June Running in Review

Where has June gone?! All in all, June has been a pretty good month for me for running. I have gotten in more than 100 miles, including one 5k race! My goals for the month were to run 5 days a week, including 2 outdoor runs, and while I haven’t been able to consistently get in 2 outdoor runs each week, I have gotten in 6 days of running each week and at least 23 miles.

This week’s total was 33.46 miles!

 Some of the highlights:

  • 2 outdoor runs! I got out Sunday and Saturday, while B was able to watch FW.
  • I ran every day this week.
  • I got in some great beach views on my run Saturday. The lake is looking pretty nice right now!

Some questions for you:

  • How would you rate your June in running?
  • Any tips for getting in more outdoor runs with a baby?

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