Rainy Fall Weekends

Happy Sunday! It was a rainy, cool fall weekend here in Cleveland but we still had some fun and were even productive.  Fun and productive weekends are the best kind!

Friday night started with a game watch for out alma mater. We watched BC take on FSU AT Masthead.

Masthead has great food and beer. I tried their vegan pizza and it was so delicious! Sorry for the blurry pic- but you can see it had tofu and peppers and onions.

Saturday was a super productive day where we basically did nothing. Catch my drift? It was one of those days where it was suddenly 4 p.m. and I didn’t know what I had done with my day. We went to the hardware store, and then to the lighting store. We actually outfitted our house with lights and fans and I can’t wait until they come! We ended up buying NINE things –  5 ceiling fans, a bathroom light, a chandelier and 2 lights for our living room.

We celebrated our lighting purchase with some East Coast Custard.

We then did a trip to Target AND Whole Foods to pick up some stuff for the week.

And then it was almost dinnertime! B made us coq au vin, which was SO good and perfect for a cold, rainy day.

Sunday, FW slept in! So we started the day a little lazily with some books and pjs.

The day also included a rainy day walk with B and FW.

And then, we went to Ladies Craft Beer Society! We made different dyed fabrics – I had to leave  before they were done but I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

After family dinner, we started to finally figure out our Halloween decor. We have 3 pumpkins and some spooky lights that we need to put up tomorrow!

Some questions for you:

  • Was it a dreary, wet weekend near you too?
  • What’s a good comfort meal we should make this week?

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