Fall Is Here

We had another fun and busy week here. From work events to block parties to birthday parties, it was full, and I was glad to be able to get in a few runs and workouts when I could. Now that fall is officially here, I’m trying to soak up every last week of the warmish/fall-like weather while we have it!

Here’s what the week entailed: 


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Finishing Her Run

This week, many members of the global running community found themselves feeling shocked and horrified with the news of the kidnapping and death of Eliza Fletcher. Liza, a mom of two, was out for a run at 4:30 a.m. before her family awoke. There are so many of us that see ourselves in this young mom, and feel sick thinking about what happened. 

This week, I woke up anxious. I had a knot in my stomach before I went out for my runs. I ran more cautiously than normal, keeping my eyes peeled for any unwanted visitors. My ears were extra sensitive to the noises around me. I even second guessed running some days because really – is it worth it to go outside and go for a run if this is a possible outcome?

But I did run. And on Friday, I joined in the  “Finish Her Run” virtual event, where runners pledged to run for Liza, on their own time, as long as they felt safe. Knowing there were many other runners doing the same thing as I was going, I signed up and dedicated my miles Friday to her. I didn’t make it to 8.2 miles as she would have, but ran a little more than my usual 5 and got in 6 to celebrate her life. 

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August in Review

It feels like only yesterday I was writing and sharing my August goals. And now, the month is over? I wish months like February and March came and went this fast, not just the wonderful summer months! I don’t typically make monthly goals, but I came pretty close to keeping on top of mine for August.  First off, I had a pretty good month mileage-wise. Here’s how I ended up – almost 143 miles!


And here’s how it went in terms of my goals:


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