Longest Long Run Time

I realized this week that I am somehow off my training plan … I am loosely following Hal Higdon’s intermediate half marathon training plan. Loosely is the right word, because each week I try to match the long run, one of the speed runs, and then fit in some other runs. I haven’t been able to get in any races (he has a few on the plan) and I only do one day of speed work.  That said, somehow I got a little off with the plan and found myself at a 12 mile long run this week. But, my race isn’t until May 22, and my longest long run — 12 miles —  is supposed to be the week before that. I realized this one morning this week, but decided I still wanted to get in 12 miles this week, one morning, before work. So that put me at this for my goal runs this week:  

  • Speed training: 9x400m speed run
  • Long run: 12 miles 
  • Core work: 3-5 days (8-10 min videos)
  • A 5 mile run
  • 2-3 other runs of 30-50 minutes

Here’s how the week turned out:

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