What We’ve Been Up To Lately

If my life were a sitcom, the past week would’ve been the flashback episode.

You know, the episode that is pretty much a montage of scenes from other episodes?  That’s what this week has felt like. This past week we packed up boxes, bags and a UHaul and moved from our downtown apartment to the suburbs. We have been living downtown for more than 6 years and to say we were sad to leave is an understatement.

This week, scenes from years ago have been swirling through my head. B and I moving downtown right after we got married. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day footsteps above the parade on our patio. My first day walking to work (instead of driving). Running to the start of many 5ks, 10ks, half marathons. Walking down from our apartment to join in the celebration in the streets after the Cavs winning (and being 9++ months pregnant doing so). B converting the office into a nursery and building a changing table into the wall due to lack of space. B and I bringing FW home for the first time. Taking FW out for walks to the Flats and lakefront when he was just days old. Playing in the splash park downtown once he could walk.

I could go on and on on the many memories … but instead, here is a glimpse of what our lives have looked like the past few weeks as we have moved, started to unpack and continue to renovate the house.

Here’s the state of our third floor. This is after I spent 2 days unpacking stuff 🙂

Here’s our bathroom … B is updating it – it’s coming along! He put in a new ceiling and lighting, took out the vanity and is going to paint once the ceiling is done. 

Here’s the new living room. Yes, there are still boxes, furniture, etc. all over and the room is primed and ready to be painted. 

Where we spent our day a few weeks ago – UHaul rental!

Our backyard – and brand new driveway for FW to play on!

Selfies at the playground near daycare. 

Complete darkness during a morning run. And tons of trees. And wildlife – I passed a skunk the other day!

Some questions for you:

  • Is it dark when you go running?
  • Have you ever moved into a house that wasn’t ready and you were DIY-ing? What do you DIY?

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Thinking Out Loud: Summer Edition

I have so many random things on my mind that I think it’s the PERFECT time for a Thinking Out Loud post. It’s been a crazy few weeks, but here are a few things I’ve been thinking about:

Home Renovations …

B and I (or should I say B) are knee deep in some serious updates/renovations. I hope to have more to show soon, but he just tore down a ceiling (and wallpaper) in the dining room and then put one back up. I’ve never looked at ceilings so much as I have the past week or so. And now they’re all I notice!

Shopping …

I’m feeling in a serious fashion funk and I need want some new clothes. Ever since I went to the Saks blogger brunch/fashion show, I’ve been really wanting to get some new clothing items. BUT with the aforementioned home reno, I know I should be saving money. Le sigh. Still, it’s Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and here are some items I’m admiring (from afar):

This Bootie

This sweater

And while we’re at it, these non-Nordstrom items have been calling my name:

From J Crew

From Loft

Running (or NOT Running) …

I hurt my piriformis a few weeks ago and haven’t run since. That’s right, I’m going on 2+ weeks with NO runs. This is the longest I haven’t run since giving birth a year ago and I do NOT like it. I’m going a little stir crazy! Sorry in advance to anyone I snap at …

How I feel…

Cooking …

Now that FW is one, I’m trying really hard to find some foods he will eat. He is a picky eater has a refined pallet, and it’s getting hard to find foods that he, me and B will all eat. Oh, and FW has low iron and doesn’t like meat so I’m trying to find things with iron and/or protein. Some of the newest things I’ve tried:

Spicy Chickpea Burgers (without the spice for FW) >> I liked them as did B, but FW wasn’t a fan

Spinach Banana Muffins >> We all like these!

Crockpot Spicy Peanut Chicken  (without the spice for FW) >> I liked it, B sorta liked it and FW just spit it and threw it out

Cauliflower tots >> I liked them, B didn’t try and FW may have liked them (he didn’t eat them at home but school said he did …)

So, we’re 1ish for 4 …. any tips? Food or recipe suggestions?

And that’s about all the brain randomness from me this morning. Cheers to it almost being Friday!

Some questions for you:

  • Any recipes for picky eaters? Ideally something that an adult and a one-year-old would eat? Please?
  • What’s a fashion item you want right now?
  • What’s the last home renovation/DIY thing you did?

PS – Happy birthday MOM!!! You are a great mom and wonderful grandma … ❤




Weekends with a 13-month-old Baby

FW is officially 13 months. No longer an infant, he’s even older than a year right now. He’s almost a toddler! How did that happen?! Anyway, before I get too mushy, here’s a little about our weekend. For having nothing planned, the weekend ended up being pretty busy and flew by.  We did some housework,  went for a long walk (since I’m still not running), and had some good food.

Saturday I babysat FW while Brian did some housework.  So naturally we started the day off with some banana pancakes.

It rained most of the morning,  so we were stuck reading and playing inside.  But as soon as it cleared up,  we went for a walk.

While FW took his afternoon nap, I did some meal prep – cauliflower tots were a success (If only FW liked them …).

The afternoon also called for a bath. I think FW rocks a mohawk pretty well 🙂

B finally got home and brought us pizza. Mama Santa’s was delicious as always. 

We ended the night catching up on Game of Thrones. I can’t believe we’re finally up-to-date on all the seasons!

Sunday, the weather was gorgeous, so we spent some time outside. FW loved splashing around the fountains and splash pad!

We ended up taking a pretty long walk that afternoon. My piriformis has been bothering me, so I haven’t been running at all – but we did get in a long walk! Unfortunately, my piriformis started bothering me toward the end. But it was a pretty day!

We spent some more time working at the house (aka B worked while I watched FW). Here is a progress pic  — hopefully we’ll share some more soon!

And then we finished off the day with B’s family for dinner. We enjoyed a great meal inside after hanging out outside some more.

Questions for you:

  • Do you watch Game of Thrones?
  • Did you get in any good walks this weekend?

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