❤️ Three-Day Weekends

Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend?

Three glorious days of spending time with family. Being outside. Going for runs and walks. And eating some good food?

Well, that’s what my weekend was like. And I loved every minute of it.

Friday evening included some drinks at a local bar…

And playground time with FW. He’s not so sure how he feels about grass yet – it’s pretty new to him. 

Oh, and some good Vietnamese takeout.

Saturday morning included a nice walk with FW and a croissant. Apparently he likes almond croissants!

And then a stop at a local brewery. Where FW napped while we got to try some new local beers.

And homemade pizza!

Sunday morning started off with a run as a family … FW fell asleep and we enjoyed some miles at the park. 

And in the afternoon, since it was so nice out, we had lunch on a patio!

We visited some friends at their new house in the evening and on the way home saw a FULL rainbow.

Monday included some “baking” – I made some muffins for FW. They were just egg, banana and strawberries. And he ate them!

Followed by a quick 5k by myself to get outside and enjoy the weather. FW was happy when I was home :)

And then a nature walk with friends! 

The evening included some great food and a Memorial Day cookout with B’s family … and then some work, cleaning and blogging to conclude the three days off.

showing off at the bbq

And now for the work week! Some questions for you:

  • When was the last time you saw a rainbow?
  • Did you get in any good runs this Memorial Day weekend?

I’m linking up with Katie and the weekly wraps.

4 thoughts on “❤️ Three-Day Weekends

  1. That is a beautiful rainbow. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a full one like that! It looks like a lovely weekend. I adore how you take FW everywhere you go. He always looks so sweet and well behaved. I did get out for a run this weekend but it was just too hot and humid to really enjoy it. Thanks for linking, Melissa!

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