Kicking off February

I have two reasons to be excited about this week – first, we finished January and I had decent mileage and second, I did a group run! I rarely run with people, and it was nice to be social and get outside with fellow runners to kick off the Cleveland Marathon training cycle.  On a less exciting note, this week another wave of sickness made it through our house and forced me to take a day off. But I’m feeling all better now! 

Here are some January highlights:

Total running mileage: 122.88

Other activities: Some walks PLUS I did ab exercises 3-5 days/week every week!

Lowlights: Getting covid. It didn’t stop me from running, but slowed me down somewhat, and I am still feeling like I am recoverin some days. Also, the weather. We had plenty of cold, icy and snowy days. I ran outside 17 days, and inside 14 days.

And then this week looked like this:

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