Another Weekend of Us (40 Weeks Pregnant)

This is what weekends look like when you’re just about 40 weeks pregnant:

A dinner date in Little Italy.


Lobster pasta is a must.20160617_202342

As is dessert. Ice cream and macarons.20160617_213419

And Saturday morning long walks. Just cos I’m about to pop doesn’t mean I can still for too long…20160618_124106

Checking out new places in the Flats.20160618_123316

And relaxing in reading gardens.20160618_140125

When it’s 80 degrees, popsicles go really well with flea market shopping.20160618_152242

And you can’t forget to get excited with seeing your Cleveland pride everywhere.20160618_154600

And impromptu Saturday night dinner dates where all you want is pizza.20160618_192837

And succumbing to pizza cravings. Yes, Italian two nights in a row. Citizen Pie deserves the hype. This thin crust was amazing.


Sundays start with Father’s Day brunch for B – French toast with a berry compote and some homemade whipped cream. I don’t make brunch often – but wow, this was good.


And cleaning and then making some granola for the week (or who knows when).


And another walk – this time with Nicole – the birthday girl! I didn’t snap a pic of us, but I did snap a pic of my shoes. Because – proof – I can still see my feet (but barely!).


And enjoying a summery dinner with B’s family.


And then watching the Cavs game … CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WON?

20160619_230245-COLLAGE 20160619_230123(0)

We of course had to go out and celebrate with about a bazillion other people in CLE.  I may have been the only 10 month pregnant chick out there (and got plenty of high fives and funny comments) but it was worth it!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you get restless if you sit for too long?
  • Did you watch the NBA finals? Who did you root for?
  • What’s on your end-of-June bucket list?

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