Training Tuesday: A pretty average week

BRR! Where did the springlike weather that we were having just a few weeks ago go? Thank goodness I’m still early in my half marathon training and don’t mind the treadmill – because there was no way I was running outside much of this week. Speaking of which, it was a pretty uneventful, average week for me in terms of training.

I rounded out the week with 23.33 miles:

Sunday: 6.33 miles on the treadmill while FW slept. I was hoping to do 5 or 6 and made it to 6! FW woke up while I was running but B kept him entertained. Post-run baby hugs are the best 🙂


Monday: 27 minutes on the elliptical. Had planned to do more, but of course FW woke up I was working out and eat it too

Tuesday: 4 miles. 3.5 miles with.5 cool down on the treadmill.

Wednesday: 5 miles.  30 minute tempo run on the schedule.  Started out super tired,  but ended up running a little longer- 40 minutes,  then cooling down. All done inside, on the treadmill.

Thursday: 4 treadmill miles. 3.5 running and .5 mile cool down.

Friday: None – rest day!

Saturday: 4 indoor miles. It was COLD out. And by cold, I mean 20s and oh yeah, IT’S MARCH! That – and since I was going to be out late Friday night, I decided not to sign up for the state Malachi 5 mile  race. I had 3 pace miles on the schedule and ended up doing 3.31 at 9 minute mile pace and cool down for until I got to 4.

And that was it for the week – 23ish miles! 


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