sunday brought a day of errands and a little bit of work catchup. So not that many exciting pictures – BUT I did manage to find an “expectant mother” parking spot for the first time in my pregnancy! I was pretty pumped to park here, especially since it started down pouring right when I got to the store.


And of course, Sunday dinner with B’s family to round up the weekend. A nice summery meal of chicken, burgers, dogs, fruit salad, corn salad, beans, salad .. yum!


And of course ended with ice cream sundaes 🙂 No pic but imagine the goodness.

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your go-to babysitting food? What did you have growing up with a babysitter AND/OR what do you get when you babysit people? almost always pizza! or when i was growing up i could choose a fast food item.
  • What are you most looking forward to for the month of June?

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My first prenatal massage

I’ve been a little busy/stressed/crazy lately. Between a few things that have happened at work, to some board activities, to this whole baby thing (wait what? do I need to do something for this baby?), I’ve felt like life has been a little crazier than usual. And I definitely don’t want that right now.

SO when I got a message from Massage Heights about trying out a complimentary service and getting the opportunity to RELAX, I jumped at the chance. Prenatal massage? YES PLEASE.


Let me be the first to acknowledge that I’m not a regular massage person. The last time I had a massage was on vacation, when B booked us a couples’ massage in Costa Rica. It was incredible – I don’t know WHY I haven’t had one since!

And then I became pregnant. And heard from a friend that prenatal massages are overrated. But I don’t know why, and I had to try one for myself.

So, what does a prenatal massage entail? Here’s a little about my experience at Massage Heights in Crocker Park.

I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out some paperwork and meet my therapist. She explained to me how a prenatal massage is a little different than a traditional massage. The main differences she told me were –

  • You lie on your side next to a body pillow – you’re not on your back or stomach
  • There is no aromatherapy – so you don’t have any triggering smells
  • They don’t apply as much pressure as a traditional massage.

I admit that I was a little worried about the less than normal pressure. After all, I’m pregnant and my back and feet hurt! And I’m still running a few days a week, and my legs get sore. What good is a massage without pressure?


I had no need to be worried. The massage was great! I was told to lie on my left side holding a large giant body pillow. They started with my head massage, which was of course amazing. I love having my scalp rubbed, and this was a great. Then onto my arms and hands. I had no idea that a hand massage could feel so good! I guess holding my phone and typing all day makes my hand tense.

And then onto my back, legs and feet. Out of these, my feet felt the best. She asked me how the pressure was and I told her I could use some more on my back – but it was still a little light for my preference. It still felt AMAZING and I nearly fell asleep a few times, it was so relaxing!

Then she had me roll over to my right side and she did everything again. The hour went by WAY too fast!


this is what the bed looks like – you can see the body pillow under the blanket and sheet


I’m SO glad I jumped at the chance to get the massage. The experience was so easy, and even for a first-time prenatal massager like me, I felt comfortable and great the entire time. 20160528_121600

When I was leaving, the Retreat Director shared with me some details about the membership – if you want to go on more of an ongoing basis, Massage Heights offers membership programs so that you pay a monthly fee and get a monthly massage or other service, along with discounts on anything above and beyond you want during the month. An introductory 1-hour massage is only $49.99 if you want to try it out first – and even though I went to the Crocker Park location,  there are three Cleveland locations. I definitely need to look into returning after Baby C is born – I know I’ll need some relaxation time AND when I get back into running more often again, I will definitely enjoy getting my legs massaged!

I hope this relaxed feeling lasts another 4 weeks!

Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever had a massage? What did you think?
  • How do you relax when you’re stressed?

Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary one-hour prenatal massage from Massage Heights. All views, as always, are my own.

WIAW: Baseball Game!

I almost forgot that it was Wednesday because I had Monday off – what a great feeling! Thank goodness I remembered, just in time to participate in What I Ate Wednesday and share with you my meals and see everyone else’s meals as well.

B and I slept in on this day and ended up starting our day with lunch. We hit up Bloom, one of my favorite local bakeries and lunch places and I got this great sandwich – it’s a light chicken salad on a baguette. It came with a beet salad and I also snagged a few of B’s salt & vinegar chips (not pictured). One of my favorite flavors! It was nice enough to eat outside, so we hit up a nearby public garden to eat in.

20160527_123536 20160527_123943

That afternoon we were pretty busy and before I knew it it was time for our evening plans – the Indians game. I didn’t have time for my afternoon snack! Thankfully I bought some peanuts for us to enjoy while watching the game.


For dinner at the game, I opted for a grilled cheese sandwich from Melt, which has a new stand at the baseball field. I got the mushroom melt, which hit the spot! Besides craving fruit during this pregnancy, I’m also craving panini-type melted sandwiches, even in the heat.


And that was it! Not as balanced as my typical days (no fruit, VERY limited veggies, etc.), but that’s what What I Ate Wednesday is about – sharing it all, the good and the bad.

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have a ballpark eat that you typically go for?
  • Do you eat the shells on peanuts? Sometimes I do! Is that weird?