Sprinkle, Sick and Spring?

Happy Monday! We had a schizophrenic weekend in terms of weather. We started off with some sunny and 70 degree weather and ended with 30s and rain. Thus is Cleveland’s spring!

With the warm weather on Friday, it was the perfect day to enjoy a brightly colored smoothie.

Our carefree Friday ended early though, with a call from daycare to pick up a sick FW. So we spent time on the porch with a sick toddler — at least we spent the afternoon outside enjoying the warm weather.

We continued with pizza for dinner on the porch.

Saturday morning started with a trip to the lake to watch the fish and the geese. FW seemed to be feeling a little better.

FW loved looking at the fish, but here’s a picture of the geese.

Then, it was time for brunch for me!

My friends are the best; they threw me a little sprinkle to celebrate baby #2, and I am so grateful.

That afternoon, we had plans to go to an Indians game. B and I were going to drop off FW and go out, just the 2 (or 2.5) of us. But things changed when FW’s fever turned into a stomach flu when he threw up while sitting on my lap. Toddler sick with a stomach virus and fever does not make for a good combo. We hung out with him the rest of the afternoon and he seemed to be feeling a little better by nighttime.

Since B’s mom already had plans to watch FW she came over after we put him to bed and B and I went out to dinner. It was our first grown up date in a while and it was fun! We had a pretty good meal at Trentina, followed by some ice cream.

This was our dinner – see that candle? It was made of beef – so when it melted you dipped your bread in it!

Of course, I had room for dessert. Cookie butter ice cream – even though it was 30 degrees (B thought I was crazy).

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. It involved lots pouring rain, so we stayed inside with FW while he recovered. We did do a little shopping and I finally got to take advantage of this!

That evening, we had dinner at B’s parents’ house and celebrated his sister’s birthday! FW loved singing happy birthday – it’s one of his new favorite songs!

We also watched the Cavs game … sadly, they lost, but FW had his gear on.

Some questions for you:

  • Are you watching playoff basketball?
  • Did it feel springlike near you?

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Another Weekend of Us (40 Weeks Pregnant)

This is what weekends look like when you’re just about 40 weeks pregnant:

A dinner date in Little Italy.


Lobster pasta is a must.20160617_202342

As is dessert. Ice cream and macarons.20160617_213419

And Saturday morning long walks. Just cos I’m about to pop doesn’t mean I can still for too long…20160618_124106

Checking out new places in the Flats.20160618_123316

And relaxing in reading gardens.20160618_140125

When it’s 80 degrees, popsicles go really well with flea market shopping.20160618_152242

And you can’t forget to get excited with seeing your Cleveland pride everywhere.20160618_154600

And impromptu Saturday night dinner dates where all you want is pizza.20160618_192837

And succumbing to pizza cravings. Yes, Italian two nights in a row. Citizen Pie deserves the hype. This thin crust was amazing.


Sundays start with Father’s Day brunch for B – French toast with a berry compote and some homemade whipped cream. I don’t make brunch often – but wow, this was good.


And cleaning and then making some granola for the week (or who knows when).


And another walk – this time with Nicole – the birthday girl! I didn’t snap a pic of us, but I did snap a pic of my shoes. Because – proof – I can still see my feet (but barely!).


And enjoying a summery dinner with B’s family.


And then watching the Cavs game … CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WON?

20160619_230245-COLLAGE 20160619_230123(0)

We of course had to go out and celebrate with about a bazillion other people in CLE.  I may have been the only 10 month pregnant chick out there (and got plenty of high fives and funny comments) but it was worth it!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you get restless if you sit for too long?
  • Did you watch the NBA finals? Who did you root for?
  • What’s on your end-of-June bucket list?

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WIAW: Wine and Gold for the Cavs

Phew. Why is it that the week after a short week always seems the longest? In any case, this What I Ate Wednesday is in celebration of the Cleveland Cavaliers. We’re in the finals (a rematch against the Golden State Warriors – ugh) and this day of eats included a celebration in honor of the Cavs – including a wine and gold-themed happy hour!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with the morning. For breakfast I was seriously craving some fruit. Like big, juicy, melon. Thank goodness we had some watermelon in the office and I had just cut open a cantaloup the night before – I made myself a large fruit salad (watermelon is hiding below) and some overnight oats.

20160602_085834 20160602_090949

For lunch,  I had plans to meet up with B and we had a lunch date at my favorite bakery/sandwich/salad place downtown – Stone Oven. Janea’s salad will forever be my favorite.


Then, the happy hour I was talking about! Our office had a Wine & Gold-themed Happy Hour to celebrate the Cavs getting into the finals and that meant some wine/gold food, drinks, etc. I baked red velvet cupcakes with gold frosting to contribute.


We also had a dunk contest – I came in 2nd somehow! No doubt it was for creativity – and lucky (I somehow got it in).


Dinner plans had to get changed – B and I were going to go out with friends on E 4th while the Cavs were on but we were starving and places were too crowded – so instead we just heated up some leftover quinoa enchilada casserole and ate it with avocado, sour cream (leftover from the red velvet cupcake recipe) and plenty of tortilla chips.

E 4th street getting crowded

E 4th street getting crowded

blurry dinner pic (many more tortilla chips consumed but not pictured)

blurry dinner pic (many more tortilla chips consumed but not pictured)

And that sums up my day of eats! Now, some questions for you:

  • Are you rooting for anyone in the NBA finals? Who?
  • What’s your favorite fruit? Least favorite?

December FLEW by

Whew. I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Between holiday parties, cookie exchanges, dinners with friends, baking, and more – the past month has flown by. And I’ve loved every minute! We’ve had such a great December – here are some of the highlights from this past weekend, week and month:

lights in playhouse square

Running with Nicole! Me and my running bff finally got back outside and enjoyed a few runs the past few weeks. Some were incredibly warm and I wore shorts! Others were more seasonable. But it was great to get out there again after a few too many indoor treadmill runs and enjoy the morning and sunrise. And stop and take pictures of the Terminal Tower all lit up for the holidays!

running-tower city

Going to a Browns game for Monday Night Football! On one of the seasonably warm days, B and I snagged suite seats to a Browns game thanks to his work. The game wasn’t that great – we ended up losing at the last second and it ended after midnight. BUT, it was still fun to enjoy live Monday Night Football and inside the warmth of a suite.

browns suite

Going to the Cavs game. And having suite seats (yes, again). Through B’s work, we were able to enjoy a Cavs game. I prefer basketball to football (inside, faster paced, better fans, shorter games…) and had a great time. Even the food was good! Seriously – look at that grilled cheese. At a game!

cavs game

cavs game food

Celebrating the holidays with coworkers. Our office holiday party was at a fun restaurant/bar this year, Happy Dog, that features hot dogs and tater tots with tons of toppings. And arcade games. t was fun to celebrate the season (and a great year!) with my coworkers. Their hot dogs are really good – especially their vegan dog, which tastes more like an Italian sausage. I had a really good vegan dog with a garlic sauce, mozzarella, bacon, onions and mushrooms. Plus some tots!

office holiday party


Ringing in the holiday season with other BC grads. B and I are in charge of our alumni association and planned this year’s holiday party. We were excited to go to a new place – Bold Food & Drink on the East Bank of the Flats – and had a great turnout. I love meeting new BC grads living in Cleveland – they’re here, but not so easy to find!

bc holiday party

Enjoying the final Ladies Craft Beer Society of 2015. This year, we opted to do a holiday dinner to celebrate a great Ladies Craft Beer Society and wish good luck to the three ladies in our group who are pregnant. One of them – Reanna – is due any week (!!) so it was great to see her and the other girls and enjoy a night out. And do a final craft for the year 🙂


Dining out with the Carney ladies. Each year, my sisters-in-law and I opt to celebrate the holidays with an experience as opposed to gifts – this year the holidays snuck up on us and we only had time to plan a dinner. Still, it was a great night for wine and pizza and fries (dinner of champions!) at Bar Cento and to catch up before the craziness of the holidays sits in.

girls night dinner

We did quite a few other things this month – going to see the Cleveland Orchestra, out to dinner in Uptown, grabbing drinks with friends, seeing the From Monet to Matisse exhibit at the Cleveland Art Museum and more .. it has really been a great month! I can’t believe December is nearly over and we’re already talking about 2016. Which undoubtedly will be a great year 🙂

holiday flowers

Some questions for you:

  • What are you most looking forward to about the rest of December?
  • Have you ever been to a Monday Night Football game?

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Cavs Bookends

It was a weekend that started and ended with the Cavs. Since my NBA team is in the playoffs, that means plenty of game watches, as well as very little sleep. I think there’s a math equation in there…

This city is All In!

This city is All In!

This week I was lucky enough to have a visitor in town for a few days – Katie, one of my roommates in college, was in town from Seattle! She had a wedding to go to but came in a few days early and got to spend some time with me and B. Which meant some dinner at Noodlecat, patio drinks, and a game watch that went into the weeeeee hours of the morning.

We ordered every steam bun on the menu

We ordered every steam bun on the menu

To say downtown was crowded is an understatement

To say downtown was crowded is an understatement

patio drinks

patio drinks

game watch at Thirsty Parrot

game watch at Thirsty Parrot

That didn’t stop us from getting up early on Friday for a scenic run before work together.

Sweaty selfie with the city in the background!

Sweaty selfie with the city in the background!

Friday night I was pretty tired and was craving some hummus and vegetarian foods so B and I hit up Flaming Ice Cube. We started with the hummus appetizer and I enjoyed their sunshine salad with tempeh.

20150612_201144 20150612_201612

It was a relaxing night – B and I stayed up watching old episodes of Little Rascals, and then Katie and I caught up while I tried to keep my eyes open.

Saturday morning B and I said goodbye to Katie and then went for a run around the city. It was the first time that I’d seen a deer in downtown – how cool is that?

5 foggy morning miles

5 foggy morning miles


Then I had to work an event for a client. We were giving out free ice cream, chocolate truffles and more in Tremont – not a bad event to work, huh?

Chalk art during event

Chalk art during event

After work, B and I hit up Hingetown for some beverages – coffee for him and kombucha for me. I had plans to go to the Flea but by the time my work event ended, it was pretty much too late 😦


colorful kombucha


So instead, B and I then decided to take a walk around downtown. It had turned into a gorgeous day (no more fog/clouds) and walking to the water seemed like a great idea.

Water <3

Water ❤

love this view of downtown!

love this view of downtown!

B had picked up some fish, veggies, cheese and bubbly while I was working so he made dinner! I loved everything about this meal.

pre-dinner bubbly drink - limoncello, champagne, blueberries and basil

pre-dinner bubbly drink – limoncello, champagne, blueberries and basil

finished dish

finished dish

Sunday morning started with an easy 5k on the treadmill and some elliptical and 8 min abs. The last time I did 8 min abs I was sore for DAYS so I’m expecting to feel it tomorrow and beyond 🙂

Then, while B played golf I attempted to be productive. I went for a walk, did some meal prep and baked cookies.

Salads, chicken and quinoa

Salads, chicken and quinoa

ALL IN cookies - peanut butter oatmeal with "wine and gold" M&Ms

ALL IN cookies – peanut butter oatmeal with “wine and gold” M&Ms

Sunday evening I went to a friend’s house for a Cavs game watch (boo another lose :(). She had plans to watch the game outside on her back porch, but the rain prevented that from happening. Instead, we projected it in her living room with a wine and gold themed feast – seriously everything was wine and gold — from the appetizers (wine and gold cheese, yellow peppers and tomatoes with hummus) to the main dishes (hot dogs and mustard, beet veggie burgers) to the desserts (red velvet cupcakes with a gold cream cheese frosting).  I went to bed stuffed but hopeful that we’ll win the next one!


Today starts half marathon training for my race in August. It’s supposed to be a hot and humid morning – hopefully not all OF my summer runs are like this!

All in all it was a pretty good weekend!

Questions for you:

  • Do you have any summer races planned?
  • Have you ever watched Little Rascals? The TV show or movie?


WIAW #18: Baseball and Basketball Games

Happy Wednesday – are you ready for another What I Ate Wednesday? These were my eats from YESTERDAY. I tried to switch things up a little bit in my eats – starting with breakfast. For those of you who follow me on a regular basis, you know I typically eat egg whites and veggies in the morning – I started it with a little different food! Here we go:

The day started with a 5-ish mile run with Nicole around downtown! We made sure to run by the Q (Quicken Loans Arena) where the Cavs are playing in the NBA playoffs. There were already news stations parked downtown (ESPN, etc.) and the streets were alive and decorated. Before the run I had a spoonful of honey and some water.


My post-run breakfast was a homemade yogurt parfait. I had leftover yogurt at work from our last week’s smoothie party – Dannon Light & Fit – which I mixed with some frozen berries, chia seeds and flaxseed. Yum!


For lunch, I had made myself a salad. I typically have leftovers but I decided to give B the leftover stir fry for today and instead I had a salad with chickpeas, quinoa, a Heinen’s veggie burger, carrots, radishes and black beans. No dressing  – I’m super picky about the dressing and didn’t have any homemade dressing available.


Snacks the day included a nectarine, lots of herbal tea (my office was freezing!), some radishes, some mints and a handful of nuts. Nuts not pictured.

20150609_140523 20150609_145532

B made me dinner – some whole wheat pasta with sausage from our CSA and sautéed zucchini and shallots. It was soo good and luckily I got home from work about 6:45 and we had time to eat before heading to the Indians game.


We ended up spending the evening at the Indians game BEFORE watching the Cavs game so my after-dinner snack was a beer at the ballpark. I didn’t realize it was going to be this big and I admit I didn’t finish it all. I maybe should’ve gone for the ice cream 🙂 We enjoyed spending time in the ballpark watching the Indians (they lost :() but also spent time in the ballpark bar and watched the Cavs game – and watched the Cavs win!! What a perfect ending to a Tuesday … is it Friday yet?


Hellllo ginormous beer

Me and Nicole at the Indians stadium bar watching the Cavs game

Me and Nicole at the Indians stadium bar watching the Cavs game

That was it! That was my day. How did I do? Two questions for you:

  • Who are you rooting for in the NBA Finals? Cavs? Oakland? Nobody?
  • What’s your favorite ballpark food? If we hadn’t eaten dinner I would’ve gotten a pretzel or veggie burger. Or ice cream 🙂 

Can I have another 3-day weekend?

Happy unofficial start of summer! It was the perfect introduction of summer this weekend – a 3 day weekend filled with family, food and pretty much perfect weather. Prepare for a post filled with lots of photos!

Friday night my parents came into town from New York! They got into town just in time for dinner and we walked around downtown for a little (I got to show them the new Heinen’s!) and then headed to Uptown. We had reservations at L’Albtross and the food was soooo good. I seriously love Zach Bruell restaurants and my parents were impressed with their food. After dinner, we walked around Uptown for a second and got dessert at Coquette Patisserie – it was a French food filled evening, I suppose!

My parents enjoying dessert

My parents enjoying dessert

All the sweetness!

All the sweetness!

Saturday, we typically hit up the West Side Market, even when my family comes into town – but this weekend, instead, we decided to try something new – and this meant going for a hike in the ‘burbs. We headed to Squires Castle for a few photos and a nice cool hike in the woods. A little different than our typical more urban walk throughout downtown!

B and I - in nature!

B and I – in nature!


After our hike, we stopped off in downtown Willoughby for lunch at the Willoughby Brewing Company – it was my first time there and we all enjoyed our meal.


By the time we got downtown again, it was almost time for our late-afternoon plans – Indians game! We didn’t have 4 seats tighter, but instead had 2 sets in the 2nd row behind third base and 2 seats in the upper deck. B and my dad got the good seats, and I got the super high seats with my mom. What a fun afternoon! My mom and I enjoyed watching the game, chatting and of course taking selfies.

our super high bird

our super high bird

Baseball game selfie!

Baseball game selfie!


We hadn’t been hungry for food during the game, so we opted for Vietnamese for dinner. I love me some Vietnamese cabbage salads – we also feasted on Bun, Pho, spring rolls and more.

ginormous salad

ginormous salad

My parents typically only spend one full day in town when they visit, but since it was a 3-day weekend they were able to also stay for half of the day on Sunday! We started off the day with a visit to the Sunday Market in Hingetown.

Dad and I at Cleveland Tea Revival

Dad and I at Cleveland Tea Revival


After walking around and of course a few purchases, we hit up brunch in Ohio City at Heck’s.

Cheating on Phuel with another yogurt parfait!

Cheating on Phuel with another yogurt parfait!

And then my parents were off 😦 During the afternoon, B and I ran a few errands, spending waaaay too much time (and $) in Target, before feasting on leftovers and heading to the bar to watch the Cavs game. Thank goodness we brought home a win!

A porter during the game

A porter during the game

Time for  a win!

Time for a win!

I need a cavs shirt

I need a cavs shirt

Monday morning started off with a longish run – now that I’m not training for anything right now, it’s somewhat enjoyable not to have any scheduled long runs; however, I do miss them sometimes! I got in 7.5 miles before B and I hit the driving range.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 4.05.42 PM

I don’t actually know what I’m doing when I hit golf balls … but B does!

IMG_20150525_144810 20150525_143055_001

Then it was time to prepare our contribution to our Memorial Day BBQ – an appetizer from our Recipe Girl cookbook – and then it was cookout time!

20150525_153930 20150525_153813

My plates from the barbecue – definitely enjoyed chicken, ribs, pork tenderloin, potato salad, and of course ice cream, cookies and local beer. Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!


my plate!


New – from Platform!


vanilla, strawberry, mint chip AND a delicious cookie



Some questions for you:

  • Do you golf?
  • Which flavors of neopolitan ice cream do you like? I love vanilla and strawberry – but hate chocolate!