Single Parenting Weekend





What a weekend. B was out of town from Thursday through Sunday evening and it was just me and a sick baby.

Which, let me tell you, was tiring. I have no idea how some people do this all the time!

Thank goodness he’s cute!

So, what did the two of us do this weekend?

Well, I tried nebulizing him a few times. TRIED is the key word. It’s not easy to get a 10-month-old boy to sit still long enough to put a mask on them and turn on a loud scary machine.

We took a few selfies. 

I ate ice cream/Halo Top from the carton after he was in bed.

I went for a run! I wasn’t sure this was going to happen, but B’s dad was able to babysit while Mary and I got in a 10 mile training run. We’re less than a month away from the Cleveland half marathon, so I feel pretty good about that run.

We baked! We went over to B’s parents’ house and did some baking for his sister’s wedding weekend. 

Sunday morning FW woke up around 4:50 a.m. and decided he was cranky and didn’t want to do anything but be held by me. And for the most part, be held while I was standing, not sitting. So, our plans to take a walk didn’t exactly happen. We did make it out of the house in the afternoon for Ladies Craft Beer Society! I didn’t get any pictures of the craft OR the beer because this little guy was cranky and barely let me put him down. Here is a one pic of when I was able to put him down and he hung out for about 3 seconds with Clara. (unpictured-  me chugging my beer at that exact moment)

Sunday evening we finally did get in a walk – to the grocery store – when B came home. And then we ate dinner and I passed out. Again, pooped!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you ever end the weekend more tired than when you started?
  • Do you wake up early on weekends?

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