Last FREE Weekend

I looked at our calendars last week and realized that this is B and my last weekend in town with pretty much nothing going on. Eep! I tried not to panic – but the next time we have nothing planned is June. JUNE! So, I was determined to have a productive, but still fun an relaxing weekend. Sure we had stuff planned – a dinner here, movie tickets there – but there was plenty of time to get some other stuff done.

Friday night I was poooooped. I had a rough week sleep-wise and it caught up to me.  So, what did the evening entail? A little baking, some Netflix watching and I picked up sushi. I passed out on the couch watching Netflix and am not ashamed.


Saturday we woke up to SNOW. Yes, snow, in April. I was not pleased. I decided to play it safe lame lazy and not go for a run outside as planned (being 7 months pregnant and not wanting to slip is totally a valid excuse right?) and take the day off. Instead, B and I took a little walk, checked out a house we’re interested in, and went to the West Side Market for groceries.



I also got my nails done AND did my first maternity shopping! Yup, I’ve managed to last nearly 8 months without setting foot into a maternity store thanks to friends, hand-me-downs and two online purchases.

guess which color i got?

guess which color i got?


this great turquoise!

this great turquoise!


And of course, a little coffee shop action to catch up on work.  Decaf latte, please!


Saturday night we had plans with Dave and Anson. We stopped over to hang out with their adorable 5 month old and they made us dinner. Not a bad way to spend a snowy, cold evening.


the PERFECT snowy evening dinner - grilled cheese and soup!

the PERFECT snowy evening dinner – grilled cheese and soup!

I started my Sunday with an easy indoor workout. It was 20 with 15-20mph winds, so I didn’t feel like going outside. After that, B and I headed to the Cleveland International Film Festival for the last movie for us – The Fencer! It was a really enjoyable Finnish/Estonian/Russian movie.


And then a little meal prep while snacking. I had gotten some great fruit at the West Side Market and enjoyed this yogurt bowl with the mango, kiwi and other fruit I got. SO GOOD.


We finished the afternoon making some meatballs, along with hanging out with our friend Stephanie and their cute new little baby girl. I didn’t get to snap any pictures sadly, I was too busy holding her! And for dinner, we made it over to B’s parents house and celebrated his grandma’s birthday.

And that about sums up the weekend! Not bad for our LAST free weekend. EEP!

And now time for questions-
1. We had red velvet cake to celebrate his grandma’s birthday- what’s your favorite birthday cake?

2. Do you have a busy spring coming up?

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An eventful uneventful weekend

Annnnd another weekend is done, folks. And as usual, it went by waaayyyy too fast.

It was an eventful uneventful weekend – does that make sense? B and I didn’t have much planned, because I leave for a week of work travel today and needed some time to pack and catch up on work. That being said, it was semi-eventful. We spent some time in urgent care (spoiler: I’m okay) and also finding ourselves locked up in a Mormon church (semi-long story). But fall is here! And it’s beautiful.


The weekend started with a Friday evening trip to urgent care. Don’t worry – I’m okay. I had been running Friday morning with Mary and accidentally tripped over a sign post that was on the sidewalk. I flew in the air and ended up seriously bruising my thigh and since it was pretty painful, hot and swollen, I decided to get checked out before flying for work. Good news – it’s just a muscle contusion and I should be back running again after a few days of ice and rest. And I’m clear to fly 🙂

After finding that out, since B and I were already on the west side, we decided to try a new place for dinner that has sen on my list – Forage. It was really good! We started with drinks and oysters at the bar and then got seated for our food. I’d definitely go back – we both loved our food and it was a neat, large place with lots of seating.

2015-10-16 21.11.42 20151016_203311

Saturday morning, B and I decided to go apple picking. It’s amazing how much time we have when I’m not running 🙂 I love apple picking and it was the first time we’d gotten to go this season. We came home with some apples, cider and an apple fritter.


The apple fritter was seriously the size of my face.


It was just about 11 a.m. when we were through apple picking, so we decided to explore the area. Turns out the first Mormon church happened to be just a few miles away. We stopped in and a tour was just starting. We were told the tour would be about 40 minutes, but we could leave early if we needed to. We had to be back in Cleveland by 12:30, so we decided to at least take part of the tour and see the church before heading out. Let’s just say the tour lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes and we were not able to just leave the church at any time – we tried to leave the church but the door wouldn’t open so we had to wait until after the tour.

the first Mormon church

the first Mormon church

After we left the church, we booked it to the baby shower. It was a co-ed shower, so B was invited too! It involved bowling, food,  some spiked apple cider AND homemade apple butter and jam for favors. Not a bad way to spend a fall Saturday 🙂

Mom- and dad-to-be giving a speech at the shower - bowling in the background!

Mom- and dad-to-be giving a speech at the shower – bowling in the background!


The weekend also included some other fall stapes – baking and the Browns.

apple bread

apple bread

I baked some apple bread with the apples we bought AND since it made two loaves, we brought one over to Dave and Anson and saw baby Celia again. She (and B) were ready for the Browns game!

20151018_105513 20151018_113551

The Browns ended up losing in overtime (ughhhh) but Sunday evening also included dinner with B’s family. It was the perfect fall meal – London Broil AND apple cake for dessert.

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Some questions for you:

  • Do you like apple picking? Have you gone this fall? um, of course!
  • What’s your favorite apple recipe?
  • Coed baby showers – yay or nay?  I say yay! The one we went to  was so much fine

It’s All About Balance … Beer Drinking, Running and Baby Showers

This past weekend was really all about balance. In fact, I shared everything I did in the title of the post, so unless you really care and want to see some pictures, feel free to just skip to the end and the questions. Sound good?

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the weekend. It’s already TUESDAY so I’m late getting this up, so it will be pretty photo heavy.

Friday morning started with a longish run with Mary. She’s training for a full and wanted to get in 10 miles before the day began. I wanted to get in 8. Got in 9 instead and felt GREAT! Was definitely one of those runs where I felt like I could keep going and nothing hurt. (and then Sunday everything hurt. ugh!)


Friday night started with happy hour (a.k.a. part of the beer drinking) before the Indians game. I was heading to watch the Red Sox play the Indians with a few other Boston College alumni that are local.


Followed by said Indians game. Where they won AND we had club seats AND there were fireworks after the game. Win win win!

20151002_221135 20151002_222323

After the game, we decided to meet B’s parents who were at the Hofbrauhaus. Enter some more beer drinking, singing and dancing because that’s what you do at the Hofbrauhaus.


Saturday was a cold, rainy day. Meaning B and I slept in, stayed on the couch, went to the Market, did some crafting and baking and made it out to get soup and dinner. Pretty lazy.



Soupermarket soup! Mexican beef and corn.

A pumpkin I made out of wine corks - sneak peek at the activity we'll be making at our next Ladies Craft Beer Society

A pumpkin I made out of wine corks – sneak peek at the activity we’ll be making at our next Ladies Craft Beer Society


Lamb salad at Aladdins for dinner.

Lamb salad at Aladdins for dinner.

Sunday morning started off early with a run with B, his brother and Mary. Mary and his brother, Kevin, are training for a full in November and had to do 20 and 16 miles respectively. So, we decided to meet them for a few miles along the way. A few turned into 7.3 miles and my ankle (the one I rolled a few weeks ago) hurting somewhat.  But I obviously couldn’t complain because I was running 7 … compared to 20!

Screenshot 2015-10-05 10.47.50

The afternoon included some Browns game watching, a baby shower and dinner at B’s parents house. Which meant both cassata cake AND apple pie in one day. Jealous?

I made this onesie.

I made this onesie.

with Anson, the gorgeous momma-to-be!

with Anson, the gorgeous momma-to-be!

cassata cake 20151004_191543


That’s about it. Some questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite type of cake? I’m a vanilla girl, so I’d have to go white cake, cassata cake AND almond cake. Yum yum yum.
  • Apple pie – do you prefer pie crust topping or crumb topping? Crumb topping all the way!

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Not Quite Camping

For the last “official” weekend of summer (oh no!!), B and I went camping. Well, not really. We rented a house in the wilderness (40 acres of land!) with 2 other couples (plus a dog and an almost-2-year-old). We had gone camping with them a few years ago, and decided to keep the tradition alive – this time, with a large house. In West Virginia.

Here it is!


Some photo highlights from the weekend: (linking up with Her Heartland Soul)

Friday night dinner – made by B and me (marinated flank steak, grilled veggies and a corn/bean/tomato/avocado salad) and dessert (custard bars with a fruit compote)


Roasting marshmallows by the fire (See, it’s like camping!)


Hiking around the surrounding area – including a river and some waterfalls

20150829_112923 20150829_104250

The rocks and lake (we weren’t supposed to swim in it)






The whole group


4 random facts from the weekend:

The Tygart Lake Dam is not open to the general public.


You can’t go swimming in Tygart Lake after August 27. So we put on our bathing suits and went to go swimming but we couldn’t. (So instead we went for a “hike” down to the “beach” and back up)


One pair of Chubbies will fit three different sized men.


Asking people to make a funny face produces a pretty good photo.


Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever been to Tygart Lake?
  • What do you like on your s’mores?