Sister-In-Law Wedding Weekend!

I can’t believe the weekend is over. It FLEW by, much faster than the usual weekend. Most likely because we had tons of activities planned, my parents in towhead – oh yeah – my sister-in-law got married!

The weekend started with my parents coming into town. They were going to be watching FW during all our wedding festivities. It is so great to see them AGAIN – we won’t see them again for a few months.

FW got a kick out of meal time with Nonna.

Meanwhile, we were feasting on Italian food and red wine for the rehearsal dinner!

Saturday morning started earlyish – I had a run planned with a group of other runners as part of a 2nd Sole Cleveland Marathon training group! I don’t usually run in groups, but I did get out to do a 10k before getting ready for the wedding. 

And we also managed to take a short walk. FW loves waving these days!

Then it was wedding time! It was a beautiful ceremony and the bride was gorgeous. 

It’s fun getting dressed up to go out with B!And I NEVER wear heels. I can’t believe how much shorter I am than B still! 

The wedding reception was great – tons of good music, food and dancing. And a  HUGE cookie table (in addition to cake). These were some of my favorite looking ones – B’s mom made them! (I semi-helped by rolling and cutting out fondant)

Me and my other sister-in-law were twins 🙂 Both in black and gold! 

Sunday morning included some more time with FW and my parents, before they hit the road. 

There were some other wedding festivities going on, like a mass and a brunch. So much fun family things happening in one weekend! And because it was a gorgeous Sunday (80+ degrees!) we took a walk to the water. FW doesn’t look that happy, but I assure you, he wasn’t that upset about being outside. 

And that was it! Hope you had a good weekend as well.

Some questions for you:

  • When was the last time you went to a wedding?
  • Do you wear heels?

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