Easy Homemade Limoncello

Have I told you that I’m part Italian? I must have by now … or at least some of cooking and recipe favorites may have given it away? It’s on my Italian heritage that I blame my love for bread, pasta, anything with homemade tomato sauce, homemade pizza, a good (note the word “GOOD”) Italian dressing, cannoli, cassata cake, oh, and of course Italian drinks. So that’s why, when a group of girls I get together with decided to make limoncello one weekend, I knew I was in.

NOT homemade limoncello - rather the limoncello my parents brought me back from their trip to Europe

NOT homemade limoncello – rather the limoncello (and glasses!) my parents brought me back from their trip to Europe

We used a recipe from Gizmodo, and after a few minor tweaks, I’m happy to share it with you!  Please note – even though it’s easy, it does take some patience. You need to let it sit for about a month before you can finish it and serve!

Easy Homemade Limoncello-icrashedtheweb

Easy Homemade Limoncello

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 bottle plain vodka (750 ml) – I believe I used Absolut
  • 2 lemons, rinsed (ideally organic, Meyer lemons)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Twine
  • 2/3 cups simple syrup
  • Zest of one OTHER large lemon (again, ideally organic)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Pour vodka into a large glass jar.
  2. Wrap two rinsed lemons in cheesecloth and suspend over vodka. I tied them in the cheesecloth and then used twin to secure them, tying one end of the twine to the cheesecloth and one end to the clasp on the jar I had.
  3. Seal the jar tightly, and let sit in a cool, dark place for about 4-6 weeks. Don’t disturb – be patient!
  4. After about a month (I let mine sit for closer to 6 weeks), open the jar and toss the cheesecloth-wrapped lemons. Add simple syrup and the fresh zest of the other large organic lemon.
  5. Let sit for at least 30 minutes (I had mine sit overnight) and then strain the mixture through a new cheesecloth so that the rind is removed from the drink.


What it looks like before you let it sit for a month

What it looks like before you let it sit for a month

Easy homemade limoncello

After about 6 weeks, I added homemade simple syrup (50/50 mixture of water and sugar, boiled then simmered) and lemon rind. 

Easy Homemade Limoncello-icrashedtheweb

remove the rind with a cheesecloth and serve! Our pour into a jar and share 🙂


The Friday Five: What I’m Looking Forward To This Weekend

Phew! WHAT a week it’s been. I was in town all week, which usually means a pretty easy/carefree week, but for some reason it was crazy! I’m so happy it’s Friday and am looking forward to the weekend.

Do you have any plans? Here are five things I’m looking forward to:

1. Happy Hour With Friends

Friday after work B and I will be joining some friends for drinks, and then going out to dinner. I cannot WAIT for a glass of wine, some conversation and dinner out!

vino anyone?

vino anyone?

2. Indians Game – Social Suite!

Saturday, B and I are heading to the Indians Social Suite to watch the Indians take on the Chicago White Sox. It will be my first official game of the season and with weather calling for temps in the 40s, I’m glad we’ll be watching from the warmth of a suite! Plus, I can’t wait to meet a few of my fellow suite members, including a few people I follow on Twitter but haven’t met in real life.

Don’t laugh – it’s me and Slider at the Indians Home Opener back in the day – at the original Social Deck!

3. Boston College Alumni Day of Service Event at the West Side Catholic Center Women & Children’s Shelter

B and I are service chairs of our local BC alumni group chapter. One of the things we do each year is plan and organize our chapter’s Alumni Day of Service Event – which is this weekend! For the past few years, we’ve worked with Moriah House, with the West Side Catholic Center, cooking and serving breakfast. I will be up a little earlier than I typically am on Saturdays, but it’s so worth it.

Cooking up some breakfast at last year's Day of Service

Cooking up some breakfast at last year’s Day of Service

4. More Cleveland International Film Festival Action!

B and I somehow ended up with 4 more tickets to the film festival – and I couldn’t be happier! We have two full days now to get some more movies in. My recap of the first films we saw is here. Any suggestions on what to see next?


Maybe it’s going to the West Side Market again for fresh produce. Maybe it’s going for a long run outside on Sunday, or checking out my much neglected (on my behalf) fitness membership. Maybe (well hopefully because I have a huge urge) it’s baking. Maybe it’s FINALLY finishing Gone Girl and paying my $2 overdue library charge! Maybe it’s all of the above. Because despite having some things already planned, and some work and non-related items I need to cross off my to-do list, I am SO ready for the weekend!

my fave produce stand at the market. B and I typically buy 90% of everything we need for the week there.

my fave produce stand at the market. B and I typically buy 90% of everything we need for the week there.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?