I’m Still Running

My baby boy turned one this week. And it made me sentimental, about not only how fast the time goes, but also feel proud. Proud of me.

Too often, I think negatively about my running abilities. I had a few mornings this week where I stopped to walk, because I was hot or tired. I bemoaned how my speed still hasn’t picked up since the baby was born, and if anything, I have gotten slower this time around. I groaned about my diastasis recti, angry that I still have it, and the back pain that comes with it.

But on GM’s first birthday, I suddenly felt grateful and proud. Grateful that I’ve been able to run consistently since having him. Grateful that I can bring him along on a stroller run. Grateful that I can get outside for alone time on mornings when my days are jam packed and filled with family. And proud – proud that despite everything going on in my life and all the change the past year, I’m still here, still running. 

Here’s how the week went – and spoiler alert, I was still running:  

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