WIAW: Pumpkinfest!

Cheers to Wednesday! And I’m cheersing you this week with pumpkin beer. Because ’tis the season AND I love a good pumpkin beer. And today’s What I Ate Wednesday appropriately features my pumpkinfest eats!
The day started off with a decaf latte and some cinnamon honey egg white oats. I’m really jamming on the egg white oats lately and they’re easy for me to make in my office. So fluffy and delicious!


And a side of an Asian pear. Aka an apple-pear. I love these!20161013_131642

Lunch was random leftovers. Some leftover soup and some leftover chicken from some lettuce wraps I had made as a crockpot meal earlier in the week. In any case, it was really good.20161013_125318

And for an afternoon snack, I enjoyed some nuts and 2 Boobie Balls (aka energy balls for all you non-breastfeeding folks). 20161012_115035

Then it was time for pumpkinfest! Which basically was a Halloween-type party in my office featuring pumpkin beer and treats. I had some pumpkin candy corn, beer and a cookie.20161012_154141

Dinner was a one pan roasted pesto salmon with some veggies. It hit the spot – I can’t remember the last time I had fish! And it was so easy to make! 

20161013_181647 20161013_192638

And I even has leftovers for lunch the next day!

There we go – another What I Ate Wednesday.
Some questions for you:

  • Have you had any pumpkin beers or other pumpkin treats yet?
  • Do you like candy corn?

Disclaimer: Stemilt sent me some complimentary Skylar Rae cherries, and I loved them. All views are my own.