Summer weekends

I seriously love weekends so much. I know – not surprising. Everyone does. But summer weekends where the weather’s perfect and you end up with equal parts fun, productivity, and relaxation? Those are THE best.

Friday night started with an Indians game with B and his company. His company outing included all you can eat and drink, plus grew seats at a fireworks game. AND we won!


Such an amazing sunset … No filter needed 🙂


Also, great fireworks!


After the game, we went out and met up with B’s friend from high school and his girlfriend who were in town. We ended up bar hopping until the bars closed. Yup – I may be getting older and may have been tired, but I guess I still got it!

Saturday morning, I met up with Mary for an easy run. I had done 8 miles Friday morning and had gone to bed late, so I was hoping to just get in 3-4 miles. Barely made it 5 miles. It was finally seasonal temps (70 degrees in the morning) but felt SO hot to me. Gotta get used to hot summer runs again!


Had to pause on the bridge to breathe heavily take a picture:


After our run, I met back up with B and we hit up the West Side Market for our groceries. We typically go there weekly but it had been a while — so glad we got to go back!


I was craving something refreshing after the run – a big thing fruit was just what I needed.


After the Market it was time to hit up the Flea. I love the Cleveland Flea – during the summer about once a month there is a giant flea market with food, drinks and stands of people selling antiques, clothing, jewelry, soaps, etc. It was the most perfect sunny day and we visited with Dave and Anson and Dave’s mom who was in town.


After the Flea, B and I checked out a few open houses with my friend Cuoghi. Yes, we’re sorta house hunting! And then it was time for ice cream. I love Mason’s Creamery- a cute ice cream shop in Ohio City and the owners are SO nice.


I couldn’t stop by Ohio City without a stop for some kombucha from Cleveland Tea Revival.


I was in the mood for pizza for dinner, so B and I hit up Gallucci’s for some supplies. I love Gallucci’s – look at all those great Italian canned/jarred goods!


And our great supplies:


So I made some sauce, and B made pizza.



Sunday was actually pretty laid back. B had plans to play golf so I took it easy – got in an easy workout (Sundays are my “stretch and strengthen” day on my half training schedule), did some meal prep, made some granola and got a pedicure. After a long winter and season of running – my toes are finally  flip flop ready!


We had big plans to go to the beach, but it was not as nice as Saturday and looked like it may storm all day (it didn’t actually rain until late afternoon), so we pretty much hung out indoors. Ah well. My toes are happy!

We didn’t end up having family dinner, so B made me something I had been craving for a while – fish. Anytime I can relax, enjoy my pedicure and enjoy a homecooked dinner – pretty much a perfect Sunday 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.09.06 AM

  • How was your weekend?
  • What’s your favorite kind of fish?
  • When you get pedicures – what kind of color do you get? Pinks? reds? purples? Or something fun like green or blue?

PS – Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends from high school, Alisa 🙂 Can’t believe it’s been more than 4 years since we took the below picture!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.08.41 AM

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Summer Is My Favorite

Summer is my favorite. No, but really. Summer is my favorite season. I know, it should be fall or spring, or another season that girls love (if I hear another girl proclaim how much fall is her favorite season and how she can’t wait for it to be fall I’m going to scream), but I LOVE SUMMER and want to proclaim it and scream it at the top of my lungs.

This weekend was probably the perfect summer weekend – and that is not an exaggeration. It was warm. It was sunny. It was relaxing and yet there was so much to do. Thus the longish post that follows.

Friday night started with a walk to Flaming Ice Cube for our favorite appetizer (Buffalo “chik” dip) and my favorite meal – kalebouli wrap!


Look at that wrap. So much hummus and kalebouli!


And then we walked home, admiring the new artwork along the street. We may have had a detour at Rothschild creamery. This is mango twist soft serve. AMAZING.20140808_195127

New outdoor art.20140808_182657

Saturday started somewhat early. I wanted to catch the informal opening ceremonies of the International Gay Games (which are in Cleveland this year!) and participate in the 1 mile Rainbow Memorial Run, which remembers those who have lost their lives to AIDS and breast cancer, as well as others lost in the Gay Games family.20140809_083711

Everyone participating in the event got to wear a different color shirt. So we made all the colors of the rainbow!20140809_083207

Along the course were some balloons with designs on them designed by local students. The designs talked through the history of the fight for AIDS awareness and gay rights.IMG_20140809_141406

I chose a blue shirt. And made sure to wear my rainbow everywhere else on my outfit.20140809_083232

After the run, B and I did a few more miles on our own, bringing our total to 8 for the day before it got too hot to run.

Including my run on Sunday (below), I ended the week with another 30+ miles!

aug 3 running

Post-run, I met up with my friend Ali and we hit up the West Side Market. There were rainbow flags all throughout Ohio City in honor of the games!20140809_121946

And after the market, B and I hit up our CSA pickup and the Cleveland Flea. I love the Cleveland Flea. We ended up picking up a few goodies and some more produce. It was a perfect day to just walk around and enjoy people watching and all the Flea has to offer!


Post Flea, we met up with B’s family for mass and dinner. It was a somewhat early night (after an early morning) that also ended with B and I finally participating in the ice bucket challenge. In case you haven’t been on Facebook in a year, or watched the news, or just want a refresher, the ice bucket challenge has been sweeping social media. It involves dunking yourself with a bucket of ice to raise awareness for ALS. You’re able to challenge some of your connections, and if they don’t complete the challenge in 24 hours, they must donate to the cause (and even those that participate are encouraged to donate). I’ve heard that ALS organizations are up more than 100% in terms of donations and if anything, the challenge is helping to raise awareness for ALS.  A fellow BC grad from my year, Pete Frates, was diagnosed from ALS, so many of my friends are doing the challenge in honor of him. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you may have seen the video, if not – here’s at least a screenshot.

video screenshot

video screenshot

Sunday morning I met up with Nicole for an easy run around downtown where we were able to catch part of the Gay Games triathletes finishing up their race and others start the running portion. How inspirational! It was fun to watch the athletes and break up our run. Post-run, I met up with Ali again and we walked over to Ohio to catch the North Union Farmer’s Market, which recently started a Sunday farmer’s market. We browsed through the stands, I finally got my hands on Cle Kraut (love the gnar gnar!) and some more produce.


And when I got home, I checked out my haul. Hmmm … I may have gone overboard on the produce and farmers markets this week? I spy beets, onions, tomatoes, apples, hot peppers, sweet peppers, nectarines, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and a giant zucchini. Oh, and the canteloup and blueberries and kale are in my fridge.


Sunday afternoon B and I hit up the beach and met up with Dave and Anson. It was the perfect beach day. We read, sunned ourselves and I even went in the water. TWICE. (well only “swimming” once) Which is a big deal for me. I ended the day with some slightly sunburned legs. My FIRST sunburn of the year and it’s mid-August. #Fail20140810_142521

Sunday night we hit up Winking Lizard for some more buffalo chicken, wings, and summer beers. Can summer last all year long? Please?

A few questions for you:

  • Which is your favorite season? Summer!
  • During the summer – which do you prefer, beach or pool? Beach all the way! I do love the ability to swim and do laps in crystal clear (and often warmer) pools, but there’s something so relaxing about laying on the sand and listening to the water.
  • When at the beach are you a tanner? A swimmer? An active person (frisbee/volleyballer, etc.) Typically a relaxer/sleeper/reader. I don’t often go swimming unless it’s hot out. But if it’s hot and the water is calm, I’m in!
  • What’s your favorite farmer’s market produce? I love those mini cherry tomatoes and mini sweet peppers. Perfect for healthy snacking! Also, any fresh fruit, especially nectarines.

Weekend Update: It’s Been 5 Weeks …

It’s been FIVE whole weeks since I’ve spent a weekend in Cleveland. Oh boy! No wonder I was feeling super excited and almost giddy for a weekend of staying home and enjoying what looked like an amazing weather forecast:

costa rica weather

Okay, okay – you got me. That’s not Cleveland. But it was darn close – this weekend we saw sunny, 70 degree temps BOTH DAYS. For my friends in Southern California I know that’s not a big deal – but holy cow, it felt great here!

Some highlights from the weekend:

Friday night started with dinner at Flaming Ice Cube with a few other friends. Oh kalebouli hummus wrap – how I have missed thee!

Kalebouli humus wrap from the Flaming Ice Cube

Kalebouli humus wrap from the Flaming Ice Cube

And then a comedy show – Marc Maron was in town! B got me hooked on his stuff – his podcast and show are both pretty funny – and then of course I loved his act. I was crying of laughter at his last bit, where he talked about his Time Warner Cable customer service experience.

(not from the show i saw but from his TV show)

Saturday morning started with an 8 mile run – in a SHORT sleeved shirt and capris. Yes – it was finally warm enough to run without leggings, a jacket, gloves, etc. Hooray!

post-run sweaty pic

post-run unflattering sweaty pic

And then B and I hit the first Cleveland Flea of the year. It was super crowded – I guess word has caught on and combined with the good weather, it seems like everyone was there.

perfect day for the first Cleveland Flea.

perfect day for the first Cleveland Flea.

After the Flea we headed to the West Side Market to pick up groceries of the week. I still can’t believe it’s been five weeks since I’ve been there! Oh, and of course we had to stop for some lunch at the Souper Market.

awesome veggie lentil soup and amazing hunk of bread.

awesome veggie lentil soup and amazing hunk of bread.

No trip to Ohio City is complete without a stop at Rising Star

No trip to Ohio City is complete without a stop at Rising Star

Friday night we ended up hanging in, enjoying homemade pizza and wine and catching up on some episodes of Game of Thrones. No spoilers – we’re only on season 2!

one of too many slices :) homemade mushroom zaa!

one of too many slices 🙂 homemade mushroom zaa!

Sunday was another gorgeous day, so after Palm Sunday Mass, B and I decided to take a walk to the lake. I love living so close to water – there’s just something so relaxing about big bodies of water, isn’t there? (Lake Erie is huge – it feels like an ocean, it’s not like I can see Canada)

They've really revamped the Cleveland Theater District this year - coming soon ... a chandelier!

They’ve really revamped the Cleveland Theater District this year – coming soon … a chandelier!

view from the water

view from the water

We also enjoyed some of our favorite Lebanese food for lunch. Yes, I had hummus twice this weekend and I’m not ashamed. This time it was my favorite hummus, at my favorite Lebanese place (look at those pita pillows!), Taza.

my favorite hummus.

my favorite hummus.

And some baking. I don’t think a weekend would be complete without at least some baking – don’t you agree?

Here's what I ended up making - cookie dough easter eggs!

Here’s what I ended up making – cookie dough easter eggs! I’ll share the recipe tomorrow

Some questions for you:

Did you enjoy some good weather this weekend? Were you able to get outside? A run and outdoor market on Saturday, a long walk with B on Sunday. Simply marvelous!

What sort of things do you buy at flea markets? I’ve never bought anything for myself at the Flea (well besides fruits/veggies from local farm stands) – just gifts. What do you buy at flea markets?

Is it ever too warm for soup? I don’t think so! I love soup year round – even in the summer.

Do you like comedy shows?Are you a Marc Maron fan?