Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon Challenge Series Recap (2017)

Wow – I can’t believe this is my last Training Tuesday post for this year’s stint as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador. I feel so truly grateful to have been able to participate in the experience this year again and share my training with you and the other amazing ambassadors.

Said amazing ambassadors

This year I had signed up for the Challenge Series – the 8k and Half Marathon. This would mean that I would run an 8k Saturday morning, followed by the half marathon Sunday morning. (You may recall I did the Challenge Series last year, but the 5k/10k, since I was 30+ weeks pregnant)


This year looked a little different. First, the races were downtown, which was great! They were a 10 minute walk from my apartment and the courses were wider and more open than last year. I didn’t run with FW but we did get a pre-race pic.

I wanted to “take it easy,” knowing I had a half marathon the next day; but of course I took it a little faster than I would’ve liked. About 1 mile in, I found fellow Ambassador, Sara, running with her boy and her stroller! We ended up running the rest of the course or 4ish miles together. It was great to have someone to talk to for those last miles – it made them fly by!

Saturday was PERFECT running weather. It was 50 degrees, overcast and a little breezy. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions for the 8k.

pre-8k with some other ambassadors

Half Marathon

Sunday was a different story for the half marathon. Looking ahead at the weather all week, I was nervous for race day. It was due to be upper 70s (one day it forecasted 78 … ick!) and 100% chance of thunderstorms.  Definitely not ideal running weather, especially for me, as I have not been training outside much during this training season.

But, luck was on our side.  I woke up and it was mid-60s and NOT raining. I made it to the start and then began to wait in the massive porta potty line. And by massive, I mean that I was still waiting when the race started. I ended up heading inside the Q to use the restroom and Mary and I jumped into Corral D (we were supposed to be B or C) for the start. We discussed our goals – we decided that it would be to “survive the humidity … or get a PR.”

For the first few miles, we spent most of the time running/walking/dodging people and walkers. But after a few miles in, we were finally able to get into a good pace and enjoy the course. This year was a new course and I LOVED it. It took us part of the way through downtown, into the Flats, into Tremont, throughout the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood and then back downtown on Detroit (no dreaded running on the boring hot Shoreway!!).

How did I do? I felt pretty good for the first few miles. And B even surprised me by cheering us on with FW throughout the course! I knew he was watching, but didn’t expect to see him 4 different times, so that was great. About mile 6-7 I started to get pretty hot and thirsty and my fingers began to swell up. I took in part of an expired Salted Caramel Gu that I had found in our apartment but it tasted funny so I dropped it just in time to pick up a Vanilla Honey Stinger from the course around mile 8. I made sure to get water at every stop throughout and even dumped some on me.

smiles before the race

Around mile 11, I was spent. I told Mary she could go ahead of me as soon as we saw the bridge to back downtown; the thought of going up the hill made me nervous and more tired. Mary looked at me and said, “We will get under 2 hours!” She dashed ahead and I tried to keep up somewhat as I made it up the bridge and back into downtown.

I finished as strong as I could and was pleased to find out that my finish time was 1:58:07. Was it the PR I was hoping for in the weeks ahead? No. But it was under 2 hours, a solid race for my first post-baby half marathon, especially considering the humid conditions.

I’m feeling a little bit emotional now that my training is done. Or maybe it was the 2 engagements that happened this weekend during the running festivities? Either way, for some reason, this year’s race has left me a little misty eyed. Must mean it’s time to sign up for another race!

Some questions for you:

  • Did you run Cleveland? What did you think?
  • Have you ever done a Challenge Series – two day – race?

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Disclosure: As I mentioned, I’m an ambassador for the event. This means I got free race admission, entry to give away AND a cool shirt. 

Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon Recap (2015)

Wow – I can’t believe this is my last Training Tuesday as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador. I feel so truly grateful to have been able to participate in the experience and blog and share my training with you and the other ambassadors.

I’m not going to dwell on this week’s training, because really – you all want to hear about the race, don’t you? Instead, I’ll tell you that it included a last tempo run (Tuesday) and some outdoor runs with my ladies the other days (and temps from 70s to 30s…because that’s what Cleveland is like):

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.53.14 PM

Anyway, Sunday was race day. Earlier in week, Nicole had asked me if I had a goal for the race. ‘To PR,” I said, almost confidently. Which is NOT me. I don’t have running confidence, even after running 8 or so half marathons, training for a full, and logging miles nearly every day, I am not confident about my running. It was only this year that I even started to consider myself a runner! So, I was surprised that I said that.

BUT I feared I jinxed myself. As race day got nearer, the weather was not looking great. I do well in 40s-50s and it was supposed to be 70s, 80% humidity and – well – not my ideal running weather.

this is what was posted to Facebook a few days before the race:

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.07.26 PM

So yeah, let’s just say that come race eve and morning, I was not expecting a PR. All week I prepped. I stayed hydrated as much as I could, drinking water, nooma and more water with a splash of Crystal Light.


My desk at work. Staying hydrated!

The night before the race I followed my plan to the T. Despite being on my feet for much longer than I would’ve liked during the day (from about 10-4:30 due to a work event and then at the Expo), I ate well, drank my fluids and was in bed by 9 to watch a pump-me-up movie (B chose Run For Your Life about the beginning of the NY Marathon).

Race morning started out well. I somehow managed to sleep nearly full the night getting more than 7 hours and woke up at 5 a.m. feeling ready to go. The rain looked like it would hold off, so I opted to go with a tank top and shorts. I hate running in tank tops because of how tight they often are but I knew that I’d have to with the humidity.

I was supposed to meet the Ambassadors at 6:30 at the starting line for a pre-race photo opp. Of course things didn’t go as planned. After finishing my normal pre-race fuel (1/4 of a bagel with honey and a few bites of a protein bar), I realized I had no idea where my license was. And then my keys. And then one of my nails from the Expo fell off. Let’s just say that I didn’t leave my apartment until about 6:45.

The start!

The start!

As we walked to the start, it started pouring. We found some shelter and it somehow stopped just a few minutes before 7 a.m. and we hustled to the starting line. The start was SO efficient! At exactly 7 a.m. the race began and we were surrounded by cheers, people taking photos, and we made it into our corral and so we began.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.45.58 PM

Here’s somewhat of what was going on in my head:

Miles 1-4: This is great! I love half marathons. I love the crowds, the people running, the sounds of the garmins going off each mile ere great. I was feeling amazing, not running too fast, not feeling too hot, and stopping for water at each water stop. B and I were running together and I loved the crowds at the start, in Ohio City and Tremont.

Selfie at the start

Selfie at the start

Mile 5: This is rough. I hit a wall, early, and felt my minerals draining. Was it too early to take a Gu? Or my new favorite – Boom (apple cinnamon is my fave)? It was okay running down Clark but I was losing momentum and the people were scarce.

Mile 6: Yay! People are cheering. I love Ohio City. Oh hey- I see Joey! Hey Joey. And the Ignatius band. You’re awesome! Thank you! I even said to B – I needed that cheering, I was starting to feel myself lose momentum.

Mile 7: There HAS to be Boom gel soon, right? I mean – I need it. But wow, Gordon Square is awesome. These crowds. Oh wait – they’re gone? Thank goodness for water – and that hose! Ok, I’m giving in – definitely need some of my Gu I brought with me. Oh my goodness- I love Salted Caramel Gu!

Mile 8: Oh THERE’s the Boom. Apple Cinnamon – my favorite! If I just hold this in my hand and keep squeezing it, maybe my super swollen hand will get back to normal.

This is not a flattering photo but you can see my hair whipping AND the gel in my hand. Squeezing away!

This is not a flattering photo but you can see my hair whipping AND the gel in my hand. Squeezing away!

Miles 9-10: So long marathoners – hello Lakewood. Oh my. I have to do another 5k?!

Miles 11-12.5: I hate the shoreway. I hate the shoreway. Let me repeat myself. These rolling hills. The steady incline. The lack of crowds. Well this is better than last year I think?

Mile 12.5-13: B tells me to go ahead. He’s been pacing me the entire time but the heat has taken a toll on him.  “You may PR” he says. “Really?!”I say in disbelief. “Well, not really…err…maybe?” So I do it. I go ahead. I run and realize I’ve started running too hard too pace. I can no longer push it. Or can I?

Just after leaving B. Feeling like I can do this - I can push it!

Just after leaving B. Feeling like I can do this – I can push it!

Mile 13.1: I see the finish clock. It says 1:59. I can do this. Under 2 hours again. And maybe … just maybe, my chip time will be a PR? I’m done!

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.28.22 PM

And so – a PR. Was it as fast as I could have gone/ Probably not. But with the heat and humidity was I happy? Yes, yes, yes!

B took this of me after our race

B took this of me after our race

I have so many mixed feelings now that the race is over. I truly loved my experience as an Ambassador. I loved wearing my Ambassador shirt this weekend- I got people at the Expo and even in the streets coming up to me and asking me questions about not only the race, but also the city I loved the support system of the fellow ambassadors – everyone was so nice and motivational.

Post race with B and Mary

Post race with B and Mary

Looking back at the race, how do I feel? I loved the crowds at the beginning, in Ohio City, Gordon Square, Tremont and Lakewood and I even enjoyed the new part of the course and seeing a part of the city I’d never seen before. I enjoyed the post-race party and of course the cheering at the finish line. I guess it helps that I got a PR – of course that makes the race pretty happy as well – but I am SO proud to be a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador. I felt proud of the city and the race and can’t wait to run it again next year!

with some of my fellow ambassadors the night before the race (photo from The Tambura Runner: http://thetamburarunner.com)

with some of my fellow ambassadors the night before the race (photo from The Tambura Runner: http://thetamburarunner.com)

Cleveland Half Marathon Training – 5 more days!

It’s taper time! You know, that time when every runner in your life gets cranky and slightly crazy because they can’t get in that longer run they think they should but really know they shouldn’t?

The second to last week of my Cleveland half marathon training is DONE. It’s somewhat bittersweet -and exciting! – that the next training post I share with you as an ambassador will include race day. Holy cow … am I ready?

Here is a look at this past week:

This week's training

This week’s training

Monday: On the schedule – 5 miles.

Actual run – 6.18 miles. It was truly gorgeous weather for a run outside- not too hot, not cool, but just beautiful spring!

Tuesday: On the schedule – 10×400 intervals.

Actual run – 10×400 on the treadmill. Each 400 was about 7.6-7.7 and I walked a minute or so in between each one. Confession: Intervals have not gotten any easier. I used to jog between them but this week started off with walking and was glad I did.

Wednesday: On the schedule – 3 miles.

Actual run – 5ish miles, thanks to running with Erica this day. It was a perfect morning for a run. We had 3 on the schedule, and I did about a mile warmup first and then felt so good after the run I did a little more. I was overdressed but it was so perfect out! If race day is this way – low 50s – I’ll be ecstatic!

I took a selfie while waiting for Erica-  you can see the Terminal Tower in the background AND the fact that my shirt is indeed too warm for our run.

I took a selfie while waiting for Erica- you can see the Terminal Tower in the background AND the fact that my shirt is indeed too warm for our run.

Thursday: On the schedule – stretch and strengthen.  

Actual workout – I did about 55 minutes on the elliptical at basically no resistance in the morning.

And then 3 miles, pace. At night, B had some time and it was beautiful out so I decided to do my Friday 3 mile pace run. With B pacing, it felt like we were flying. We finished the 3 miles in about 24 miles, an 8:18 pace. I was definitely hurting – if this is what it takes to get a sub-25 5k, I’m almost ready!

Feeling proud after 3  fast (for me) miles. And tired. Oh yes my body is tired.

Feeling proud after 3 fast (for me) miles. And tired. Oh yes my body is tired.

Friday: On the schedule – 3 miles, pace.

Actual run – No run! I did my pace run Thursday after work so I just did a super easy 60 minute elliptical workout on Friday.

Saturday: On the schedule – 12 miles.

Actual run – 12 miles. We were rollin’ deep today! Which was great because I was super warm and needed the distraction. B and I started out, met Nicole 1 mile in and then got to Mary after about another mile in. Also not ready for this warm weather – good thing we started early because it got up to 80!

How we look mostly through our run (we stopped for water)

How we look mostly through our run (we stopped for water)

How we feel. Holy heat!

How we feel. Holy heat!

Sunday: On the schedule – crosstrain or off.

Actual workout – 55 minutes on the elliptical and some abs. It was another beautiful day but we ended up not having time for a walk – because it was Mother’s Day! We spent the day at the Asian Market and then went to B’s parents house for some small plates. It was a great, relaxing day.

Some questions for you:

  • Race day is looking quite warm in the forecast. Any tips on staying hydrated and not overheating?
  • How do you stay motivated after your race? Do you sign up for another one? Take time off?


OMG it is only THREE WEEKS until race day! I’m feeling pretty good – but there is still work to be done! I was still sick at the start of this week somewhat. Ugh. Is it because I’m getting older? I typically get a cold once a year. That’s it. MAYBE twice-  once in the winter and once in the spring. This year?  I got a cold (with a fever) in January. AND April! That’s twice in four months. Who does that?

not quite the same .. but you get the picture

Anyway … being sick has seriously affected my running. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still crazy committed and keeping up with my training, but my times have not been good and speed workouts are basically me trying to run like normal … BUT we did end the week on a high note – the Cleveland 10 miler and a PR!

My runs for this week:

follow me on dailymile as @missaruns!

follow me on dailymile as @missaruns!

Monday: On the schedule – 5 miles.

Actual run: 5.56 miles. I can’t believe I’m already at 5 miles for my Monday morning runs?! Anyway, I was supposed to run outside with Nicole but got a text at around 6 a.m. saying that it was 20 mph winds and she was going to run at night. Me? I was already up and dressed so I decided to just take off a few layers and run indoors. Another treadmill day.

Tuesday: On the schedule – 9×400.

Actual run: 9×400 on the treadmill in the morning (and some more at night) … Interval training is the bane of my existence. I hate it but have been trying to keep up with it. I did it on the treadmill while watching TV, 9×400 intervals at 7.6 mph with up to 400 meter jogs in between. It was rough. I did walk in between a few-  check out the heart rate- it so looks like I was doing intervals! (And I forgot to turn it off in the end)

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 7.28.30 PM

Oh and I ran in the afternoon also – I don’t make it a habit of running twice in one day (I’ve been injured before. It sucks. Lesson learned) – but when I do, it can be great. 2nd run of the day was after work with Mary around downtown. 4ish quick miles-just what I needed after boring treadmill interval runs! Though it was super windy…and did start pouring rain for about 2 minutes of our run (But then stopped). Oh, Cleveland weather!

I made Mary take a selfie with me. I should have taken it from higher up #doublechin

I made Mary take a selfie with me. I should have taken it from higher up #doublechin

Wednesday: On the schedule –  3.2 miles.

Actual run: Sometimes running only 3 miles is good. After Tuesday’s two workouts I was happy to have just three miles on the schedule. Ended up doing them inside for no reason at all except for the fact that it was upper 30s/low 40s and I’m ready for spring.

Thursday: Rest.

Actual run: none! I did about 55 minutes on the elliptical, some abs and arms.

Friday: Rest.

Actual run: none! I did about 60 minutes on the elliptical, some abs. Wanted fresh-like legs for our 10 mile race on Saturday!

Saturday: 15 k race on the schedule.

Actual run: 10 miles! (just a little more) A few extra miles thanks to the Cleveland 10 miler race! The Cleveland Ten Miler is one of my favorite races of the year! It was a little chilly for this time of year but still ended with a PR! 1:28:39.16 was my final time.

This is a PR of 3 minutes from last year and more than 20 minutes from the first time we ran this race. Want proof? Past years:

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 7.38.40 PM

Super happy after an unexpected PR

Super happy after an unexpected PR

Sunday: Off day (the schedule says stretch and strengthen).

Actual run: None! B and I took a decent walk and I still got in my 15,000 steps for the day on my Fitbit. So while it wasn’t very active it was still active enough for me while being a rest day – if that makes sense. My quads were definitely sore though!

Some questions for you:

  • Have you had a recent PR? I want to know! Brag about it!
  • Do you have a favorite local race where you are? Yes! I happen to really like the ten miler for some reason. I like the route, the crowds, the course (flat!) and it’s so well run (no pun intended) – time markers at every mile, water/gatorade at every other mile, Gu or other fuel halfwayish through, etc. 
  • What’s the next radeon your calendar? the Cleveland half marathon – May 17!

Training Tuesday: Still Somewhat Sick

Before I get into this update – did you watch/catch any of the Boston Marathon yesterday?! I had to work and didn’t get to experience Marathon Monday sadly, but I was definitely checking in and paying attention to those I knew running as well as all the elites on my computer. It’s been 7 years since I lived in Boston but I still can feel the excitement of Marathon Monday and watching the runners explore the great city. Anyway – congrats to all that ran and I hope your experience was as great as you hoped!

Confession – while I lived in Boston I never ran the race (or attempted to). Instead, like most BC students I took the day off as a chance to err… drink outside… AND cheer on the runners!


And now back to our regularly scheduled post … my week 8 update!

Blahh. I wish this were a GREAT running update. After all, we’re LESS THAN ONE MONTH away from race day! But I was sick going into this week and not yet feeling 100% better as I got into my long run this week. But as a Cleveland marathon ambassador (running the half on race day), my job is to share with you the good AND the bad –  so here we go!

My runs for this week:

(image from my dailymile training - follow me @missaruns!)

(image from my dailymile training – follow me @missaruns!)

Monday: On the schedule – 4.5 miles.

Actual run: 4.85 miles outodors. The theme of today? Slooooooow. Running with a cold and cough is not fun. Definitely out of breath faster than usual.  BUT it was nice to be outdoors! And yes, I had to stop and snap a photo because it’s finally getting lighter during my early morning runs!

Cleveland waking up!

Cleveland waking up!

Tuesday: On the schedule – 40 minute tempo run.

Actual run: a semi 40 minute tempo run. What does that mean? I did it-but slower than I like – I usually like to get up to at least 7.6mph for a few minutes but that was not happening. I had to get up at 4:55 if I wanted to get in a run before a day out of the office and I was still not feeling 100% better and felt it on the run. The positive? I finished!

Waking up at 4:55 is not fun ... but it was done!

Waking up at 4:55 is not fun … but it was done!

Wednesday: On the schedule –  3 miles.

Actual run: 3.64 miles with Nicole. Another slow, should-be-easy run but still felt somewhat more difficult than usual. And yes, Nicole let me stop and take photos during our run.

Thank you Nicole for letting me stop and take this photo :) One of my favorite random spots downtown.

Thank you Nicole for letting me stop and take this photo 🙂 One of my favorite random spots downtown.

Thursday: Rest.

Actual run: None! I did about 55 minutes on the elliptical, some abs and arm exercises too.

Friday: 5 miles, pace.

Actual run: 6.16 miles – not-so-pace. Again, the theme is slower than I should be for the week, huh? It was actually warm and humid and somewhat muggy out which was somewhat enjoyable – I wore capris and it was great! Another run with Nicole and we got in an extra mile thanks to my Nike+ not working again. No photo during this run.

Saturday: 10 miles.

Actual run: 10.46 miles with B. While I still didn’t feel as good as I should, it was so nice outside and I felt a LOT better than our 9-miler-turned-7-miler last weekend! My heart rate was a lot higher than usual still – I typically can do easy long runs at 140-150s but I was in the 160s for nearly half the time (45 minutes), which is what I run races at. Still – yay! We did it. 10 miles on a gorgeous sunny day. So good to be back in the double digits!

I don't know what my face is doing in this photo .. I think I'm trying not to smile or laugh while B takes a photo

I don’t know what my face is doing in this photo .. I think I’m trying not to smile or laugh while B takes a photo

from my fitbit- my heart rate

from my fitbit- my heart rate

Sunday: Off day.

Actual run: None! Got in 50 minutes on the elliptical and some free weights. And then worked my arms even more with some dusting of our apartment, which apparently was pretty dusty. Oh, and B and I took a nice walk down to the lake because it was a pretty day out – but no running!

Some questions for you:

  • How long does it take you to recover from being sick to running at 100% again?
  • Those of you with HR monitors, what’s your “happy” heart rate? How does it compare to when you race?

Training Tuesday: Not-so-planned week and a sick run

Welp, it was another week of training and not that great of a week. It was the first week I didn’t get in my long run as planned. On the plus side, I DID get to meet some of the CLE marathon ambassadors this week and came home with some fun swag! Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.51.31 PM This week: Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.17.19 PM Monday: On the schedule – 4 miles. Actual run: 5-ish miles outdoors. B and I were still in San Francisco, so it was great to have a vacation run. We ran through the Golden Gate Park, which is only about 1/2 mile from my brother’s place – how lucky! The park is beautiful and it was a gorgeous day out, there were so many people out and about running, walking, etc.

Loving running in Golden Gate

Loving running in Golden Gate

Tuesday: On the schedule – 40 minute tempo run. Actual run: On about 3 hours of sleep on a redeye flight, I somehow managed to get on the treadmill for a tempo run. It wasn’t a great one, but I did it! 20150407_104824 Wednesday: On the schedule –  3 miles. Actual run: 4.8 miles with my running buddies! It was the first time the three of us ladies were back running together and it was a foggy but fun morning run.

So much fog!

So much fog!

Thursday: Rest. Actual run: none! I did about 55 minutes on the elliptical and that was it. I did happen to notice that my shoes were in my issue of Runners World – how cool is that? They’re famous!


famous shoes


my sneakers!

Friday: 4 miles, pace. Actual run: 4 NOT pace miles. Normally I would’ve done 1/2-1 mile warm up and cool down but today wasn’t great. I knew that today pace would not happen. I kept it up, but still went a lot slower than I thought I would/could – by the end I was just trying to keep up at a somewhat not-so-slow pace (not fast pace). I started to wonder if I was getting sick… Saturday: 9 miles. Actual run: 7 barely moving miles with B. Yup. I was sick. I had to stop and cough about every mile, and was having trouble keeping my breathing up. The good news is I made it about 7 miles, thanks to B pushing me – which is better than I thought I would make it – I thought I’d stop after one! From my instagram (follow me at @koskim!) Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 7.02.42 PM

Sunday: Off day. Actual run: None! I woke up feeling sick and had a slight fever so I stayed in bed most of the day. I ended up catching the Indians game and returning to the couch. So yeah, not much action. Didn’t even break 6,000 steps!

how i feel

A questions for you:

  • Do you run when you’re sick? I try to get in some activity – I’m glad I got in some running on Saturday and trying not to be disappointed it wasn’t the 9 I had hoped for/planned. Though, I did have a fever Saturday night so I’m guessing my body was telling me something and it’s okay I didn’t run.

Training Tuesday: Week 6 (Some San Francisco Runs!)

Reminder: Don’t forget to enter my Cleveland marathon race entry giveaway! There are still a few more days to enter, here.

Let me start by saying that week 6 of half marathon training did NOT go as planned. And I’m onto week 7 and know that this isn’t going as planned either. Whoops.

Don’t worry – it’s not for lack of trying! Week 6 (halfway point!!) I got in a few extra runs and Week 7 is starting the opposite way. It’s mostly because I got in some fun and travel with B and my family to see my brother in San Francisco for 4 days and welp, running fell somewhat by the wayside.

My runs for this week:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.43.35 AM

Monday: On the schedule – 4 miles.

Actual run: 5 miles outdoors. It was seasonably cool and windy, but definitely manageable. I had a four mile loop planned, but I ended up taking the long way back because I felt so good. Oh, and I stopped and took a photo about halfway through because it was so pretty outside:

(shared on my instagram - @koskim)

(shared on my instagram – @koskim)

Tuesday: On the schedule – 40 minute tempo run.

Actual run: 40 minutes tempo run. I started with a 30 minute buildup, gradually increasing my pace to 3 minutes at 7.0-7.3, then cool down at 6.5 mph. Total distance about 4.25 miles.

Wednesday: On the schedule –  3 miles.

Actual run: 6.93 miles at just under 9 min/mile pace. I know, I was just supposed to do an easy 3 but my running buddies weren’t able to join me and it felt so good outside (mid 30s! finally!) and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do a 10K on vacation, so I decided to try to do 6.3 miles, fast. The only issue? I had no idea how fast I was going OR my total mileage. as my Nike + AGAIN stopped working. So, I just decided to run for 60-63 minutes and then map it later and HOPE I made my 10K distance and hope I was going a little faster than usual. I was grateful with the pace (ended up about 8:58) but it was definitely not “race” worthy.

Thursday: Rest.

Actual run: 4.55 miles. I know, it was supposed to be a rest day but I was also supposed to meet up with a friend and run so I figured, why not go out and get in a few miles before my weekend vacation. I got to her place and she never showed up (she overslept) and I was already out AND wearing capris (it was finally seasonable!) so I decided to continue with the route we were going to do anyway.

Snapped a photo of the Terminal Tower, lit up blue, while waiting for my running buddy

Snapped a photo of the Terminal Tower, lit up blue, while waiting for my running buddy

Friday: Rest.

Actual run: 1 mile warmup on the treadmill and 35 minutes on the elliptical before an early flight. I woke up at 3:50 a.m. just to do this – I hate long flights without having any activity in my days!

Saturday: 10K race.

Actual run: 7.3ish miles, running some hills, etc. throughout San Francisco. Not sure what my actual pace was, but it definitely wasn’t 10k pace, but it also definitely was faster/harder than a typical run. It was fun and hard – we stopped and took some photos throughout the run (because that’s what B and I do on vacation runs) but we also ended up doing a few big hills along the way so it was rough – and so good!

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 11.14.34 AM

Sunday: Off day.

Actual run: No run at all! Just walked around San Francisco with my family. Got in about 22,000+ steps so it was definitely a somewhat active off day, but no running for me.

on one of our many walks in SF

on one of our many walks in SF

Some questions for you:

  • How do you stay on track when traveling? Are you forgiving?
  • Is it hilly where you are? Notsomuch … and my legs are definitely not used to running so much hills! I’m in pain from those San Francisco hills! It hurts so good though.