Just because it’s beary cute

Friday was my birthday. I know, I know, happy birthday to me. And I’ m getting old. But that’s beside the point.

This post is about the cutest cake ever. Do you like baking? Do you have cute little kids to bake for? Or 20-somethings who like cool looking cakes? I’m recommending you buy the Build-A-Bear cake pan, either from William Sonoma (per the link) or anywhere else you may find it. B’s mom bought the cake pan for her granddaughter’s first birthday (next month) but needed to test it out first!

The result? An awesome bear cake (complete wearing a red dress, pearls and carrying a brief case, a la me) for my birthday!!


And yes, that is a cake. It was yummy.

Krazy Mac’s!

Onto the pre-existing dinner plans that made me leave Cleveland SMC early. The boy and I were celebrating 4 years of dating (read: wow I’m getting old) and decided to go somewhere new and low-key. We keep hearing all this great stuff about the Detroit Shoreway area, and living on the west side, we decided it was due time to check out one of the places. 

I was given a few choices:

I’d heard great things about all these places, especially Stone Mad a newer Irish pub (with an indoor bocce court!) from various friends or B’s family. I decided that with all the cold weather, I could use some comfort food, and chose Krazy Mac’s. 

The name “Krazy Mac’s” is relatively new and the place has a cool history that I won’t go all the way into. For those of you familiar with the restaurants Cheddar’s or Snickers, that’s what Krazy Mac’s is. According to their website: 

As you know, Snickers opened at our current location at Detroit Avenue and West 58th Street in October 2005. Then in February 2007, we opened Cheddar’s Cafe in the building next door. By October of that year the immediate success of Cheddar’s prompted us to combine the two restaurants, offering the popular menu of 21 kinds of macaroni and cheese served at Cheddar’s as well as some of the well-loved favorites from Snickers.

Apparently the name Cheddar’s was already taken by some restaurant chain down in Texas, so after combining the two restaurants (and changing the name of Snickers to Cheddar’s) they had to change their name once again, to Krazy Mac’s. 

Anyways, back to the best part about the restaurant – our meals! They were out of their seasonal beers (no pumpkin ales or Great Lakes Oktoberfest) so I decided to have a Hoogarden to keep the spirit of summer going strong. B, of course, had Budweiser.

For starters, we shared a Krazy Mac’s Pizza, which is a small pepperoni pizza with mac and cheese on it. AMAZING! For the main dish, B ordered the Fiesta Mac (the menu on their website is not up-to-date as this is not listed), which was mac and cheese with taco meat, guacamole and sour cream. It also came with some really salty tortilla chips. I got the Southwestern Mac, described as “Cheddar & pepper jack with chorizo sausage, green peppers, onions, black beans, in a roasted red pepper sauce.” The portions were huge and I have some leftovers for lunch today! Our entrees each came with some yummy cheesy bread and salad with great italian/balsamic dressing. I took a picture with my phone, but of course I had no flash and the crummy lighting made my food look like a pile of old oatmeal. Rather than disgust you with the horrible picture that doesn’t do my food justice, I’ll let you just imagine the best looking mac and cheese of your life.

I can’t wait to go back again. Our waiter was super friendly. The whole place had an intimate atmosphere (B and I sat in a large booth with plush seating and comfy pillows) and was pretty affordable and casual. 

What are you still doing there reading this? Go to Krazy Mac’s Now! (5800 Detroit Ave, north side of Detroit, just past W 55th, Cleveland)

Great weekend

I’m sure my last blog post left you on the edge of your seat wondering, what will she do? How will she survive B’s birthday? Since you’ve been eagerly awaiting (I’m sure) I’ll update.

Birthday went fine! Better than fine – Great!! I stopped stressing over a gift and ended up with a great gift:

  • New boxers: Don’t get the wrong idea, these were just plain Hanes boxers. He was always complaining he needed new ones, so not to be his mother or anything, I just went to Target and bought the softest ones I found. I mean, come on, when your boyfriend says his “lucky boxers” are threadbare, you would be a bad girlfriend just to sit back and watch his luck run out!
  • Ambitious Brew: see the below twitter recommendation. Written by Maureen Ogle, it’s a book about the history of American beer, so for a boy that likes history AND beer, I figured this was a given. I ended up buying it from Amazon.com because both Borders AND Barnes and Noble were out!
  • Beer of the month club!: Rozi’s Wine House in Lakewood and Rocky River offers both a Beer and Wine Club. I opted for the Beer Club and purchased a 3 month membership to begin with.
  • Dinner at Morton’s: A GREAT restaurant if you like steak, located in Tower City. We went Saturday night and enjoyed a FABULOUS multi course meal that was well worth the rather pricey bill. We shared an appetizer of scallops wrapped in bacon, and then I ordered a chopped salad (it came with BACON and avocado and hearts of palm!!) with a seared tuna. Yum! B got NY Strip Steak (I think? I’m not good at deciphering the different cuts) and mashed potatos. I’ll be eating leftover tuna for lunch tomorrow!

So all in all, no need to worry. Dinner and gifts were good. And I recommend the beer of the month club for any girl or guy you’re looking to surprise with a fun gift that keeps coming month after month! (*hint hint..my birthday is in January)

Birthday Boy Blues

It’s that time of year again- stress, anguish, anxiety and confusion. It can only mean one thing: September and therefore B’s birthday.

Why do I have such a hard time getting him a gift? We’ve been dating for a few years now (and living together for 1), so you think it would just get easier. But it doesn’t! Each year, with each gift I give, it narrows down the possibility for other gifts. I go around my office, asking suggestions. I ask my mom. I ask HIS mom! I google “Perfect birthday gift for boyfriend who likes cigars but already has a humidor and likes alcohol but isn’t an alcoholic, is in law school but doesn’t like law TV shows, etc.” But didn’t get much from that search. I even tweeted about it and didn’t get too many responses!

I mean if 130something people follow me and only 2 people have suggestions, it’s not just me that thinks it is difficult!

So, with B’s birthday being this weekend…anyone have any ideas?