What I Ate In Boston

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! The day for sharing a checking out a random day of eats (and spying on all of your food too…because I love seeing what everyone eats).

These are my delicious meals from B and my day in Boston. We spent a day there this weekend for our anniversary, and did a lot of walking know lot of great eating!

Breakfast at a coffee shop. I also had part of the scone with B.


After a lot of walking around Newberry Street, a celebrity sighting, and the Isabella Gardner Museum, I was hungry. B had not planned lunch on our itinerary, but I managed to convince him to stop here. We split a lobster roll and chowdah.


I squeezed in the quick stop at David’s Tea on the way back. It was my first time there, and oh my goodness. I love tea, and this place did not disappoint. If it hadn’t been so crowded and slow service, I definitely would have ended up with some to bring home!


And then a romantic anniversary dinner in the north end. Mussels, pasta, and of course cannoli another treats for dessert.

20160430_18380320160430_185008 Snapchat-7928469452754181201

For only having one day in one of my favorite cities, it was pretty perfect.

Some questions for you:

  • What is your favorite type of meal to eat out for a date night? I love so many different types, but do find Italian the most romantic!
  • Favorite Italian dessert? Always will be cannoli. Followed by gelato!

Three Weekends In One

What a weekend.  It was fun, tiring and a whirlwind of activity.  I need a weekend to recover I think!

If I had to sum up my weekend, I’d say it was like 3 weekends in one. I feel like I had enough going on to fill three weekends – and it was great!

The weekend started Friday night, with a dinner date and comedy show. B and had tickets to a 9:30 show (late for 8 month pregnant me) to see one of our favorite comica, Sebastian Maniscalco. We started off with a late dinner at Cowell & Hubbard, splitting cheese and a few appetizers.

our Cowell & Hubbard assortment

our Cowell & Hubbard assortment

And then the show. We’ve seen Sebastian several times throughout the years at Hilarities, but he has gotten bigger now (he was even on Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee) and even though he was playing at a different, bigger venue, we almost didn’t get tickets in time!

Saturday morning started early with a 5 am alarm- B and I were headed to the airport to fly to Boston for the day to celebrate our anniversary! It was a great, but quick trip and we were able to get in a lot of walking (nearly 30,000 steps) and see many of our old favorite places (we met in Boston in college). From Beacon Hill to the Boston Common to the Public Gardens to Newbury Street to Faneuil Hall to Fenway to the Isabella Gardner Museum, I’d say we hit nearly everything.

20160430_103330-PANO copy 20160430_124542 20160430_123014 20160430_114141 20160430_131624

We even got in a celebrity sighting- we were told we couldn’t post photos on social media but I did share info to my Snapchat story (@koskim). Here’s a hint- he was promoting Walhburgers and his name rhymes with Bark 🙂

We ended the day with a great Italian meal in the North End, complete with cannoli, tiramisu and coffee of course.

20160430_181242 copy Snapchat-7928469452754181201

Sunday started early again- we had to fly back to Cleveland first thing, as I was emceeing a board event Sunday at lunch time. I’m the Vice President of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Cleveland, and Sunday was our annual scholarship banquet. I had the pleasure of speaking and announcing the names of all the student award recipients. Brought me back to my days of high school awards events!


We finally made it home Sunday evening and I am so grateful for B who could tell I was pooped and volunteered to make dinner. I was so worn out that even after 3 nights out, he could have convinced me to order pizza….shh don’t tell him I said that!

And that was my weekend. Not relaxing in the least, but fun.

Some questions for you:

  1. Do you tend to have good or bad flight karma?
  2. Do you have a favorite comedian?
  3. Have you ever been to Boston?

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A Northeastern Fall Foliage Tour

B and I recently were able to take some time off – a week! – and decided to go on a roadtrip to some eastern states in what we were dubbing our “fall foliage tour.” Yes, that’s how I know I’m getting older – we are planning fall foliage tours. What am I, almost 30? (rhetorical question – don’t answer that)

It was a great way to spend a week off- it was relaxing (even though we were active), we got a chance to do some of my favorite fall activities (hiking and apple picking) and even got to spend a day seeing my parents and a day seeing a friend from college. Just what I needed in some time off! Some highlights from the trip:

We started with a quick stop to see my parents and go apple picking (full blog post here).

apple picking at indian ladder

Then headed to the town of Schroon, New York to see our friend Mitch and run the beautiful, hilly Adirondack Half Marathon along Schroon Lake (full blog post here).

adirondack half marathon

After the race

On our way to our next stop, we hit up Ticonderoga, New York. We visited the small downtown area and then visited Fort Ticonderoga.

walking around Ticonderoga

B and some old cannons

B and some old cannons

Great views from Fort Ticonderoga!

Great views from Fort Ticonderoga!

Then we headed to the beautiful state of Vermont! It was B’s first time there and we spent a few days in Northern Vermont, staying in Burlington, checking out their pretty waterfront, trying the local food, walking around their fun downtown area, taking quick trips to neighboring small towns and touring Ben & Jerry’s!

Hello from the town of Stowe, Ohio!

Hello from the town of Stowe, Vermont!

Being goofy at Ben & Jerry's

Being goofy at Ben & Jerry’s

The flavor graveyard. RIP cookie dough frozen yogurt :(

The flavor graveyard. RIP cookie dough frozen yogurt 😦

sunset along the waterfront in Burlington

sunset along the waterfront in Burlington

On our way to our next state, we made a pit stop in New Hampshire for a hike through the White Mountains. We spent a few hours hiking around Mt. Eisenhower. Unfortunately the weather was drizzly and foggy that day so we didn’t get in any amazing views that we’d heard about. But we did get in some activity – something I’d been craving, since it had been a few days since our half marathon.



Then we headed to Portland, Maine. Full blog post coming about this trip, but we had a great time walking everywhere, trying the local food and craft beer (Shipyard Pumpkin FTW!) and I even got in a few runs while I was there.

maine craft distilling

Our last quick stop was Boston. We walked around our alma mater, Boston College, stopped by the place we got engaged, and hit up the North End for dinner. A perfect end to a great vacation!

Back at BC!

Back at BC!

Some questions for you:

  1. Are the fall colors changing where you are? What’s your favorite way to see fall foliage? On a run? A hike through the mountains? A Sunday drive? Apple picking? Other?
  2. Do you like pumpkin beer? What’s your favorite? I’ve heard of some beer snobs who can’t stand it! I liked trying the Shipyard, but Pumking may still be my favorite.
  3. What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? I loved Vanilla Heath Bar fudge (they don’t make it anymore now that they’re GMO free … RIP Heath bars!) but also love their new core flavors (any with vanilla as a base) and love anything with Caramel. Oh, and Cherry Garcia. Do I have to choose just one?

Weekend Update: Boston Bachelorette

This weekend was a desperately needed girls and family weekend. From a girls night with my sisters-in-law to a quick stop in Albany to see my parents to a trip to Boston for one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties … it was nonstop but amazing.

It started early for me when last week my sister-in-law Katie was home for the week so Jenni, Mary, Katie and I decided to meet up for a drink after work. We tried out a place I hadn’t been to – the Fairmount – whose cozy tables and fireplace were the perfect setting as it started snowing (yes, snowing!) on the east side at night.

Spiced Cider

Spiced Cider

The next day I was off to spend the weekend in my old stomping grounds- Boston! I was luck enough to fit in a quick stop in Albany to see my parents and enjoy Albany Restaurant Week with them … and of course a photoshoot with my dog … before driving out to Boston with Melgar’s matron of honor.

My dog really is too cute. Isn’t she? Sometimes she blinks when her photos are taken, too!

Isn't she adorable?

Isn’t she adorable?

Dinner with my parents included TWO desserts. So lucky to have parents that enjoy food and desserts as much as I do!

dessert #2 at dinner - berry rhubarb pie!

Dessert #1 at dinner – berry rhubarb pie!

Dessert #1 at dinner - tiramisu

Dessert #2 at dinner – tiramisu

A little about Melgar and me. Melgar and I met during Junior High Locker Day – the day before the first day of school when all new 7th graders come in, try out their lockers, walk through their schedules, etc. We share the same first name, and her step-dad noticed it and introduced us. The rest is history! We were friends from junior high to high school and even through college, both going to (different) schools in Boston. Though we live quite far apart right now (she just moved all the way to California!) we’re still in touch through visits (I just saw her on my West Coast Trip), occasional Google Hangouts, phone calls and more. Melgar is actually my first good friend to get married and the first wedding that I’m in (besides my own). Thus this was actually my first bachelorette party (besides my own) and I was super excited to see her, my other best friend Jane (also from junior high) and go out in my old city of Boston.

Me, Melgar and Jane back in the day

Me, Melgar and Jane back in the day

The weekend included:

A few runs – including one in our hotel in Boston (yes, I was that girl who woke up early before the festivities to run … at least Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on!). Both were on treadmills which is SO not like me – could my love-hate treadmill relationship be on the love end right now?

Both of these runs were done on a treadmill ... not sure what's gotten into me!

Both of these runs were done on a treadmill … not sure what’s gotten into me!

Takeout from one of my old favorite eateries – Brown Sugar Thai:

Brown Sugar!

Brown Sugar!

Brunch downtown at Masa. Their fiesta brunch is pretty awesome and included Huevos Rancheros ON TOP OF A QUESADILLA.

Huevos Rancheros at Masa

Huevos Rancheros at Masa

Jenny, me and Allie

Jenny, me and Allie

Walking around Boston with the ladies and tea at the Four Seasons. Oh, and getting to hang out with some of Boston’s finest 🙂

boston public garden

Boston Public Garden

Busted! Melgar in a cop car.

Busted! Melgar in a cop car.

Oh and of course getting dressed up and going out and dancing our hearts away at one of our old college bars.

Jane and me, ready to go out!

Jane and me, ready to go out!

Sunday it was back to Albany for a great home-cooked meal (my parents know me too well – quinoa, salmon, broccoli, salad and leftover homemade pizza was on the menu) before flying back to CLE Monday morning.

salmon, quinoa salad, pizza, broccoli, salad

salmon, quinoa salad, pizza, broccoli, salad

It was a lovely weekend and I hope Melgar had a great time and felt all the love that can only be felt when surrounded by your favorite girl friends. I cannot wait to celebrate again with her when she gets married in just a few months!

The gorgeous bride-to-be

The gorgeous bride-to-be

Some questions for you:

  1. Do you still keep in touch with your old college friends? High school? Junior high? Yes there are a few lovely ladies that I keep in touch with and see every so often!
  2. Have you been to a bachelorette party? Been in a wedding? What’s the best part? TBD – these are all firsts for me!
  3. Ever been to Boston? Favorite part of the city? Least favorite? I lived there for 4ish years and loved it! I love how walkable everything is. And how manageable the T is. I also love the history! My least favorite part of the city is definitely their sports teams. Growing up in NY i pretty much hate the Red Sox, Patriots, etc. 

Together We Run and Show Our Support

I woke up today with an email alert from my alma mater, Boston College, telling me that campus was closed and students were urged not to leave their dorm rooms as the whole city was on lock down. Just when I thought the madness was starting to end and city was starting to heal, additional deaths were reported and the remaining suspect was still at large.

It’s been a rough week. I also learned that one of my classmates’/and one of B’s suitemates’ brothers was seriously injured, along with his wife, in the week’s attacks. We’ve donated to their medical expenses, I wore blue and gold twice this week AND I’ve vowed to run at least 26 miles this week in honor of all those affected – but still, what else can we do besides sit back, watch, hope for the best, and stay positive?

It’s hard feeling helpless … but I’ve started to realize that what we CAN do is stay together and show our support. From wherever you are. I’m so proud that even in Cleveland, we’re doing what we can. That’s why I hope you’ll join local runners tomorrow morning for Silent Saturday.

From the website:

Running together to show our support.

This Saturday , April 20th we will be running in Downtown Cleveland – to mourn those lost, those hurt, and show our support for everyone affected by the tragedy in Boston. I’m not quite sure how many will be there. This isn’t a race, this isn’t an “official” event – it’s just a way to show support, together. Please spread the word to runners and running clubs in the Cleveland area. Please join us.

Before the run, I am hoping that we can share a brief moment of silence – maybe pray, maybe reflect – just take a minute or so of silence to take everything in together before we head out.

There are two suggested routes on the website (3 and 6 miles)and I don’t yet know if I’ll be in attendance, but if not, I’ll be thinking of all those affected and staying positive as I think of all the survivors and the kindness and generosity that is being shown during these difficult times.

So, to those in Boston, please know that this New Yorker, living in Cleveland, is thinking of you.


For Boston …

I’m speechless. I can’t stop thinking about the sadness … and madness … from today’s Boston Marathon.

As a former Boston resident, I mourn for the injured and for the dead and cannot stop thinking about the feelings sweeping the city on this normally joyous occasion. I think about all my fellow Bostonians, who were spectators and runners on what should have been a beautiful day.

As a runner, I mourn for the injured and for the dead and cannot stop thinking about those who devoted months, and years, to training and have not yet got to realize their dreams of crossing the finish line and running Boston.

As a family member of runners (not racing in Boston this year), I mourn for the injured and for the dead and cannot stop thinking about those who spent months supporting their spouse/sister/brother/mother/father train and looked forward to cheering them on today, but instead were forced to send frantic texts as they waited to hear of their loved ones’ whereabouts.

Thinking of all those affected by this tragedy and keeping everyone in my prayers. My next run will be a grateful one and I will certainly be thinking of all of you.