Tuesdays on the Run: This Week’s Runs

The days are getting shorter and the mornings getting colder, which means it’s getting harder and harder to get up and run in the mornings. And there were a few nights this week that LM was up a lot, which makes it even harder to wake up! But, I got up and out 5 days this week, and I am pretty pleased with that.

Here’s how the week looked:

Monday was the best day – I actually got up and out of the house at a decent time (around 5:30 am), which means I had enough time to do 5 miles. And the 5 felt really good!

My other good feeling run was Saturday. I ran 2 miles to meet some friends who were at brunch, said hi, and then ran home. My 3rd mile was so so speedy, too- I have no idea how I managed that pace!

All I’m hoping for this week, is some mild, not wet weather so I can getnin some good outdoor runs again! Oh, and some sleep would be appreciated, too … but who knows if that will happen!

Some questions for you:

  • How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
  • Do you like running when it is 40 and rainy?

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